Here are the 5 Best Game Reserves for Safaris to visit in South Africa:

South Africa arguably has some of the best game reserves in the continent, which offer some of the best game viewings for any visitor in African safaris. Many wonderful experiences are to be enjoyed, from the oldest game reserve in the country to the largest. Here are five game reserves for safaris to visit in South Africa.


Kruger national park -Kruger game reserve is the mothership of South Africa’s parks, and all safaris to the country certainly must head in the park.

A safari to South Africa would be incomplete without visiting the most popular game reserve in the country, Kruger national park. With nearly two million hectares, Kruger is justifiably one of the largest game reserves in the world. This famous safari spot in Africa, a small country size, offers visitors a sight of diverse wildlife species, beautiful scenery, and a chance for experiencing the weather and climate of Africa. The game reserve will give you magnificent animal viewing opportunities such as the Big Five common throughout the park and grazers such as the greater kudu and impala. The diverse and scenic vegetation made up of the savannah woodland, on the other hand, provides relatively thick vegetation full of the baobab and rivers such as the Olifants River. Kruger game reserve is the mothership of South Africa’s parks, and all safaris to the country certainly must head in the park.

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Sabi Sands is the prime big five territories in South Africa

Sabi Sands is the prime big five territories in South Africa, or let us say, the mecca of safaris in the southern hemisphere. The park shares the same ecosystem with Kruger national park, and in fact, it borders Kruger though the over 50 miles kilometer border is unfenced to allow free movement of wildlife back and forth the Kruger. The advantage of Sabi Sands over Kruger is size. While Kruger is the size of the entire Switzerland, the large size makes wildlife viewing almost impossible. Sabi Sands is divided into private game reserves, and this is the game reserve that you can easily spot the big five among other animals. Under the reserve, there are four sets of luxury lodges and spas where visitors can enjoy the beautiful accommodations and a taste of the excellent food in the country. A safari to Sabi Sands game reserve will make you get as close to nature as possible.


Hluhluwe-iMfolozi game reserve in the Kwazulu-Natal

Created in the 1890s, the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi game reserve in the Kwazulu-Natal province is the oldest in the entire continent. Originally established to protect and save the southern white rhino from extinction, this flagship reserve is placed on the bucket list for any safari to South Africa. The reserve lived up to its purpose and saved the rhinos whose populations are thriving throughout the reserve. The other advantage of safari to this reserve is water holes; the holes assure you a sight of the wildlife in the park, including the big five, which might be challenging to spot in the woods due to the thick vegetation. Keep an eye for the wild dogs, African leopards, and be ready for self-drive. The reserve is also set up in beautiful valleys, forests, rolling hills, rivers, and very thick vegetation. A safari to this reserve will make you live your dreams of Africa.

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Madikwe game reserve is situated on the border between Botswana and South Africa

Madikwe game reserve is situated on the border between Botswana and South Africa. The park, which sits approximately 90 kilometers North of Zeerust, is the other home of the big five that every safari to South Africa must end at, otherwise incomplete. Madikwe and private lodges in the park operate the reserve. Visitors are not allowed to drive in the park, limiting the number of vehicles, which provides exclusive experience and privacy. Animals such as wild dogs, cheetahs, brown-eyed hyenas, and lions are the common sightings in the Madikwe Reserve, which also boasts a scenery of Kalahari thornveld and bushveld vegetation.


Pilanesberg game reserve is the fourth largest game reserve in South Africa

The Pilanesberg game reserve is the fourth largest game reserve in South Africa, and because the reserve is situated in a region of eroded remnants of an ancient volcanic crater, it is home to a diversity of flora and fauna. The location makes the reserve very scenic. Combined with fun and adventure opportunities in this malaria-free zone, it is one of the most attractive safari options in South Africa. The possibilities include gliding on hot air balloons and enjoying the taste of different South African foods in the family-friendly resorts nearby. Sightings of wildlife such as giraffe, zebras, the big five, and wildebeest are possible in this location.

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Here are the Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe:

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites across the world, and the fall truly offers visitors different fun and adventure opportunities. The opportunities include food, nature, adrenaline sports, romantic settings, among others; as a visitor, there are several things that you can do to suit your needs. Discover 8 things that anyone should do when they visit Victoria Falls.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

White water rafting on the Zambezi is for those who experience the terrifying days of their lives but have fun. Rafting in this river entails wild rides and an adrenaline rush because river Zambezi is one of the rivers in the world with the wildest white waters and, in fact, has grade 5 and 6 rapids. When you embark on this exciting trip below the falls, be ready to flip over 3 to four times but worry less, the safe people are always nearby will be there for you.

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Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Canoe-ing on the upper side of the river is fun, but unlike the wild waters on lower Zambezi, it is not that scary. On the upper Zambezi, the water is calm, but you will still get the adrenaline flowing as you have to paddle crazily to fight the strong winds. You should also expect a variety of wildlife such as hippos, crocs, and different species of birds. The other advantage of canoeing in the upper Zambezi is that it is available all the time, even in the rainy season.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The ‘moonbow’ is commonly known as a ghostly lunar rainbow over Victoria Falls in the wet season between March and May. In rainy seasons when the water levels are high, the fall creates enough spray of water particles that refract moonlight. The bright moonlight, just as the sun causes rainbow leads to the formation of the lunar rainbow. In this season, the falls remain open at night when there is a full moon, and your best chance of seeing the rainbow is when you are at the Eastern Cataract, which is found on the Zambian side, but it is best seen 2 to 3 hours after moonrise. This a cool experience that you cannot miss when visiting Victoria Falls.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Are you brave enough? If your answer is yes, perhaps swimming in Livingstone Island’s Devils pool would be your favorite activity. Getting a chance to swim and sit on the edge of the falls and peeping over the sheet of water formed as the water tumbles into the Gorge is a great experience. The only sad part with this daredevil adventure activity is that it is only available in the dry months between august and January when the water levels are low hence safe.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Board the old Victorian-style tram at Victoria Falls station and take the short ride to Victoria Falls Bridge. Please take pictures of the train station because it is also an attraction in this area as it holds the record for the oldest building in this safari destination. You may also opt for the more luxurious Royal Livingstone Express, which will offer you an experience that you will not forget. Dining in this steam train includes a stop at the Zim Zam Bridge, where you will have the opportunity to take pictures of the sunset on the horizon.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Jet boating in the Gorge is a fun opportunity filled with an adrenaline rush, just like water rafting. However, you do not have to paddle in this activity but rather let a trained captain speed with you onboard the speed boats on the entire trip. The boats can do spins and daredevil turns to ensure adrenaline rush as seeing the scenic river Zambezi.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Bungee jumping off the 111 meters high Zim Zam Bridge is at all not for the faint-hearted. The bungee jump over the historical bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe falls among the top five in the world as one of the highest and most spectacular sites for this sporting activity. The view of the fall from the bridge is very specular, and hurling yourself on the end of the rope and doing the scenic backdrop will certainly get your adrenaline pumping.


Top 8 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Helicopter flight above Victoria Falls is one the most beloved fun experience that you should take part in when you the site. This epic adventure offers a birds-eye view of the falls, and this happens on both sides, Zimbabwean and Zambian sides. The helicopter ride over the falls is commonly referred to as the “flight of angels.” It borrows the name from the comments of David Livingstone, who described the lovely scenes to “have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” Flying over the falls is truly exhilarating, and as the chopper makes passes, you will definitely gate the opportunity to take pictures of Victoria Falls.

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Here are the 5 Best Safari Lodges & Camps To Stay Around Sossusvlei Namibia:

Sossuvlei in Namibia is probably the African safari destination with the most beautiful landscapes. If you plan to visit the site, consider our five hand-picked lodges and campsites to stay around during your visit.


Desert Homestead Lodge sits in a unique setting and will make you wish to stay longer in Namibia.

Located 39.4 miles away from the Sossusvlei, Desert Homestead Lodge sits in a unique setting and will make you wish to stay longer in Namibia. First, Sossus Oasis is only 22 miles away from the hotel. Secondly, Mt. Sesriem Canyon, which is only 40 km away, is reachable from the desert lodge. Finally, Mt Sandkop, at a distance of about 1000 meters, is only a two-minute walk from the hotel, meaning you can enjoy hiking nearby. Accommodation features such as an outdoor swimming pool, private parking, WIFI, a bar, a garden, and a restaurant combined with exemplary services offered by the friendly staff in the hotel make this safari lodge one of the loveliest places in the country belonging to luxury class among lodges and camps. Stay in this lodge promises comfort and views.

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Kulala lodge located closest to Sossusvlei

Kulala is perhaps the lodge located closest to Sossusvlei compared to all the other four in this list. Because of the location, the lodge borders the majestic red dunes in Sossusvlei; therefore, it offers the most spectacular views of this safari destination. Being closer to Sossusvlei also makes the lodge more accessible, and this is an added advantage if you are touring this site. Kulala is for those looking for enormous landscapes near the red sand dunes with acres of space. The lodge is an epicenter of magical nowhere and sits in the middle of a stirring desert landscape. With all these spaces available, the lounge has a large and friendly lounge, dining areas, and wrap-around verandas, making it the perfect accommodation if you travel with family or friends. Stay at this fantastic place assures you of delicious food, luxury accommodation, gracious staff, and spectacular views.


Hoodia Desert Lodge is located in a breathtaking desert environment between dunes and Desert Mountains

Hoodia Desert Lodge is located in a breathtaking desert environment between dunes and Desert Mountains; this extraordinary location makes it one of the best places to stay in Sossusvlei. The 11 luxury chalets positioned at a great distance between one another assure your privacy while staying in this warmly decorated lodge and therefore suit private tours. The staff in this beautiful lodge comprises professional hospitality personal who ensure service is fantastic through their personal-human approach while delivering services. The skilled and enthusiastic chefs and the charming waiters make diner taste great in Hoodia because of their exceptional quality. After a long day of endless bumpy roads during the excursions in the Soussevlei, you should perhaps consider recuperating in the beautiful and picturesque Hoodia Lodge accommodation with its relaxed atmosphere and comfort.


Sossus Oasis Campsite - 5 Best Safari Lodges & Camps To Stay Around Sossusvlei Namibia

Located at the entrance gates to Sesriem and Sossusvlei sits the excellent Sossus Oasis Campsite with rustic private ablutions that perfectly fit the desert setting. Desert Mountains and Elim dune surround the campsite, and anyone who camps in the site is assured unsurpassed views of the desert landscape. The site offers 12 shaded areas, and in each area, there are shower facilities, kitchen, and private toilets; these facilities make camping great in this Sossus. A pool is found in the center of the campsite where you can cool down when the desert temperature is unbearable and after highlight tours at Sossusvlei. Sossus Oasis Campsite is adjacent to Sossusvlei lodge, and you can book meals at the lodge while camping at this fantastic location.


Sossusvlei Lodge is located at the entrance of Naukluft Park

Sossusvlei Lodge is located at the entrance of Naukluft Park, and the lodge is perfectly laid to blend with the magnificent natural environment as it is built on the colors of the desert. Because of its position, the lodge is convenient for anyone visiting Sossusvlei. Its luxurious chalets and high-class accommodation facilities such as air-conditioned rooms, en-suite bathroom, sundowner deck, beer garden, sparkling pool, and a patio ensure visitors experience the art of hospitality to the highest levels in Namibia and also contribute to memorable experiences. Wild animals such as the Oryx and Springboks constantly roam the property and complement the great food and excellent services offered in the lodge. Sossusvlei Lodge also provides visitors access to various activities, and everyone planning to visit Sossusvlei should consider staying at the lodge.

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Here are the 5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania:

When most of us think of Africa, in most cases they picture the continent for its savannahs, deserts, and jungles. Yet most people do forget about the islands in Africa with their stunning beaches, the abundance of marine wildlife the islands host, or even the cuisines served in the islands. The stunning beaches on African islands are for those who are dreading some sunlight, the white sand, and the sea. If you want here for an island holiday then consider going to Tanzanian islands to get the full taste of African island paradise.

As far as African islands are concerned, then Tanzania has it all covered. On the country’s Indian Ocean coastline, Tanzania boasts an assortment of islands scattered in the ocean that every visitor has to find one that suits their style. Here are the five most beautiful islands in Tanzania that everyone has to on everyone’s must-see bucket list.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

Officially known as Ugunja but widely known as Spice Island, Zanzibar is a tropical paradise saturated with culture and history. The island was once one of the most prosperous trading centers in East Africa and ruled by Omani Sultans who were the initial influencers of the now prominent Swahili culture. Today, Zanzibar Island is the most populated, largest, and most accessible island in the region and boasts its white-sandy beaches, ancient traditions, and luxurious accommodation through the excellent collection of resorts. Stone own which happens to be the island’s capital on the other hand is a historical site that gives the opportunity to re-live African, Arabic, Indian, and European cultural influences in ancient times. Tourism opportunities in Ugunja include booking spice tours, scuba diving, swimming, or visiting historical sites such as the sultan’s palace or the Dharajani market.

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5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

The green island as some people refers to it, is a lesser-known island and one of the islands that form the greater Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania. Because the island is still largely underdeveloped compared to Zanzibar, it is much fuller of vegetation and that is why it is still characterized by clove plantations, mangrove forests, lush hilltops, colorful coral reefs among other greenery. If you want to get away from the overcrowding at Zanzibar then you should consider the Pemba, which is celebrated for scuba diving and fishing opportunities. The island also allows visitors to explore its historical past when they visit Chake Chake town, which hosts an 18th-century fort and a museum.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

The privately-owned Mnemba Island is a small triangular island off Ugunja and part of the Zanzibar archipelago. The island features private and luxurious beachfront resorts that are specifically reserved for guests and the main highlight of the island is the Mnemba Atoll, a spectacular coral reef only found on the northeastern coast of the island. Even though non-guests are not allowed close to the shore, they can still enjoy the reef. If you are a guest, however, this tropical island is perfect for romantic holidays and it offers you the opportunity to enjoy beach walks, fruits, and candlelit dinners in the beachfront accommodations and a chance to explore the rich marine life.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

Chumbe Island off the coast of Zanzibar is an uninhabited Island protected by Chumbe Island Coral Park and closed for boaters and divers. Because most fun opportunities are prohibited on this island, there is a lack of damage to the coral reefs and this makes Chumbe home different species of ocean life thrives in the shallow waters of the island and is full of marine wildlife such as dolphins, hawksbill turtles, and tropical fish among others. Apart from marine experience, other adventurous opportunities on the island include guided forest walks.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

Mafia is probably one of the Tanzanian best-kept secrets with its beaches dotted with spectacular coconut palms and coral reefs on the shallow waters, which attracts life underwater. Mafia is part of the serene mafia island group and borrows its name from form both Arabic and Swahili. In Arabic, the name means ‘group’ while in Swahili mafia means ‘healthy dwelling place.’ Mafia Island floats in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Dar es Salaam and it is popular for snorkeling, Cuba diving, marine life exploration among other opportunities. Apart from exploring and discovering marine life, the island is also home to different bird species and Kua ruins for those who want historical adventure.

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Here are the 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub:

Suppose you are looking for an amazing trip to Africa or just an incredible safari holiday that will never be boring or dull and full of unforgettable experiences. In that case, you should probably consider taking the African trip with Safarihub. Those tourists who cannot get enough of the enthralling African continent and would love to come back for a memorable safari experience should consider the safari hub.

The continent offers some of the most incredible safari experiences globally with its fascinating and diverse cultures, extraordinary animals, dramatic sceneries, fun and adventure opportunities, and beautiful landscapes. Whenever you think of visiting the continent, you have to plan for the specific destinations to tour, travel time, accommodation, and organize your transportation. This planning may be tiresome and may prevent you from having jaw-dropping moments when visiting the continent because Africa is enormous and, in fact, the second-largest continent in the world, and you may miss some of the best destinations. To prevent these difficulties in planning is why safarihub exists; to tailor-make trips for thousands of travelers visiting Africa and ensure the trips remain unforgettable experiences.

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Here are eight reasons why anyone visiting Africa should consider going on Safari with SafariHub.


Safarihub is a licensed safari specialist & tour operator in Africa - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

Financial protection whenever a traveler books with Safari Hub. Safarihub maintains high standards in all its tour operations. With the standards bar raised through the principles, every person who books Safarihub tour operator can only travel with total confidence. With the physical offices in Arusha and London, administrative offices’ presence boosts the trust even further if the company’s online system fails.

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Safarihub has fantastic knowledgeable tour guides, excellent communication skills, experienced team - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

Safarihub company has the best employees from drivers who know the national parks inside-out and are aware of animal hideouts. The company also has fantastic tour guides, knowledgeable consultants who pay careful attention to details provided by the clients, excellent communication skills, an experienced team, and professional online staff to reply to online inquiries to ensure that all visitors have incredible moments visiting African destinations. The fantastic staff at the safari hub responds to all every single client’s request and explains in detail every safari moment to make sure the trips are existing and worth every client’s penny.


Safarihub offers a variety of packages to suit every client’s budget - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

SafariHub creates personalized and tailor-made packages in all its destinations to ensure that every client receives value for their money without compromising the quality of tour services offered. For Kenya as a destination, for instance, one may choose the Acacia Safari package or Sarova safari package, all the packages include a visit to the magic Mara, but all have different pricing due to the equal number of days (six) covered in both packages.


Safarihub covers at least 13 distinct african countries - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

With 13 different destinations, the safarihub assures all the tourists’ different safari experiences in vast and highly diverse eastern and southern Africa. Whether the client wants to view the big five safaris in Kruger, or wildebeest migration in Serengeti and Masai Mara, or experience the Namib desert, safarihub destinations cover all these thrills in the various packages.

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Visiting africa at averagely lower prices - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

Safarihub booking systems have a unique discount system that allows all visitors to live their dreams and expectations of visiting Africa at averagely lower prices. Under the special offers tab on the safarihub website, everyone is always assured of finding a discounted package.

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Safarihub prides itself with a well-maintained safari vehicle fleet - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

The rugged African terrain always causes breakdowns to safari fleet vehicles, and it is a common sight to find tour vehicles breaking down in the middle of tour destinations. Most tour operators in Africa also use old and falling apart tour vans that, in most cases stuck during the travels. On the other hand, Safarihub only uses comfortable 4×4 vehicles less than 3 three years old and maintains all the safari fleet vehicles; therefore, clients have assured tours free of mechanical complications or breakdowns.


Safarihub offers diverse safaris - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

Be it a group safari, camping safari, luxury safari, special sky safari, private safari, or self-drive, the safari hub prides itself with six safaris from which clients can choose from in the packages. The choice of an individual client always depends on their budget, travel duration, and the number of visitors the client wishes to travel with in the various destinations.


Safarihub supports fly now pay later payment plan - 8 Reasons why you should go on Safari with SafariHub

For UK clients, the safarihub allows them to book their safaris under a flexible payment plan that enables them to spread the costs of traveling for 3-12 months. The fact that the payment plan is interest-free is significant. It allows everyone to get the opportunity whenever there is time for doing so if a client lacks finances at that particular time.

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Here are the 10 Beach Holidays Tour Packages:

Any high-paced African safari is incomplete without a restful escape to its coastal beaches in the Indian Ocean. Coupled with shimmering stretches of white powdery shores and warm blue-green waters, beaches along the Indian Ocean certainly offer some of the best in the world. African beaches assure the finest holiday memories whenever they pick African shores as their coastal destinations. The destinations here offer high-adventure opportunities such as Spa-treatments, plenty of aquatic sports and will straightaway relax your body, detoxes your awareness, and reawaken your spirit.

Choosing the best beach destination in Africa is not easy because there are countless beaches on the continent. However, Zanzibar is our top pick. This small island off the coast of Dar es Salaam offers the superb quality of the Indian Ocean. Here are the ten best packages that ensure every visitor enjoys the bounty of the Indian Ocean in this stunning location.


Beach Holidays Tour Packages

For those seeking complete luxury and discovering the rare beauty in Zanzibar Island, this is the perfect package for these individuals. Apart from luxury, a seven-day stay at Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa allows visitors to experience a mixture of African and Arabic heritage. From mint tea, spiced tobacco, house drinks, and cocktails, body massage and spa, dining at the elegant aqua restaurant right by the beach, and through sensory and enriching experience from fun activities in the beach, the package offers it all.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

This package is best suited for tourists who are seeking serenity and privacy. Set out in 32 hectares forested estate, The Residence is a complete hideaway that offers privacy through private pools and at the same time allows you the taste of spices of the highland through the cuisines offered. This resort is one of the most elegant and sophisticated luxurious resorts on the island. With six treatment pavilions, The Residence provides plenty of Spa opportunities and fun activities such as deep-sea fishing, garden exploration, and diving with dolphins, among many more along its one-mile beach.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

This package offers a seven-day stay at the Diamond Star of the East, set up in a pristine tropical garden beside the beach, is most suitable for those seeking premium services all through their stay. In the package, visitors can choose facilities at the star east; they can either pick private amenities or use shared facilities. The resort has main restaurants and bars, namely Ocean blue restaurant, pavilion restaurant, and coral cove pizzeria. Among the three, the stylish and refined Ocean Blue Restaurant highlights this package with its amazing views of the ocean and its modern cuisines made from international and regional spices. Star of the East also offers wellness activities such as SPA (especially the Mvua African Rain SPA), swimming pools, and Gym.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

The package offers an all-inclusive seven-night stay at the Ocean Paradise Resort Zanzibar, located on Zanzibar’s picturesque North East Coast. Ocean Paradise is an impressive and instantly inviting resort set out in 6.5 hectares of peaceful, colorful gardens with a unique setting made up of traditional African open-air thatched cottages. With different restaurants, a visitor can choose from and the various sports and recreation activities. The Ocean Paradise package is best for people who want to feel the white sandy beaches, feel the ocean breeze, and enjoy the resort’s wellness facilities.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

Starting at only $790 per person sharing, this package affordable and still offers our visitors a chance to experience Zanzibar for a seven-day stay at Neptune Pwani Beach Resort &spa. If you want to experience Swahili culture and theme, then the resort sitting in 30 acres tropical gardens offered in the package is worth consideration. Fun activities offered in the package include beach games, water sports, and swimming in the largest swimming pool in Zanzibar.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

If you want an all-inclusive experience of Zanzibar, then the seven-night stay in the package will offer all that to you. Located next to Kiwengwa shoreline, the package assures visitors a luxurious and complete ocean and east African culture experience.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

This package is the ideal package for visitors who want to discover cultural and historical sites within the spice island. The day-trips offered under the package ensure visitors ultimately experience Zanzibar as they visit UNESCO heritage sites through trips such as stone town tours, spice tours, Jozani forest, slave caves, and dolphins tours, among other trips.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

An inclusive seven-night stay at Zawadi Hotel assures visitors breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and a luxurious stay at the hotel. Best for travelers looking for an ideal beach holiday in Africa, stay at the hotel allow visitors to enjoy the turquoise waters of the ocean and its sandy beaches, and the mix of Omani, British and African heritage.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages

The package offers a seven-night stay at The Palms Zanzibar resort overlooking the award-winning Southeastern coastal beaches of Zanzibar. If you are a discerning traveler, then you should consider visiting. The Palms under this package, as it will for sure, is an ultimate gateway retreat with its relaxed atmosphere and elegance.

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Beach Holidays Tour Packages>

This package best suits visitors who enjoy diving and other water sports because Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa is the ocean dive Centre of Zanzibar. Apart from hosting sport and leisure activities, the package also allows visitors to enjoy excellent accommodation, beach comfort, and wining and dining in the resort.

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Here are the 8 Best Things to do in Mozambique, Africa:

Are you planning to visit Mozambique? Or, just wondering what to do once you have landed in Maputo? There are a million tourism opportunities in Mozambique that might be of interest to you. Here is our list to get you started listing some of the best destinations and activities to carry out when in Mozambique.

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Enjoy diving and snorkeling with friendly dolphins - 8 Best Things to do in Mozambique, Africa

If you are in Mozambique, then perhaps you should delve into the country’s crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. On this expedition, enjoy diving and snorkeling with friendly dolphins in one of the best places in the world to encounter the animals. With experienced operators at Ponto do Ouro, divers, and fans of maritime adventure trips can only be assured of unforgettable memories. You can also enjoy fishing, and divers’ highlights include reefs and sightings of other animals such as rays and dugong.


Maputo central market that highlights the cultures of Mozambique and an opportunity to engage with the locals - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

Mozambique’s capital Maputo located near the South African border, is likely to be your first stop entering the country. Known for a vibrant nightlife, do not waste your time; go dance away the night in the city that never sleeps. Here you will have an option to take a few beers on the waterfront bars, dancing the night away, or watching live music. In the morning, head straight to Maputo central market that highlights the cultures of Mozambique and an opportunity to engage with the locals. While in Maputo, you must visit Maputo cathedral, the fabulous Maputo railway station, and perhaps taste Maputo’s savor flavorful cuisines.


Enjoy eating famous LM prawns in Mozambique - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

If you are a delicious seafood lover, then by visiting Mozambique, you are in for a treat. Yes, local cuisines while traveling, for sure everyone enjoys trying them, and when you come to Mozambique, they are everywhere. Do not forget to taste the famous LM prawns the country offers, among other dishes of lobsters, crabs, octopus, or freshly grilled fish. Dishes in the country only stand out when you enjoy them with hot peri-peri sauce, milder lemon, the local concoction of chilies, and local herbs.


Transportation through sailing trips to the beautiful islands - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

If the above activities are not your stuff, then maybe sailing on a traditional dhow will do the trick. Dhows have been the main forms of transportation on the African coasts for centuries. A visit to the country will offer you the opportunity to enjoy this form of transportation through sailing trips to the beautiful islands. Sailing in the dhows, you have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the rich and the animal-rich waters of the Indian Ocean.


Romantic horse riding on the beach - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

Even if you are a novice rider, be assured that the well-trained horses would let you enjoy the thrills this activity brings. On horseback, you can be part of Mozambique’s most romantic activity as you experience the thrill of the endless stretches of the white sandy beaches of the ocean. This activity offers an amazing experience, and you will be amazed by how the horses enjoy the sea—riding beautiful horses in this pristine location surely an experience not to be missed.


Discover mozambique’s colonial past - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

The country is rich in the fascinating history of Portuguese, Arabia, Indian, and Chinese as these are the countries who frequented the country centuries ago. Each of these countries, especially the Portuguese, left cultural marks in the country that lives up to date. Mozambique Island, for instance, is a UNESCO world heritage Site and houses several Old colonial buildings done by the Portuguese as this island was once their capital. On the other hand, Ibo Island offers you the opportunity to explore mosques, forts, and churches. A visit to these sites will surely make you appreciate the feeling of going back in time with history.


Hit the beaches of Mozambique - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

Be aware!!! Most travelers occasionally get stuck in the country longer than they planned because of the many beaches in Mozambique. From Maputo, head straight to Tofo beach and discover by yourself why the beach offers one of the best memories of an African safari. From diverse scuba, whale shark sightings, among other opportunities, Tofo beach must be on your safari list. Bara beach is the other spot that will enable you to chill, and do not forget to marvel at the beauty of Bazaruto Archipelago.


Visit to gorongosa national park - 8 Best things to do in Mozambique, Africa

Visit this alluring safari destination and experience the vast wilderness and biodiversity the pack offers. Sometimes back, the lion population in the park was declining, but today, be assured of viewing the jungle king whose population is making a comeback. The park also re-introduced wild dogs, and their sightings are very amazing. Other animals in the park include elephants, zebras, antelopes, waterbucks, nyala, impala, and buffalo. If this is not enough, then head straight to Niassa Game Reserve for much more.

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