Group Safari packages are specific for people who would like to join a group tour with other fellow tourists. These could be solo travelers who would not like to be alone in their safari or budget travelers who would like to have a holiday tour but can not afford taking a private tour package. The group tours are mostly affordable packages because of cost-sharing in some of the services like tour vehicles.

Safarihub offers group tours as there is a demand from travelers that would like to. If one needs a group tour, it is very important for them to enquire 1 or 2 months before departure as this will allow us to look for availability on the group departing tours depending on the dates that you need.

Safarihub has the best group tour packages for different types of experience that you would love to take like hiking the mountain Kilimanjaro, Safari adventures in different wildlife destinations in Africa, Cultural tourism, Great Migration safaris, and beach vacations.

Here we have brought a collection of best group Safari Packages that cost only $1500 and less of that.

▶ Discover Zimbabwe-3Days (ZIMBABWE):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

The best short safari package in Zimbabwe in 3days gives an opportunity for guests to explore the major attractions in Zimbabwe in a short period of time and for a reasonable price. Tourists will be able to visit one of seven natural wonders in the world – Victoria Water Falls, have a great time viewing the waterfalls from different angles (Livingstone point view to Danger point). A boat cruise can also be done in the river Zambezi where you can see Hippos, Crocodiles, and Birds. There is an optional cruise to Chobe National Park, The park boasts the Big five and the river teems with Hippos and Crocodiles which can be viewed from boats and safari vehicles.

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▶ Magnificent Garden route-4days (SOUTH AFRICA):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

This is a 4-day tour package where guests will have a good time visiting different garden routes that have unique and authentic scenes. The package also includes visiting different historical towns like Matijies fonten, a national heritage site, where there was a hospital for British officers during Anglo-Boer War. Also visiting a Prince Albert village, the village is famous for its sun-ripened fresh and dried fruit, Olives, Vineyards and local cheese and paying a visit to George village that’s historic too. Several activities are also included like wine tasting, a tour to Cango caves, the great world`s natural wonders, Lagoon Cruise at Featherbed Nature Reserve, and visiting Ostrich farms.

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▶ Tanzania Camping Safari-4Days (TANZANIA):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

This package is intended to provide the authentic experience of camping safari adventure where you`ll get a lot of time to explore Lake Manyara National Park, the park that is famous for tree-climbing lions. At Tarangire National Park, you will be able to witness large herds of elephants and huge Baobab trees. Ngorongoro Crater, Collapsed Volcano filled with wildlife animals and forest. In this safari package, the accommodation services will be camping in all nights. The tour price includes camping equipment on all days that will be spent.

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▶ Kili Safari- 6 Days (KENYA):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

Another wildlife-based package that is more interesting to wildlife lovers especially animals. You will be able to see Mount Kilimanjaro from one of the destinations that you will be visiting. The wildlife sites that you will be visiting are Amboseli National Park for two days having morning and afternoon game drives, Lake Naivasha, where you can see flocks of Flamingos, Maasai Mara National Reserve for two days game drives.

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▶ Mount Kenya and Maasai Mara Adventure:

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

This is one of the adventurous trip that will take 5 days, You will enjoy game drives in different wildlife reserves that are splendid in nature teeming with various wildlife species like herds of Giraffe, Gazelle, lions, cheetahs, lions, elephants, etc. The destinations visited includes Lake Nakuru National Park and one of the best game reserve in Africa, Maasai Mara game reserve. You can have extra activities with some additional cost like a hot air balloon in the Maasai Mara reserve. The package have so many exciting leisure activities like boat cruising, bird watching, and game drives.

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Here are the 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages:

▶ Best of Uganda Safari:

Best of Uganda Safari - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The package is full of much exciting leisure activities that anyone can envy to perform during their holiday. The package offers several tourism destinations and each with its authentication in resources and activities performed. Game drives can be performed at Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National park, Lake Mburo National Park, where you can spot different wildlife species at each park-like waterbucks, elephants, lion, leopards, topi, Uganda Kob giant forest hog and some extra activities like boat cruise at the base of the Murchison falls, bird watching. The package also offers an adventure tour to the primates’ sanctuaries in Uganda including Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzee trekking and Bwindi impenetrable forest for Gorilla trekking. You will also have a breathtaking vacation at Lake Bunyonyi which is the deepest lake in Uganda.

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▶ Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking and Safari:

Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking and safari - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The tour takes 8 days, where you will be having a good time trekking in different primates’ sanctuaries including Kibale National Park which is reputed to have the greatest variety and has a high concentration of primates in East Africa. Walking safari can be performed within the tropical rainforest in such as wild chimpanzees, monkeys and other animal species. The tourist also pays a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park for game drives and looking at the beautiful scenery of the beautiful crater lakes. Gorilla trekking can be done in other two wildlife sites which are Bwindi Gorilla forest where you will be trekking on the slopes of Volcanoes. The site gives the best opportunity to watch the gorillas as they range freely in the park.

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▶ Best of Uganda and Rwanda:

Best of Uganda and Rwanda - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

This is one of the best and fine packages in exploring the East African natural and cultural richness, it gives the best opportunity to visit the two countries which are Uganda and Rwanda. The package takes 11 days where you will start with Uganda and end up in Rwanda. You will be visiting a number of wildlife sanctuaries like Kibale forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Twin lakes at volcanoes National Park, Muhirson Falls National Park, which is the home of many primates like a chimpanzee and other mammals including buffalos, elephants, Rothschilds- giraffe and a rhino sanctuary that is within the park. This is an adventure safari package where you will be having different adventure activities like Game drives gorilla trekking and city tours.

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▶ Gorillas and Primates:

Gorillas and Primates - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The safari package takes 8 days where you will be visiting different wildlife sites in Uganda. The package is mainly based on the trekking activities on different primates’ sanctuaries and along you can have different extra activities like canoeing, visiting crater lakes, kayaking, birding and hiking. Gorilla trekking will be done in Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can have a boat cruise at Kazinga channel, game driving, bird watching and hippo sanctuary and gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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▶ Mountain Gorilla Trekking Adventure:

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Adventure - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The great adventure of gorilla trekking in Uganda, this tour package explores you in the natural habitat of the gorillas, the trip takes 4 days. Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park and passing through the Switzerland of Africa the area which is known as Kigezi highlands with its terrace’s hillside, the place with the great view. The gorillas are not close with human beings, but the special permit will be given to you so you can come closer to the gorillas so you can observe them in closer scrutiny. The package gives you an opportunity to watch their full daily activities. The visitors are accommodated and having their overnight stay within the vicinity of nature (within the Park).

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▶ Fly in Gorilla Package:

Fly in Gorilla Package - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

This tour package takes 4 days, the package is most suitable for nature and gorilla lovers. Once you arrive in Uganda you will be transferred via domestic flight to your accommodation near the Bwindi Impenetrable forest. You will be having one of the great and memorable adventures at Bwindi forest, by the escort of the gorilla expert you will be having a walking safari through the tropical rainforest at Bwindi forest. You will be experiencing these gentle apes as they eat, play and bond with their young ones. Following the mountain gorillas as they range freely at Bwindi forest will amuse and astonish your vacation to Uganda.

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▶ Uganda Safari and Primates:

Uganda Safari and Primates - 7 Best Uganda Safari Tour Packages

The package has the best combination of safari and trekking to the primate’s sites. The tour takes 9 days. The package offers an amazing experience of meeting eye to eye with Chimpanzee and Gorilla at the natural habitats whereby the Chimpanzee can be trekked at Kibale National Park and overlooking at different monkey species. Gorillas will have trekked at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The package has also a safari package where you will be having game drives at different National Parks and wildlife sites including Queen Elizabeth National Park, the park with tree-climbing lions, also game drives can be done at Murchison Falls National Park.

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Safari Hub here comes with epic tour packages that one shouldn’t miss while enquiring for Malawi as your tour package for your vacation. The service provided including transport, food, the accommodation is all classic and comfy. The destinations visited will make you astonished by the beautiful highlights of Malawi.

▶ Northern Bush and Beach Tour:

NOTHERN BUSH AND BEACH TOUR - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

Bush and beach tour package are one of the exciting leisure packages in Malawi because it gives you the two main leisure experience in your holiday. Safari for the adventure in different wildlife sanctuaries in Malawi like Nyika National Park, Livingstonia trail, Manda wilderness and beach vacation in likoma island that has a rich history and iconic explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone. The overnight stay has been highly considered in luxury lodges that have extra activities for one to perform.

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SOUTHERN EXPLORER TOUR - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

The Southern tour package offers the best leisure experience in Malawi, the exploration will cover both wilderness city and beach excursion. The trip will take 8 days, where you will have a good time visiting different tour destinations and performing several leisure activities. The destinations visited includes Liwonde National Park for game drives and excursion at Mumbo island, the island is within the Lake Malawi national park, several activities can be performed like snorkeling, swimming, sand birthing, scuba diving.

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▶ Rift Valley Explorer Tour:

RIFT VALLEY EXPLORER TOUR - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

The trip takes 10 days, the tour package is highly based on the highlights of Malawi`s lift valley which is a geographical and geological feature that covers 4000 miles across the continent. The package is also offering several leisure activities in different destinations including game drives in Liwonde National Park, which is Malawi`s premier wildlife sanctuary. swimming, snorkeling, diving and other beach activities in Mumbo Island in Lake Malawi national park. The package also includes the old colonial city, that’s Zomba which is now picturesque in South Malawi and visiting the Zomba plateau that is 6000ft high and is covered in cedar, pine and forest.

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▶ Landscape of Malawi Safari:

LANDSCAPE OF MALAWI SAFARI - 4 Best Malawi Safari Tour Packages

This tour package takes 8 nights and 9 days, the tourist will be lucky to visit Malawi`s Northern circuit zone. The zone has many incredible attractions and activities that will amuse you during your breath-taking vacation. Several activities will be performed like the game drives in different wildlife conservation sites like Nyika National Park, this is an iconic wilderness park in Malawi where you will spot different animals like the bushbucks, Burchell’s zebra, roan antelope, mountain reedbuck, eland, leopards, side-striped jackal and other mammal species and more than 425 bird species. The package also includes a beach vacation, where you will be at the Lakeshore of Chintheche.  The package accommodations are all superb and they offer a rustic comfort service and activities like mountain biking, birding, canoeing, horse riding.

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Kruger National Park is among the popular and great wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and worldwide because of its uniqueness, attraction and activities. Kruger National Park has sixteen Eco-zones, and each has its geology, rainfall, altitude and landscape. Kruger is the largest wildlife game reserve in Africa with19,633 square kilometres, it’s near Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. The park has been the home of millions of animals, plant species and birds. A park is an international man and biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO.

There are things that one should know before taking a safari to Kruger National Park this will help you to designate the trip you want and the things that you would like to perform in your trip.

▶ Entrance Fee:

Entrance Fee - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

All conservation charges the fee for anyone that needs the access into the park, Kruger park charges on different criteria like The South Africa residents and citizen= R105 per adult and  R52 per child, SADC Nationals= R 210 per adult and R 105 per child, standard conservation fee= R424 per adult and 212 per child. The park fee has been used for several reasons like rehabilitation of park infrastructure, wildlife conservation activities like medications environment protection and maintenance of the park resources

▶ Wildlife:

WILDLIFE - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the best homes for wild species both mammals, birds, and plants. Kruger has more than147 mammal species including more than 1500 lions, 1000 leopards, 12500 elephants, 25000 buffalos, warthogs, wild dogs, cheetahs, zebra, spotted hyena, crocodile, hippos and more than 20 antelope species that roam in open plains and waterways of the park. Kruger national park has more than 200 plants species that have been identified including different tree species, shrubs and 235 types of grass.  

▶ Archaeological Sites:

ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Within Kruger national par there is also archaeological, among of them is Thulamela heritage site, near luvhu river, the site has been documented as the first habitation of the prehistoric society. Masorine Heritage Site, the site has the remaining of the past society, things like grinding stones and potsherds. The site gives a lot of information regarding past people like the technology used, the source of economy and other domestic activities. This site also reveals the economy and technology that existed in prehistoric before the invasion of white. Other Archeological Sites include Skukuza Hut Museum, Albasini ruins, Dogs gave yard and more than 170 prehistoric rock painting sites found in Kruger National Park.

▶ The Gem Of Black and White Rhinoceros:

THE GEM OF BLACK AND WHITE RHINOCEROUS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park has been among the wildlife sanctuaries that have a large number of rhinos because of high efforts done with the management in conserving them. Kruger national park has about rhinos. Black and white rhino can not be differentiated by their color, because they are all black in color. They can be differentiated by size (white rhino tends to be big), the shape of mouth whereby the black rhino is hooked, also the black rhino is grazers and white rhino are browsers.

 ▶ Lucky To Spot The Big 5:

LUCKY TO SPOT THE BIG 5 - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park is one of the wildlife conservations where there is a high success rate to spot the big 5, lions, rhino, leopards, buffalo and elephant. Spotting all big 5 has been the dream of many travellers, Kruger can make this possible through Leopards are not guaranteed because they are the most elusive animal of all. Kruger national park is one of the easiest parks that can make you spot all the big 5.

▶ Bushman and Wolhuter Trails:

6 - BUSHMAN AND WOLHUTER TRAILS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park also has the prehistoric trails that demonstrate the historic and cultural values of different societies like the Bushmen, Napi, Nyalaland, Mathikithi, Sweni, Olifants and Wolhuter. The trails can be hiked where you can see several cultural values of each region like rocky outcroppings and sweeping vistas. The trails also have more cultural and natural attraction including Bushmen paintings, good sunset view, unique plants, perfect birding, Dinosaur fossils, wildlife that you can spot on your way like the elephants. Wolhuter trail is one of the best places that have a high concentration of white rhino, zebra and buffalos.

▶ Different Activities: 

DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park offers several door activities that one can perform when visiting the park, the diversity of the activities makes it not seem for only bush and animal lovers. Activities like a game drive in the morning afternoon and evening, walking in bushes and wildlife trails like Olifant trail where you can spot several animals, mountain biking, golfing, and historic tours can be offered like visiting the archaeological sites like Skukuza museum, Albasin ruins and prehistoric rock paintings.

▶ Mac Mac Falls:

MAC MAC FALLS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

The waterfalls with a magnificent view that is found within the National Park, there is a deep mac pool that people can swim relax and have a picnic. The area has been surrounded by wire mash for people’s safety when viewing and enjoying the stunning waterfalls. There is a beautiful trail as you approach the pool, the trail offers the perfect birding to visitors. Waling and viewing the stunning waterfalls make your trip memorable.

▶ Self Drive:

SELF DRIVE - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

One of the most incredible activities that one can do in this park is Self-drive. Self-drive gives one freedom on taking the routes that they will be comfortable rather than being guided. No one will be there to guide you on what to do and what to watch, this remarks a real adventure to a tourist. A tourist will need to hire a good car so as to avoid misfortunes in the mid of the tour and make your trip a memorable one.

▶ Camping Safari:

CAMPING SAFARI - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park offers Camping safari for the tourist interested. Kruger has 12 main rest camps like Skukuza which is the biggest camp in Kruger, Punda Maria, Satara, Orpen, Olifant and other small camps. The camping service needs prior booking before arrival.

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