Luxury Train Safari in Africa

Luxury Train Safari in Africa – The African train safari is the most luxurious train safari for adventure and leisure in the world. Since its establishment, it has extracted its reputation as the leading luxurious train adventure globally. The main theme of this Adventure Safari is to ensure that the tour explores the whole beauty of African tourism attraction including Natural and cultural attractions that they vary in each of every country. The train safari is mostly based in the southern part of Africa, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana. Most of the train Safaris commence from South Africa (Pretoria). There are so many packages of the train safari in Africa depending on the days that you would like to spend and places that you would like to visit. Train Safari is not just a journey, but it has a lot of different hidden gems in it.

▶ Luxurious adventure From the train:

Train adventure in Africa gains its reputation from the tourism industry worldwide because it offers a unique and authentic train adventure while ensuring the provision of luxurious services during the trip from the train itself and other services along the way. The journey has been a dream holiday journey to many people in the world due to the rich exposure they get from different parts of Africa that give them stunning lifetime documentary and memories from this epic journey. The journey is a real worth breath-taking trip that you will experience a lot of places and things in only one package.

▶ Overland Tour Packages:

The luxurious train safaris are also offering overland tour packages whereby the guests will cross several countries in the Southern part of Africa which is the most spectacular destinations, might be Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa. The aim is to give a high opportunity to guests that are interested in exploring the different wonders of Africa. The overland tour packages can take 10 to 15 days on rail journey and stopping over different countries and in different tourism attraction sites. 

▶ Authentic Wildlife Experience:

Authentic Wildlife Experience - Luxury Train Safari in Africa

The train safari guest has a high opportunity in experiencing the wildlife resources both flora and Fauna from different wildlife sites in Southern parts of Africa because on the way there are so many stopovers in different National Parks and Game Reserve, like Madikwe Game reserve, Kruger National Park Victoria Falls, Etosha National Park, Naukluft Park, Kalahari Desert, Sossusvlei and so many other places, whereby the train can stop and guest can have their game drives in different wildlife conservation areas and visiting other attractions on their way. This allows visitors to guests to enjoy wildlife sight-seeing from different sites of Africa.

▶ It brings a combination of a unique experience:

Luxury Train Safari in Africa

The African rail safari brings together different wonders and the authentic African world into a single package that you can experience. The journey will over you to experience the extravaganza of real adventure travel. Tourists can experience a different combination of experience this includes Air Safaris, where you can have a stopover in one of the destinations and have air safaris example in Zimbabwe where you can be able to sight the Victoria falls from the sky. Game drives in different National Parks, Boat safaris, Rift valley, a train journey to different attractions, sunset, cities, mountains, mines in Kimberley deserts( Kalahari and Namib desert) and experiencing cultural values and norms from different counties and groups of tribes like the Maasai, Zulu and others.

▶ Excursions and Short Safaris:

Luxury Train Safari in Africa

The train safaris also have several packages that are intended for people who would like to spend a day or few days like a 3-day safari between Pretoria and Durban, it includes game drives at Nambit Conservancy, a look at unusual African ceramics and a battlefields tour with a world-class historian. For excursionists, a train safari can be done on a circular trip around Pretoria or a one-way journey to any destinations for hours.

▶ Special Interests Tour:

Luxury Train Safari in Africa

The train tours also offer the special interest tours to the customers like Historical tours, Bird shoot, family gatherings and also private functions can also be accommodated in different venues in the train like weddings, conferences and launches, were by short trips can be arranged like 3hour circular trip around Pretoria or a one-way journey to any destinations within hours from Pretoria. Different services are being offered during the trips.

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