Places to Visit in Africa in 2021: Africa has been a leading holiday destination for decades now because of the vast attraction accumulated in and unique services provided along pending your holiday. 2021 has been a holiday dream to most people that would like to take vacations because of long quarantine and they wish to spend their 2021 doing outdoor activities like Game drives, hiking, walking safari and other leisure outdoor activities.

African destinations are restoring and maintaining a good environment to have more guests in 2021 because of the high demand for the holiday from many people. Safarihub can serve you in different tour destinations within African in different countries. In 2021 these are the best tourist destination that you shouldn’t skip to enquire when you are about to take your breath-taking holiday.

Places to Visit in Africa in 2021:


SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Serengeti National Park is the natural grazing ecosystem with huge herds of mammals. Serengeti is prevalent known due to various facts like the outstanding Great Migration that occurs each year, It also has unique Savannah ecosystem with more than big mammals, compromising essentially all the plain in East Africa. Serengeti is the best national park worldwide and visitors can have plenty of activities to enjoy like Game drives, Hot Air Balloon safaris, hiking through the savannah, visiting Hippo pools, watching the great migration. Serengeti is the best destination where you can also spot the big five and other animals.


 NGORONGORO CRATER - Place to visit in Africa in 2021

The Crater is among the natural wonders in the world, Ngorongoro crater is a unique wildlife conservation site as it embraces multiple land use of integrating the protection of the local people and wildlife conservation. The site has several activities that a tourist can perform like Game drives, vising the Maasai cultural Boma, ascending in the crater which is seen as the main site where you can sight many different animals including buffalos, hippos, rhinos lions. Visiting the Olduvai Gorge Museum and Archeological site. In the crater, it is easy to spot many animals and black and white rhinos.


MAASAI MARA - Place to visit in Africa in 2021

Maasai Mara is a national Game Reserve in Kenya, the reserve is contagious with Serengeti National Park. The reserve is one of the important wildlife sanctuaries in Africa as it maintains ecotourism whereby tourism activities are conducted with high consideration of environmental landscape protection, protecting cultural attires and wildlife welfare. Maasai Mara has been a great destination for different leisure and tourism activities like game drives, cultural tourism whereby visitors can visit the Maasai bomas and experience their traditions and customs. Maasai Mara has also been seen as a special destination because it inhabits animals in the great migration of millions of wildebeest and thousands of Zebras from Serengeti National Park each year.


ZANZIBAR ISLAND - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Zanzibar island is an astronomy region of Tanzania, Zanzibar island has been a dream beach vacation to many of the tourist because of the beautiful beaches, warm water and white sand. In Zanzibar there are two main islands which are Pemba and Unguja, they all have beautiful beaches and good resorts to serve you in your vacation. The islands have different activities that one can perform during their stay like swimming, diving, boat ride, fishing and also visiting different historical sites like a stone town where they used to sell slaves. The island also is the best place to experience the cultures and lifestyle of the Swahili people including their foods (mostly seafood), their religion which is Islamic and their dressing style.


NAMIB DESERT - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

The desert is found in Namibia along the Atlantic Ocean, some part of the Namib desert is honoured as the world heritage site and was registered by the UNESCO. Namib is among the driest desert in the world because of the little rain it gets throughout. The desert has so many things that have been attracting many tourists like the sand dunes, the beautiful and stunning views, plants and animals like jackals, Oryx, mourning doves and others. In the desert there are so many and attracting activities that tourist can do like climbing the dunes, biking the quads to both kids and adults, bird watching in Kunene river and in the banks of Kavango, camel riding and having a desert air safari. The desert is open throughout the year for tourism activities but there are best times to visit which are May to September because of the weather condition that is being less hot to the desert.

The next best places to visit in Africa in 2021 is:


MOUNTAIN KILIMANJARO - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Kilimanjaro mountain is the largest and longest mountain in Africa with 5895, and the most standing mountain in the world. The mountain has three peaks which are Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo, Kibo peak is the highest of all. Mountain Kilimanjaro can be approached through different routes, where there are 5 routes that one can take to hike which are Marangu(the easiest route), Machame, Rongai, Lemosho and Umbwe which is the toughest route. Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro, it might take 5 to 8 days depending with the route that you choose. Summiting the Kilimanjaro peak has been the dream of many hikers, let 2021 be your dream dates of summitting the Kilimanjaro peak.


VICTORIA WATER FALLS - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Victoria Falls is among of the largest waterfalls in the world with the width of1708metres and the height of 108 meters, it is located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls has been the home of many animals like the elephants, Hippos on the upper part of the flow. Both countries permit the entry to Victoria falls, though Zimbabwe has been the best because of the development of tourism facilities in the destination. The waterfall has the sound that can be heard 40 kilometres and can be seen 50 km from the falls, alongside you can also visit the nearby local people whereby you can experience the other side of African culture. 


KRUGER NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Kruger National Park is among the largest National Parks in the world with 19485 km2 and is located in Northeastern of South Africa. The park consist of large animals than any other park in Africa, all the big five are also be spotted and more than 517  of bird species. The park also inhabits a large number of vertebrates almost 217 species of reptiles like black Mamba, crocodiles. The game drive is the most activity in the park also crocodile watching at crocodile bridge, bird watching. Kruger can be visited throughout the year


AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

The park has been one of the best destinations in Africa that one be doing game dives and at the same time enjoying the view of the outstanding mountain in the world, Mountain Kilimanjaro. The park inhabits large herds of elephants and more than 80 animal species and over 400 bird species. Many activities can be done in the park including game drives, golf playing, bird watching.

Lastly, the best places to visit in Africa in 2021 is:


ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK - Places to Visit in Africa in 2021

Etosha national park is found in Namibia, it is more popular because of a large population of animals it inhabits including lions, leopards, Cheetah, hyena, zebra giraffe springbok and more other can be found in the park. The park also has the salt pan that is largest in Africa. Etosha is one of the unique wildlife sanctuaries in Africa because it consists of a large number of black rhinos and other animals and animals can easily be spotted. The game drive can be enjoyed in Etosha because of the beautiful landscape.

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Most Endangered Animals in Africa – Endangered animals are kind of species that a large population of its range might be extinct in the near future. The species undergo extinction due to different reason but mostly is caused by human activities like Illegal poaching that is mostly done in African countries due to the demands of animal horns, skin and sometimes for food. Overharvesting of the species, loss of habitats which can be caused naturally or by human activities. African countries have drawn the biggest pride for being the home of wildlife by ensuring much protection and conservation to the wildlife resources in their National Parks, Controlled areas, Game reserves and other conservation sites. Despite such efforts that the African government inputs into wildlife conservation they also face threats that lead to some wildlife species become endangered. The following are the top 5endangered animals in Africa animals.

▶ Black Rhino: 

Black Rhino - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

Among the highest endangered species in Africa are Black Rhinos, In Africa, they are mostly found in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. They can be distinguished by the white Rhino by looking at their lip, whereby White rhinos have a square lip and Black rhinos have their Prehensile upper lip. Black rhinos are counted as critically endangered species as they go up extinct. Black Rhinos are mostly found at Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)Etosha National Park and Damaraland (Namibia) and Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe. Black rhino are in the high risk of being extinct because of high rampant poaching because of their demand on rhino horns that are being sold in International Trade Market.

▶ Pangolins:

Pangolins - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

This animal species are among the animals that are highly trafficked in Africa and traded in Asia where its scales are used in making medicines and its blood believed as a healing tonic. Pangolins were mostly found in Southern Africa and Eastern African countries. Pangolins have been listed by IUCN as endangered animals due to a rapid decrease in its population. They are now rarely to be seen in African countries because of high trafficking that has been done, even though they have some defensive mechanism (camouflage) like rolling themselves like balls, and also the nature of their habitats whereby they live in holes whenever they sense danger around them but that has been hard to protect them from human beings.

▶ Rothschild`s Giraffe:

Rothschild`s Giraffe - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

A giraffe has a height of 2.6 to 3.5 shoulder and 3.9 to 5.5 m on top of the head and has the weight of 970to 1400 kg. Giraffes like dry Savannahs where Acacia and Terminalia are abundant trees. They are browsers and have been feeding over 100 species of plants. Rothschild giraffes are different from others because it has lard white dividing white lines than the reticulated Giraffes. The number of Giraffes has been rapidly decreasing in most of the wildlife conservation sites due to different reasons like loss of habitat, Human-wildlife conflict and illegal hunting. The giraffe can be highly spotted in few National Parks in Africa including Lake Nakuru Park in Kenya and Uganda in Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Vally National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

▶ African Penguin:

African Penguin - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

African Penguin is also known as Black-footed Penguin This is another species that its number is decreasing, its extinction in the near future was declared in 2010 after the decrease of 60% of its population was experienced. Several factors have led to its extinction like environmental problems, Oil spills to the ocean and human activities that have led to many disturbances. They can highly be seen in South Africa. 

▶ African Wild Dogs:

African wild dogs - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

The African wild dogs are mostly available in Sub Saharan countries like South Africa and Tanzania (Ruaha and Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve). They are also known as Painted hunting dogs. These animal species are about to extinct. Previously the wild printed dogs were among of the species that had a large population in African countries especially in South Africa, but the number of wild dogs keeps decreasing due to some misconception with human beings which has been the main reasons of their killings (South Africa) also being consumed by predators especially lions this has lead to their loss in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Etosha National Park, Okavango.

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African Safari Under $1500: The African continent has been the leading best destination for many tourism activities in the world like safaris, Beach holidays, Train journeys, Desert Adventures, Mountain hiking and Cultural Tourism. Safarihub and their cooperative tour products suppliers are very delighted to let you be aware of the budgeted tour packages that are being offered in different countries across Africa. Most of these packages are being offered as group tours whereby one can join at affordable rice and resulting in a lifetime adventure memorable experience. The services can be extended and amended as a client want but at additional costs. All packages can be suitable for all people of different ages and sex.

▶ Classic cheetah Safari -8Days (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is one of the Classic safaris that can be operated at low rates, The Safari takes 8 days in Kenya whereby you will be visiting several wildlife conservation sites including Samburu National Reserve in two days for the game drive,  Mount Kenya, Lake Naivasha and Maasai Mara National Reserve. The guests are going to spend their nights in mid-range lodges and in comfortable tented camps.

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▶ Maasai Mara Flying safari-3Days (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is a short flying safari to Maasai Mara National Reserve, the safari will take three days to end. The tour will start in Nairobi and end in Nairobi. The tourists will be lucky not wasting time on roads instead they will have to take flights to the main destination for their 3 days game drive, Maasai Mara is famous for the annual migration of millions of wildebeest and thousands of Zebras, Cultural tours in Masai villages, Talek and Mara rivers.

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▶ Tanzania Camping Safari-4Days (TANZANIA):

African Safari Under $1500

This package is originally intended to provide the authentic experience of camping safari adventure where you`ll get a lot of time to explore Lake Manyara National Park, the park that is famous for tree-climbing lions. Tarangire National Park, luckily you will be able to witness large herds of elephants and huge Baobab trees. Ngorongoro Crater, a Collapsed Volcano filled with wildlife animals and forest. In this safari package, the accommodation services will be camping on all nights. The tour price includes camping equipment on all days that will be spent.

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▶ Through the rift valley-Days – (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is a short safari but worth one too. The tourist will be visiting Maasai Mara National Reserve for 2 days game drive then you also visit Lake Nakuru, the park is famous for birdlife, an easy spot of flamingos and home of Black and white Rhinos and Rothschild Giraffes. The park offers plenty of tourist attractions and a variety of leisure activities like game drives, boat rides. 

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▶ Kili Safari- 6 Days (KENYA):

African Safari Under $1500

Another wildlife-based package that is more likely to wildlife lovers especially animals and luckily you can be able to see Mount Kilimanjaro from one of the destinations that you will be visiting. The wildlife sites that you will be visiting are Amboseli National Park for two days having morning and afternoon game drives, Lake Naivasha, where you can see flocks of Flamingos, Maasai Mara National Reserve for two-day game drives.

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▶ Garden Tour Splendor-4Days (SOUTH AFRICA):

African Safari Under $1500

The package tour is mainly intended for people that love gardens and the authentic beauty of nature for unique scenic views. The tour will include visiting different destinations like the famous Garden where you’ll travel through Tsitsikamma forest. Featherbed Nature Reserve where you can view Pristine beach, Marshes Forests and luckily you can spot different birds. You`ll also visit Ostrich farm and  Cango Caves one of the most incredible natural wonders in South Africa.

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▶ Discover Zimbabwe-3Days (ZIMBABWE):

African Safari Under $1500

The worth short safari package in Zimbabwe in 3days, it gives an opportunity to tourist to explore the major attractions in Zimbabwe in a short period of time and the reasonable price. Tourists will be able to visit one of seven natural wonders in the world and that is Victoria Water Falls, Having a great time viewing the waterfalls from different angles (Livingstone point view to Danger point). Boat cruise can also be performed in river Zambezi where you can see Hippos, Crocodiles and Birds and also the Safari cruise will be offered to Chobe National Park, The park boasts the Big five and the river teems with Hippos and Crocodiles which can be viewed from boats and safari vehicles.

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▶ Kruger and Kingdoms-7Days (SOUTH AFRICA):

African Safari Under $1500

This is the seven days tour with a variety of spectacular experiences in a single tour package. The tourist will have more time for fun and visiting different tour destinations with different leisure activities including wildlife game viewing, Cruise, cultural tour. The tour destinations are Mpumalanga, Kruger National Park, Panorama routes, The kingdom of Swaziland, The Kingdom of Zulu, and Lake St Lucia and enrooting to Durban.

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▶ Magnificent Garden route-4days (SOUTH AFRICA):

African Safari Under $1500

The tour package exists in four days where guests will have a good time to visit different garden routes that have a unique and authentic scenic. The package also includes visiting different historical towns like Matijiesfonten, a national heritage site, where there was a hospital for British officers during the Anglo-Boer War. Also visiting a Prince Albert village, the village is famous for its sun-ripened fresh and dried fruit, Olives, Vineyards and local cheese and paying a visit to George village that’s historic too. Several activities are also included like wine tasting, a tour to Cango caves, the great world`s natural wonders, Lagoon Cruise at Featherbed Nature Reserve and visiting Ostrich farms. 

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▶ Majestic Victoria falls-3Days (ZIMBABWE):

African Safari Under $1500

This is one of the short days’ tours that gives you an opportunity to explore the great Victoria fall, that is among the great tourist attraction in Africa and in the world. The package has also be combined with several experiences like the cruising at river Zambezi, cultural tour at Zimbabwean villages where you can witness the old customs and learn their way of life.

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The links below direct and gives full information of each tour package including the day by day schedule, accommodations, the services included and excluded in each tour package, meal plans (FB, HB, BB and etc.), and more clarification of each destination that will be visited.

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