Here are the 10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon:

Madagascar is one of the best destinations that are highly considered when planning a honeymoon vacation and this is due to the beautiful destination that covers Madagascar from wildlife, cultural and beautiful beaches, and other tourism facilities. Madagascar is 400km from the East Africa coast. Madagascar has been among the best destination for honeymoon vacations due to the natural landscape that is lovely and beautiful for couples’ activities that can be performed during your honeymoon trip.

▶ Unforgettable Adventure:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Madagascar has plenty of destinations that can beautify your honeymoon with a lot of adventure activities that will make your honeymoon astonishing. Several adventure activities that can be performed include snorkeling and diving in Madagascar beautiful Bays, Hiking in the country`s tallest walkable summit in the Park National Adringitra, this is one of the challenging outdoor activities, the destination has 5 trails with more than 50 mammals species including 8 carnivore and lemurs. A night trek in the Parc National de Marojejy is one of the best adventures you should reconsider, the forest can be explored at night, It’s the habitat of several animal species like the lemurs, birds, and ferns.

▶ Impressive cultural diversity:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

African attires mark the beautiful experience to all foreigners visiting, Madagascar has its own culture that is unique in its own, it impresses the visitors by watching and participating.   The country has diverse cultural attires because of different ethnic groups available, but most share the Malagasy cultural practices like rituals, customs, norms, and indigenous beliefs. There are also several cultural destinations holding different significances like historic, scientific and cultural, the sites including the historic places like The Queen’s palace, Archeological sites The Andafiavaratra palace, Andahalo Cathedral, Trano Gasy houses, Fort Manda, and others.

▶ Diverse experience in a destination:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Madagascar is one of the best destinations that can bring a lot of experience but in a single tourist destination and this is because of geographical isolation in Madagascar. There are so many natural and cultural attractions that bring different experiences and performances to a destination.

▶ Beautiful Island:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is comprised of several peripheral small islands. There are so many beautiful islands in the country, the islands can offer you priceless experience on the coast during your honeymoon. There are good and best Islands that no one should skip during their honeymoon in Madagascar like Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Be, Volcanic island Nosy Komba, this is among of the clean beaches and the best location for snorkeling, Tsarabanjina island, Day visits, and others. Madagascar has beautiful and clean beaches that can offer precious moment in your honeymoon.

▶ Exclusive beach activities:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Madagascar beaches are among the best beaches in Africa and worldwide at large, This is due to the authentic and aesthetic feature that covers. The beaches offer the extravaganza leisure activities to be performed, as couples there are so many activities that can be done together that will make your honeymoon special and lovely. Activities like diving with tropical fishes, snorkeling, boat cruise, Barefoot safari, sand bathing, fishing, swimming in Malagasy beaches, sunset at the islands and so many. For beach lovers, the Madagascar islands are the best for the honeymoon vacation.

▶ Lemurs Island:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Lemur Island is in Vakona forest near the Andasibe village, the site was created as a lemur sanctuary after saving the lemurs from the black trade. The sanctuary has been the home of hundred lemurs. The site offers an opportunity to get close to different lemur species and interacting with them for hours and more if you like.  The island was opened as a tourist destination after a high need for tourist need to have a close distance from these lemur species. The lemur in these species is used to interactions with human beings. This island is beautiful and creates create a special experience for the visitors.

▶ The Home of Unique Wildlife species:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Madagascar as an isolated island has so many wildlife species that are unique, different species have habituated in the islands and this is due to the different geographical locations and natural resources that encompass the country. More than 80% of wildlife species including plant species that are found in the country cannot be found elsewhere in the world, species like Orchid, 165 palm species that are endemic, over 60 bird species are endemic. Visiting Madagascar island is a special opportunity too because you will be lucky to see different wildlife species mammals to plants that you will never see elsewhere in the world and this marks your honeymoon vacation as unique and special.

▶ Train journey on the Fianarantsoa- Cote Est Railway:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

The train journey that was operated since colonial times and has never been renovated. This is one of the most interesting and appealing public transport, the journey will make you explore more than 100 tunnels and bridges in 163 km. The train journey will also take you through Parc National de I`lsalo and Reserve d`Anja, on the way, you will enjoy the great and stunning view of these landscapes. You can buy fruits and snacks from en Enroute vendors or you can carry your own. Tickets can be bought on the spot. The journey will make you different Madagascar landscapes with different views like hills, steep cliffs, forests, Waterfall, rice fields and other interesting landscapes that can be sighted during the train journey.

▶ Natural and cultural attraction:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

Madagascar is among the tourist destination that has a lot of natural and cultural attraction that can make your vacation full of activities and a lot to see. There are so many wildlife sites like National Parks like Isalo, Andasibe-Matadia National Park, Ranomafana and Baobab trees. Beautiful islands like Nosy Be, like Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Be, Volcanic island Nosy Komba Tsarabanjina island, attractions that are the results of the natural formation like the Waterfalls, Tsingy, Manambolo Gorge. There is also a cultural attraction that can make your trip unique like visiting different cultural attractions like Archeological sites, historic places, and other traditional attires of Madagascar.

▶ Food cuisine:

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Madagascar Honeymoon

This is one of the interesting parts for the most curious people that would like to have Madagascar food cuisine, this gives you the cultural food exposure of the Madagascar community. The most eaten food is rice and laoko that is accompanied with rice, laoko can be meat, vegetable, or fish, Rice in Madagascar can be cooked in different styles so as to bring different tastes. Madagascar has cultural foods and different cooking styles that are different from other countries from food, drinks, and snacks, foods like Ramozava, lasary, mofo gasy, koba, Mofo- anana, Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa, Ranovola, Akoho sy voania, and sea food dishes. Madagascar has a unique food preparing style that makes their food taste different, This will make you enjoy taking Madagascar dishes every day.

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Here are the 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages:

▶ Best of Uganda Safari:

Best of Uganda Safari - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The package is full of much exciting leisure activities that anyone can envy to perform during their holiday. The package offers several tourism destinations and each with its authentication in resources and activities performed. Game drives can be performed at Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National park, Lake Mburo National Park, where you can spot different wildlife species at each park-like waterbucks, elephants, lion, leopards, topi, Uganda Kob giant forest hog and some extra activities like boat cruise at the base of the Murchison falls, bird watching. The package also offers an adventure tour to the primates’ sanctuaries in Uganda including Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzee trekking and Bwindi impenetrable forest for Gorilla trekking. You will also have a breathtaking vacation at Lake Bunyonyi which is the deepest lake in Uganda.

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▶ Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking and Safari:

Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking and safari - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The tour takes 8 days, where you will be having a good time trekking in different primates’ sanctuaries including Kibale National Park which is reputed to have the greatest variety and has a high concentration of primates in East Africa. Walking safari can be performed within the tropical rainforest in such as wild chimpanzees, monkeys and other animal species. The tourist also pays a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park for game drives and looking at the beautiful scenery of the beautiful crater lakes. Gorilla trekking can be done in other two wildlife sites which are Bwindi Gorilla forest where you will be trekking on the slopes of Volcanoes. The site gives the best opportunity to watch the gorillas as they range freely in the park.

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▶ Best of Uganda and Rwanda:

Best of Uganda and Rwanda - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

This is one of the best and fine packages in exploring the East African natural and cultural richness, it gives the best opportunity to visit the two countries which are Uganda and Rwanda. The package takes 11 days where you will start with Uganda and end up in Rwanda. You will be visiting a number of wildlife sanctuaries like Kibale forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Twin lakes at volcanoes National Park, Muhirson Falls National Park, which is the home of many primates like a chimpanzee and other mammals including buffalos, elephants, Rothschilds- giraffe and a rhino sanctuary that is within the park. This is an adventure safari package where you will be having different adventure activities like Game drives gorilla trekking and city tours.

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▶ Gorillas and Primates:

Gorillas and Primates - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The safari package takes 8 days where you will be visiting different wildlife sites in Uganda. The package is mainly based on the trekking activities on different primates’ sanctuaries and along you can have different extra activities like canoeing, visiting crater lakes, kayaking, birding and hiking. Gorilla trekking will be done in Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can have a boat cruise at Kazinga channel, game driving, bird watching and hippo sanctuary and gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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▶ Mountain Gorilla Trekking Adventure:

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Adventure - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The great adventure of gorilla trekking in Uganda, this tour package explores you in the natural habitat of the gorillas, the trip takes 4 days. Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park and passing through the Switzerland of Africa the area which is known as Kigezi highlands with its terrace’s hillside, the place with the great view. The gorillas are not close with human beings, but the special permit will be given to you so you can come closer to the gorillas so you can observe them in closer scrutiny. The package gives you an opportunity to watch their full daily activities. The visitors are accommodated and having their overnight stay within the vicinity of nature (within the Park).

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▶ Fly in Gorilla Package:

Fly in Gorilla Package - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

This tour package takes 4 days, the package is most suitable for nature and gorilla lovers. Once you arrive in Uganda you will be transferred via domestic flight to your accommodation near the Bwindi Impenetrable forest. You will be having one of the great and memorable adventures at Bwindi forest, by the escort of the gorilla expert you will be having a walking safari through the tropical rainforest at Bwindi forest. You will be experiencing these gentle apes as they eat, play and bond with their young ones. Following the mountain gorillas as they range freely at Bwindi forest will amuse and astonish your vacation to Uganda.

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▶ Uganda Safari and Primates:

Uganda Safari and Primates - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The package has the best combination of safari and trekking to the primate’s sites. The tour takes 9 days. The package offers an amazing experience of meeting eye to eye with Chimpanzee and Gorilla at the natural habitats whereby the Chimpanzee can be trekked at Kibale National Park and overlooking at different monkey species. Gorillas will have trekked at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The package has also a safari package where you will be having game drives at different National Parks and wildlife sites including Queen Elizabeth National Park, the park with tree-climbing lions, also game drives can be done at Murchison Falls National Park.

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Safari Hub here comes with epic tour packages that one shouldn’t miss while enquiring for Malawi as your tour package for your vacation. The service provided including transport, food, the accommodation is all classic and comfy. The destinations visited will make you astonished by the beautiful highlights of Malawi.

▶ Northern Bush and Beach Tour:

NOTHERN BUSH AND BEACH TOUR - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

Bush and beach tour package are one of the exciting leisure packages in Malawi because it gives you the two main leisure experience in your holiday. Safari for the adventure in different wildlife sanctuaries in Malawi like Nyika National Park, Livingstonia trail, Manda wilderness and beach vacation in likoma island that has a rich history and iconic explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone. The overnight stay has been highly considered in luxury lodges that have extra activities for one to perform.

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SOUTHERN EXPLORER TOUR - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

The Southern tour package offers the best leisure experience in Malawi, the exploration will cover both wilderness city and beach excursion. The trip will take 8 days, where you will have a good time visiting different tour destinations and performing several leisure activities. The destinations visited includes Liwonde National Park for game drives and excursion at Mumbo island, the island is within the Lake Malawi national park, several activities can be performed like snorkeling, swimming, sand birthing, scuba diving.

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▶ Rift Valley Explorer Tour:

RIFT VALLEY EXPLORER TOUR - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

The trip takes 10 days, the tour package is highly based on the highlights of Malawi`s lift valley which is a geographical and geological feature that covers 4000 miles across the continent. The package is also offering several leisure activities in different destinations including game drives in Liwonde National Park, which is Malawi`s premier wildlife sanctuary. swimming, snorkeling, diving and other beach activities in Mumbo Island in Lake Malawi national park. The package also includes the old colonial city, that’s Zomba which is now picturesque in South Malawi and visiting the Zomba plateau that is 6000ft high and is covered in cedar, pine and forest.

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▶ Landscape of Malawi Safari:

LANDSCAPE OF MALAWI SAFARI - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

This tour package takes 8 nights and 9 days, the tourist will be lucky to visit Malawi`s Northern circuit zone. The zone has many incredible attractions and activities that will amuse you during your breath-taking vacation. Several activities will be performed like the game drives in different wildlife conservation sites like Nyika National Park, this is an iconic wilderness park in Malawi where you will spot different animals like the bushbucks, Burchell’s zebra, roan antelope, mountain reedbuck, eland, leopards, side-striped jackal and other mammal species and more than 425 bird species. The package also includes a beach vacation, where you will be at the Lakeshore of Chintheche.  The package accommodations are all superb and they offer a rustic comfort service and activities like mountain biking, birding, canoeing, horse riding.

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Kruger National Park is among the popular and great wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and worldwide because of its uniqueness, attraction and activities. Kruger National Park has sixteen Eco-zones, and each has its geology, rainfall, altitude and landscape. Kruger is the largest wildlife game reserve in Africa with19,633 square kilometres, it’s near Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. The park has been the home of millions of animals, plant species and birds. A park is an international man and biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO.

There are things that one should know before taking a safari to Kruger National Park this will help you to designate the trip you want and the things that you would like to perform in your trip.

▶ Entrance Fee:

Entrance Fee - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

All conservation charges the fee for anyone that needs the access into the park, Kruger park charges on different criteria like The South Africa residents and citizen= R105 per adult and  R52 per child, SADC Nationals= R 210 per adult and R 105 per child, standard conservation fee= R424 per adult and 212 per child. The park fee has been used for several reasons like rehabilitation of park infrastructure, wildlife conservation activities like medications environment protection and maintenance of the park resources

▶ Wildlife:

WILDLIFE - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the best homes for wild species both mammals, birds, and plants. Kruger has more than147 mammal species including more than 1500 lions, 1000 leopards, 12500 elephants, 25000 buffalos, warthogs, wild dogs, cheetahs, zebra, spotted hyena, crocodile, hippos and more than 20 antelope species that roam in open plains and waterways of the park. Kruger national park has more than 200 plants species that have been identified including different tree species, shrubs and 235 types of grass.  

▶ Archaeological Sites:

ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Within Kruger national par there is also archaeological, among of them is Thulamela heritage site, near luvhu river, the site has been documented as the first habitation of the prehistoric society. Masorine Heritage Site, the site has the remaining of the past society, things like grinding stones and potsherds. The site gives a lot of information regarding past people like the technology used, the source of economy and other domestic activities. This site also reveals the economy and technology that existed in prehistoric before the invasion of white. Other Archeological Sites include Skukuza Hut Museum, Albasini ruins, Dogs gave yard and more than 170 prehistoric rock painting sites found in Kruger National Park.

▶ The Gem Of Black and White Rhinoceros:

THE GEM OF BLACK AND WHITE RHINOCEROUS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park has been among the wildlife sanctuaries that have a large number of rhinos because of high efforts done with the management in conserving them. Kruger national park has about rhinos. Black and white rhino can not be differentiated by their color, because they are all black in color. They can be differentiated by size (white rhino tends to be big), the shape of mouth whereby the black rhino is hooked, also the black rhino is grazers and white rhino are browsers.

 ▶ Lucky To Spot The Big 5:

LUCKY TO SPOT THE BIG 5 - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park is one of the wildlife conservations where there is a high success rate to spot the big 5, lions, rhino, leopards, buffalo and elephant. Spotting all big 5 has been the dream of many travellers, Kruger can make this possible through Leopards are not guaranteed because they are the most elusive animal of all. Kruger national park is one of the easiest parks that can make you spot all the big 5.

▶ Bushman and Wolhuter Trails:

6 - BUSHMAN AND WOLHUTER TRAILS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park also has the prehistoric trails that demonstrate the historic and cultural values of different societies like the Bushmen, Napi, Nyalaland, Mathikithi, Sweni, Olifants and Wolhuter. The trails can be hiked where you can see several cultural values of each region like rocky outcroppings and sweeping vistas. The trails also have more cultural and natural attraction including Bushmen paintings, good sunset view, unique plants, perfect birding, Dinosaur fossils, wildlife that you can spot on your way like the elephants. Wolhuter trail is one of the best places that have a high concentration of white rhino, zebra and buffalos.

▶ Different Activities: 

DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park offers several door activities that one can perform when visiting the park, the diversity of the activities makes it not seem for only bush and animal lovers. Activities like a game drive in the morning afternoon and evening, walking in bushes and wildlife trails like Olifant trail where you can spot several animals, mountain biking, golfing, and historic tours can be offered like visiting the archaeological sites like Skukuza museum, Albasin ruins and prehistoric rock paintings.

▶ Mac Mac Falls:

MAC MAC FALLS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

The waterfalls with a magnificent view that is found within the National Park, there is a deep mac pool that people can swim relax and have a picnic. The area has been surrounded by wire mash for people’s safety when viewing and enjoying the stunning waterfalls. There is a beautiful trail as you approach the pool, the trail offers the perfect birding to visitors. Waling and viewing the stunning waterfalls make your trip memorable.

▶ Self Drive:

SELF DRIVE - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

One of the most incredible activities that one can do in this park is Self-drive. Self-drive gives one freedom on taking the routes that they will be comfortable rather than being guided. No one will be there to guide you on what to do and what to watch, this remarks a real adventure to a tourist. A tourist will need to hire a good car so as to avoid misfortunes in the mid of the tour and make your trip a memorable one.

▶ Camping Safari:

CAMPING SAFARI - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park offers Camping safari for the tourist interested. Kruger has 12 main rest camps like Skukuza which is the biggest camp in Kruger, Punda Maria, Satara, Orpen, Olifant and other small camps. The camping service needs prior booking before arrival.

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Here are the 3 best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages:

▶ Danakil Depression Tour:

Danakil Depression Tour - Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Danakil depression is found in the Northern Part of Ethiopia near Eritrea. The depression is the result of the divergence of three tectonic plates that caused rifting and volcanic activity. Danakil Depression is one of the hottest and active places on the earth with an average temperature of 40-50 degrees. The package involves several attractions that can be visited by the tourist like visiting The national museum in Addis Ababa (Red Terror Museum), the shores of lake Afrera. This package also has so many mesmerizing adventurer destinations that will be great to step into, these includes visiting the mountains of Tigray, hiking on the top of Erta Ale mountain, this is an active volcano. This tour package has several activities to experience including cultural tour, hiking the Erta Ale volcanic hills and visiting salt lakes.

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▶ Northern and South historic adventure:

Northern and South historic adventure - Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Another best tour package in Ethiopia, the package is basically visiting the historic places found in the Northern and Southern part of the country. The trip will take you to different places including Addis Ababa, Simen, Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gondar. This package will give you a long breathtaking vacation within 14 days in different ancient castles, churches with super ancient skills like Beta Medahine Alem, ruins and other ancient architecture that are in the mixture if the Ethiopian, Indian and Europeans. visiting several historical sites like The royal and ancient city of Ethiopia. The package also includes a wildlife adventure safari at Simiens Mountains National Park, Boat ride in lake Chamo and cultural tour where you will be interacting with the people of different society including the Dassanach tribe, Konso tribe.

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▶ Ethiopia Culture Tour:

Ethiopia Culture Tour - Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Ethiopia like other African countries with multicultural and multi-ethnic, Ethiopia has almost 80

Different ethnic groups. In this package, tourists will be lucky to visit several tribes in Ethiopia and have some time to interact with the Ethiopians while learning the culture, customs and traditions. The tour will take 8 days where you will have plenty of time to visit different tribes including Konso, Karo, Mursi, Hamer-benna, Dorze and others. Watching the traditional skills in accomplishing several tasks like bamboo carpentry, cotton weaving is one of the great experience in this tour and a boat ride in Lake Chamo.

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5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro – Kilimanjaro Mountain is the freestanding mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro is the longest mountain in Africa with 5895m. Kilimanjaro mountain is under Tanzania National Parks Authority whereby all tourism activities are regulated and controlled by the Tanzania Government. The Park is safe for all climbers in all gates because the park has round armed rangers that protect the tourists and the resources found in the Park. Kilimanjaro mountain has been the ideal destination for millions of hikers, and this has been the major reason for many climbers selects Kilimanjaro for their vacation. Here are the best trekking tours in Mount Kilimanjaro. Each tour has a unique experience due to the use of different routes.

Here are the 5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro:

▶ Northern Circuit Route: 

NOTHERN CIRCUIT ROUTE - 5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro

Here is another exciting climbing route to Kilimanjaro mounting, in the beginning, the route follows the Lemosho route and approaches Kilimanjaro on the West. The route diverges when they reach Lava Tower, the route heads North West to Moir huts. The route is circling the mountain clockwise at an altitude of approximately 13,000 feet. Later, the route intersects with the Rongai route at the third cave. The route takes 9 days to climb the mountain, this is the longest route in terms of time and distance travelled. Although it is the most expensive climb option, the small number of climbers offers a secluded and unique experience with a very high success rate.

The Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit route is easily one of the best routes. Its suites those who enjoy backpacking for many days and wants to do something that is different. The route is highly preferred by those who want to get away from other travellers while on the trek.

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▶ Rongai Route:

RONGAI ROUTE - 5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro

The route is found in the Northern side of Mountain Kilimanjaro, the route can be climbed in 6 days starting from the wooded areas, climbers through route descends via Marangu route. The route is different compared to other routes because the route is flat, it does not give climbers climb high and sleep low, it is a less acclimatizing route. The route has few climbers because of its remoteness. The route has an excellent view of the mountain throughout the approach.

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▶ Marangu Route: 

Marangu Route - 5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro

Marangu route is among of the shortest route when summiting the Kilimanjaro peak, it counted as the favourite route to most of the climbers because it is the easiest way than all routes, it’s known as Coca-cola route. Marangu route takes 5 to 6 days to summit the Kibo Peak. In this route accommodation service are available in all nights that will be spent, unlike other routes. For beginners, the Marangu route can be the best for them to reach their intention. Marangu route is cherished by many tourists because of the short time it takes to climb, good trail ways and accommodation services, But short time frame makes it difficult for acclimatization.

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▶ Lemosho Route:

Lemosho Route - 5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro

The route takes 7 or 8 days to reach the Kibo peak, it is approximately 70 km to reach another gate. It is among of the best route when trekking the Kilimanjaro Mountain because of its good trail ways and remoteness. The route has high successfulness to the climber to manage to summit the Kibo peak because it gives good time for acclimatization to climbers. Climbers via this route have to sleep in their own tented camps, Lemosho route has 8 camping sites that climbers will be having their overnights when conquering the Mountain.

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▶ Machame Route:

Machame Route - 5 Best Trekking Tours in Mt. Kilimanjaro

Machame route is among of the best hiking routes. Machame route can take 6,7 or 8 days to reach the summit. The route has 6 stopovers for overnight, which are Machame Camp, Shira Camp, Barranco Camp, Karanga Camp, Barafu camp and Millennium Camp. This is also among the routes that give good and enough time for acclimatization to climbers, this is best because it gives them a success rate to summit the Uhuru Peak. Each day of the climb the route gives you a different ecosystem to experience like the montane, Moorland, Alpine desert.

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10 Thing To Know Before Visiting Zanzibar – Zanzibar is an island that is found in Tanzania from the East African coast. It is also known as spice land, because of the spices that are grown within the Zanzibar land like vanilla, Turmeric, cardamom, curry leaves, ginger, cloves, Zanzibar is among of the ancient historical sites that carry a lot of Tanzanians history during Sultans presence in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is among the beautiful destination for breathtaking and relaxation, there are beautiful beaches, warm water, white sand, palm trees.

Here are the 10 Things To Know Before Visiting Zanzibar:

▶ Transport System:

Transport System - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Getting into the Zanzibar island you can only use two main transport ways that can help to transfer you to the destination and that is Air ways and marine transport. Airways can be from any place in Tanzania like Dar es Salaam, Serengeti, Arusha and others but marine transport begins only from Dar es Salaam. For tourist that would like to diverge from safaris tours to Zanzibar, its possible where you can start visiting different wildlife sites like Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Manyara and other national parks then you can be transferred to Zanzibar via flights to Zanzibar.

▶ Historic Tours:

Historic Tours - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the best destinations for historic tours because of many historic landmarks due to different activities that were run like the old fort (Ngoma Kongwe) that was built y the Omanis to defend themselves from the Portuguese. Stone Town(Mji mkongwe) this is the former capital of Sultanate, it is an old city and now the main city in Zanzibar. The old slave market, where it was the centre of the slavery trade. Harmamni Persian Baths, Malindi Mosque, Fukuchan Ruins, Mbweni ruins, Shakti temple and so many other incredible old sights with different historic.

▶ Best for Beach vacation:

Best for Beach vacation - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar island is the best island in Africa serving different beaches with amazing villas and hotels that will accommodate tourists during the vacations. In Zanzibar there are so many beaches like Kizimkazi here you can see the Dolphins, Jambiani, Nungwi, Paje, Matemwe, Uroa, Pongwe and many others. In every beach nearly there are best hotels with great coast view. Zanzibar has the best beach that can offer enjoyment and leisure to tourists.

▶ The Zanzibar Islands:

The Zanzibar Islands - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar has two main islands which are Unguja and Pemba. Both Islands serves as tourism destinations with several tourist attractions like beaches, hotels, spice farms, food and different leisure activities like fishing, swimming, cultural tours, diving, surfing, cycling around Zanzibar cities and so many. The islands are separate but they are all beautiful and stunning.

▶ Syndicates Different Leisure Activities:

Syndicates Different Leisure Activities - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar island has been famous because of its stunning coast and beautiful beaches in East Africa and Africa at large. The islands bring a lot and different activities that brings leisure and pleasure to all tourists with different interests. These activities include visiting historic places like ruins and slave market, visiting Zanzibar cities like the stone town, having shopping in different curio shops around the cities, Culinary taste and leisure activities in Zanzibar beaches.

▶ Dressing Styles:

Dressing Styles - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island has a different culture and pressure on dressing style this id due to most of the people in Zanzibar are Muslim, therefore it’s highly recommended for everyone especially women to dress in a modesty way when you are in public places like markets, streets and towns. wearing clothes under the knees and covering your shoulders and stomach. Khanga can be the best and easy option for most foreigners. This will show respect and to the customs and traditions of indigenous. 

▶ Best Honeymoon Location:

Best Honeymoon Location - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Zanzibar island has been the best place for couples and for a honeymoon escape. Beach getaway is the major idea for may honeymooners whereby they get a lot of time performing different leisure activities together like playing, sunbathing, visiting different tourism sites together. Zanzibar also has the best hotels for that can be ideal in your honeymoon.

▶ Zanzibar Festivals:

Zanzibar Festivals - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, there are several festivals, and each has its own theme, this is one of the opportunities that tourist can have to celebrate with locals and perform festive activities together. These festivals include Sauti za Busara, this is one of the biggest and popular festive in East Africa, it is a music and dance festive like Taarab, this festival is celebrated in February every year. Swahili Food Festival in October This festival aims at presenting and showcasing the Swahili cuisine, different restaurants and vendors participate. Zanzibar International Film Festival, July This is a cultural festival that aims at displaying the East Africa heritage through Arts, movies, dances, conferences, acrobats and other arts. Fashion Week Zanzibar, September/October, this showcase different designs by using African fabric, Khanga and Kitenge.

▶ Zanzibar Culture and Religion:

Zanzibar Culture and Religion - Thing to know before visiting Zanzibar

Indigenous people of Zanzibar have their different culture that is different from people living in the mainland, Tanzania coast like other East African coast sides have been affected with Arabs religion after their coming, the local people of Zanzibar are Muslims they live their life with regards of their religion. While in Zanzibar dressing decently will be considered as the respect of their culture and religion.

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Places to Visit in Africa in 2021: Africa has been a leading holiday destination for decades now because of the vast attraction accumulated in and unique services provided along pending your holiday. 2021 has been a holiday dream to most people that would like to take vacations because of long quarantine and they wish to spend their 2021 doing outdoor activities like Game drives, hiking, walking safari and other leisure outdoor activities.

African destinations are restoring and maintaining a good environment to have more guests in 2021 because of the high demand for the holiday from many people. Safarihub can serve you in different tour destinations within African in different countries. In 2021 these are the best tourist destination that you shouldn’t skip to enquire when you are about to take your breath-taking holiday.

Places to Visit in Africa in 2021:


SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Serengeti National Park is the natural grazing ecosystem with huge herds of mammals. Serengeti is prevalent known due to various facts like the outstanding Great Migration that occurs each year, It also has unique Savannah ecosystem with more than big mammals, compromising essentially all the plain in East Africa. Serengeti is the best national park worldwide and visitors can have plenty of activities to enjoy like Game drives, Hot Air Balloon safaris, hiking through the savannah, visiting Hippo pools, watching the great migration. Serengeti is the best destination where you can also spot the big five and other animals.


 NGORONGORO CRATER - Place to visit in Africa in 2021

The Crater is among the natural wonders in the world, Ngorongoro crater is a unique wildlife conservation site as it embraces multiple land use of integrating the protection of the local people and wildlife conservation. The site has several activities that a tourist can perform like Game drives, vising the Maasai cultural Boma, ascending in the crater which is seen as the main site where you can sight many different animals including buffalos, hippos, rhinos lions. Visiting the Olduvai Gorge Museum and Archeological site. In the crater, it is easy to spot many animals and black and white rhinos.


MAASAI MARA - Place to visit in Africa in 2021

Maasai Mara is a national Game Reserve in Kenya, the reserve is contagious with Serengeti National Park. The reserve is one of the important wildlife sanctuaries in Africa as it maintains ecotourism whereby tourism activities are conducted with high consideration of environmental landscape protection, protecting cultural attires and wildlife welfare. Maasai Mara has been a great destination for different leisure and tourism activities like game drives, cultural tourism whereby visitors can visit the Maasai bomas and experience their traditions and customs. Maasai Mara has also been seen as a special destination because it inhabits animals in the great migration of millions of wildebeest and thousands of Zebras from Serengeti National Park each year.


ZANZIBAR ISLAND - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Zanzibar island is an astronomy region of Tanzania, Zanzibar island has been a dream beach vacation to many of the tourist because of the beautiful beaches, warm water and white sand. In Zanzibar there are two main islands which are Pemba and Unguja, they all have beautiful beaches and good resorts to serve you in your vacation. The islands have different activities that one can perform during their stay like swimming, diving, boat ride, fishing and also visiting different historical sites like a stone town where they used to sell slaves. The island also is the best place to experience the cultures and lifestyle of the Swahili people including their foods (mostly seafood), their religion which is Islamic and their dressing style.


NAMIB DESERT - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

The desert is found in Namibia along the Atlantic Ocean, some part of the Namib desert is honoured as the world heritage site and was registered by the UNESCO. Namib is among the driest desert in the world because of the little rain it gets throughout. The desert has so many things that have been attracting many tourists like the sand dunes, the beautiful and stunning views, plants and animals like jackals, Oryx, mourning doves and others. In the desert there are so many and attracting activities that tourist can do like climbing the dunes, biking the quads to both kids and adults, bird watching in Kunene river and in the banks of Kavango, camel riding and having a desert air safari. The desert is open throughout the year for tourism activities but there are best times to visit which are May to September because of the weather condition that is being less hot to the desert.

The next best places to visit in Africa in 2021 is:


MOUNTAIN KILIMANJARO - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Kilimanjaro mountain is the largest and longest mountain in Africa with 5895, and the most standing mountain in the world. The mountain has three peaks which are Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo, Kibo peak is the highest of all. Mountain Kilimanjaro can be approached through different routes, where there are 5 routes that one can take to hike which are Marangu(the easiest route), Machame, Rongai, Lemosho and Umbwe which is the toughest route. Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro, it might take 5 to 8 days depending with the route that you choose. Summiting the Kilimanjaro peak has been the dream of many hikers, let 2021 be your dream dates of summitting the Kilimanjaro peak.


VICTORIA WATER FALLS - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Victoria Falls is among of the largest waterfalls in the world with the width of1708metres and the height of 108 meters, it is located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls has been the home of many animals like the elephants, Hippos on the upper part of the flow. Both countries permit the entry to Victoria falls, though Zimbabwe has been the best because of the development of tourism facilities in the destination. The waterfall has the sound that can be heard 40 kilometres and can be seen 50 km from the falls, alongside you can also visit the nearby local people whereby you can experience the other side of African culture. 


KRUGER NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Kruger National Park is among the largest National Parks in the world with 19485 km2 and is located in Northeastern of South Africa. The park consist of large animals than any other park in Africa, all the big five are also be spotted and more than 517  of bird species. The park also inhabits a large number of vertebrates almost 217 species of reptiles like black Mamba, crocodiles. The game drive is the most activity in the park also crocodile watching at crocodile bridge, bird watching. Kruger can be visited throughout the year


AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

The park has been one of the best destinations in Africa that one be doing game dives and at the same time enjoying the view of the outstanding mountain in the world, Mountain Kilimanjaro. The park inhabits large herds of elephants and more than 80 animal species and over 400 bird species. Many activities can be done in the park including game drives, golf playing, bird watching.

Lastly, the best places to visit in Africa in 2021 is:


ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Etosha national park is found in Namibia, it is more popular because of a large population of animals it inhabits including lions, leopards, Cheetah, hyena, zebra giraffe springbok and more other can be found in the park. The park also has the salt pan that is largest in Africa. Etosha is one of the unique wildlife sanctuaries in Africa because it consists of a large number of black rhinos and other animals and animals can easily be spotted. The game drive can be enjoyed in Etosha because of the beautiful landscape.

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Most Endangered Animals in Africa – Endangered animals are kind of species that a large population of its range might be extinct in the near future. The species undergo extinction due to different reason but mostly is caused by human activities like Illegal poaching that is mostly done in African countries due to the demands of animal horns, skin and sometimes for food. Overharvesting of the species, loss of habitats which can be caused naturally or by human activities. African countries have drawn the biggest pride for being the home of wildlife by ensuring much protection and conservation to the wildlife resources in their National Parks, Controlled areas, Game reserves and other conservation sites. Despite such efforts that the African government inputs into wildlife conservation they also face threats that lead to some wildlife species become endangered. The following are the top 5endangered animals in Africa animals.

▶ Black Rhino: 

Black Rhino - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

Among the highest endangered species in Africa are Black Rhinos, In Africa, they are mostly found in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. They can be distinguished by the white Rhino by looking at their lip, whereby White rhinos have a square lip and Black rhinos have their Prehensile upper lip. Black rhinos are counted as critically endangered species as they go up extinct. Black Rhinos are mostly found at Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)Etosha National Park and Damaraland (Namibia) and Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe. Black rhino are in the high risk of being extinct because of high rampant poaching because of their demand on rhino horns that are being sold in International Trade Market.

▶ Pangolins:

Pangolins - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

This animal species are among the animals that are highly trafficked in Africa and traded in Asia where its scales are used in making medicines and its blood believed as a healing tonic. Pangolins were mostly found in Southern Africa and Eastern African countries. Pangolins have been listed by IUCN as endangered animals due to a rapid decrease in its population. They are now rarely to be seen in African countries because of high trafficking that has been done, even though they have some defensive mechanism (camouflage) like rolling themselves like balls, and also the nature of their habitats whereby they live in holes whenever they sense danger around them but that has been hard to protect them from human beings.

▶ Rothschild`s Giraffe:

Rothschild`s Giraffe - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

A giraffe has a height of 2.6 to 3.5 shoulder and 3.9 to 5.5 m on top of the head and has the weight of 970to 1400 kg. Giraffes like dry Savannahs where Acacia and Terminalia are abundant trees. They are browsers and have been feeding over 100 species of plants. Rothschild giraffes are different from others because it has lard white dividing white lines than the reticulated Giraffes. The number of Giraffes has been rapidly decreasing in most of the wildlife conservation sites due to different reasons like loss of habitat, Human-wildlife conflict and illegal hunting. The giraffe can be highly spotted in few National Parks in Africa including Lake Nakuru Park in Kenya and Uganda in Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Vally National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

▶ African Penguin:

African Penguin - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

African Penguin is also known as Black-footed Penguin This is another species that its number is decreasing, its extinction in the near future was declared in 2010 after the decrease of 60% of its population was experienced. Several factors have led to its extinction like environmental problems, Oil spills to the ocean and human activities that have led to many disturbances. They can highly be seen in South Africa. 

▶ African Wild Dogs:

African wild dogs - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

The African wild dogs are mostly available in Sub Saharan countries like South Africa and Tanzania (Ruaha and Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve). They are also known as Painted hunting dogs. These animal species are about to extinct. Previously the wild printed dogs were among of the species that had a large population in African countries especially in South Africa, but the number of wild dogs keeps decreasing due to some misconception with human beings which has been the main reasons of their killings (South Africa) also being consumed by predators especially lions this has lead to their loss in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Etosha National Park, Okavango.

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African Safari Under $1500: The African continent has been the leading best destination for many tourism activities in the world like safaris, Beach holidays, Train journeys, Desert Adventures, Mountain hiking and Cultural Tourism. Safarihub and their cooperative tour products suppliers are very delighted to let you be aware of the budgeted tour packages that are being offered in different countries across Africa. Most of these packages are being offered as group tours whereby one can join at affordable rice and resulting in a lifetime adventure memorable experience. The services can be extended and amended as a client want but at additional costs. All packages can be suitable for all people of different ages and sex.

▶ Classic cheetah Safari -8Days (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is one of the Classic safaris that can be operated at low rates, The Safari takes 8 days in Kenya whereby you will be visiting several wildlife conservation sites including Samburu National Reserve in two days for the game drive,  Mount Kenya, Lake Naivasha and Maasai Mara National Reserve. The guests are going to spend their nights in mid-range lodges and in comfortable tented camps.

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▶ Maasai Mara Flying safari-3Days (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is a short flying safari to Maasai Mara National Reserve, the safari will take three days to end. The tour will start in Nairobi and end in Nairobi. The tourists will be lucky not wasting time on roads instead they will have to take flights to the main destination for their 3 days game drive, Maasai Mara is famous for the annual migration of millions of wildebeest and thousands of Zebras, Cultural tours in Masai villages, Talek and Mara rivers.

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▶ Tanzania Camping Safari-4Days (TANZANIA):

African Safari Under $1500

This package is originally intended to provide the authentic experience of camping safari adventure where you`ll get a lot of time to explore Lake Manyara National Park, the park that is famous for tree-climbing lions. Tarangire National Park, luckily you will be able to witness large herds of elephants and huge Baobab trees. Ngorongoro Crater, a Collapsed Volcano filled with wildlife animals and forest. In this safari package, the accommodation services will be camping on all nights. The tour price includes camping equipment on all days that will be spent.

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▶ Through the rift valley-Days – (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is a short safari but worth one too. The tourist will be visiting Maasai Mara National Reserve for 2 days game drive then you also visit Lake Nakuru, the park is famous for birdlife, an easy spot of flamingos and home of Black and white Rhinos and Rothschild Giraffes. The park offers plenty of tourist attractions and a variety of leisure activities like game drives, boat rides. 

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▶ Kili Safari- 6 Days (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

Another wildlife-based package that is more likely to wildlife lovers especially animals and luckily you can be able to see Mount Kilimanjaro from one of the destinations that you will be visiting. The wildlife sites that you will be visiting are Amboseli National Park for two days having morning and afternoon game drives, Lake Naivasha, where you can see flocks of Flamingos, Maasai Mara National Reserve for two-day game drives.

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▶ Garden Tour Splendor-4Days (SOUTH AFRICA):

African Safari Under $1500

The package tour is mainly intended for people that love gardens and the authentic beauty of nature for unique scenic views. The tour will include visiting different destinations like the famous Garden where you’ll travel through Tsitsikamma forest. Featherbed Nature Reserve where you can view Pristine beach, Marshes Forests and luckily you can spot different birds. You`ll also visit Ostrich farm and  Cango Caves one of the most incredible natural wonders in South Africa.

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▶ Discover Zimbabwe-3Days (ZIMBABWE):

African Safari Under $1500

The worth short safari package in Zimbabwe in 3days, it gives an opportunity to tourist to explore the major attractions in Zimbabwe in a short period of time and the reasonable price. Tourists will be able to visit one of seven natural wonders in the world and that is Victoria Water Falls, Having a great time viewing the waterfalls from different angles (Livingstone point view to Danger point). Boat cruise can also be performed in river Zambezi where you can see Hippos, Crocodiles and Birds and also the Safari cruise will be offered to Chobe National Park, The park boasts the Big five and the river teems with Hippos and Crocodiles which can be viewed from boats and safari vehicles.

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▶ Kruger and Kingdoms-7Days (SOUTH AFRICA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is the seven days tour with a variety of spectacular experiences in a single tour package. The tourist will have more time for fun and visiting different tour destinations with different leisure activities including wildlife game viewing, Cruise, cultural tour. The tour destinations are Mpumalanga, Kruger National Park, Panorama routes, The kingdom of Swaziland, The Kingdom of Zulu, and Lake St Lucia and enrooting to Durban.

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▶ Magnificent Garden route-4days (SOUTH AFRICA):

African Safari Under $1500

The tour package exists in four days where guests will have a good time to visit different garden routes that have a unique and authentic scenic. The package also includes visiting different historical towns like Matijiesfonten, a national heritage site, where there was a hospital for British officers during the Anglo-Boer War. Also visiting a Prince Albert village, the village is famous for its sun-ripened fresh and dried fruit, Olives, Vineyards and local cheese and paying a visit to George village that’s historic too. Several activities are also included like wine tasting, a tour to Cango caves, the great world`s natural wonders, Lagoon Cruise at Featherbed Nature Reserve and visiting Ostrich farms. 

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▶ Majestic Victoria falls-3Days (ZIMBABWE):

African Safari Under $1500

This is one of the short days’ tours that gives you an opportunity to explore the great Victoria fall, that is among the great tourist attraction in Africa and in the world. The package has also be combined with several experiences like the cruising at river Zambezi, cultural tour at Zimbabwean villages where you can witness the old customs and learn their way of life.

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The links below direct and gives full information of each tour package including the day by day schedule, accommodations, the services included and excluded in each tour package, meal plans (FB, HB, BB and etc.), and more clarification of each destination that will be visited.

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