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Why Choose Safarihub

Africa – A continent unique in its beauty, culture, terrain and people and untouched in its teeming wildlife, spectacular wilderness and pristine, sandy beaches.

  • Our Knowledge

    In-depth knowledge of culture, attractions and terrain of each destination enabling us to advise on all aspects of your holiday to maximise your enjoyment.

  • Diverse Destinations

    Each unique in its diversity of climate, heritage and manner of hospitality.

  • Professional Guides

    Trained professionals who literally live, eat and breathe their passion which is their work and to impart their knowledge to all our customers to satisfy all aspects of their curiosity.

  • Experienced Staff

    Highly experienced in the Tourism industry in terms of destination knowledge, customer service and attention to detail to be able to advise fully on all aspects of your holiday.

  • Passionate about Africa

    The continent that spawned humanity has so much to see, reflect on and question about our very existence through its iconic wildlife, cultural heritage and diverse communities.

  • Payment Protection

    All of our holidays are financially secured

  • Ethical Company

    Fulfil our corporate responsibility in promoting countries in Africa and developing their Tourism infrastructure, contributing to job creation and other development flowing from international exposure.

  • Value for Money

    Complete full service from initial enquiry, through to advising on every aspect of your holiday until the moment you arrive, during enjoying every aspect of your planned experience and until the time you finally depart.

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