How Many Days Does it Takes to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?

How Many Days does it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro?

Mountain Kilimanjaro, This is among of the natural attractions in Kilimanjaro national Park found in Tanzania, the Park is responsible for the Protection and conservation of biodiversity. Tourism activity is another major activity that is conducted within the Park. Mountain Kilimanjaro which is the largest and longest Mountain in Africa it is 5895m.It is also the first standing mountain in the world. The mountain has three peaks which are; Kibo which is the highest peak with 5895m, it is covered by snow throughout the year. The other peak is Mawenzi with 5149m which is rugged, the top of its Western face is fairly steep with many crags, pinnacles, and dyke swarms. Only technical climbers are allowed in Mawenzi peak The third peak is Shira peak with 3,872, it collapsed about 1 million years ago, it was the highest mountain than the two peaks. After the eruption, it formed a plateau of outstanding scenic beauty on the mountain.

MT KILIMANJARO - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

There are three main seasons in a year in Kilimanjaro which are; Wet season from March to May it rains around the mountain base and snow accumulates on its peak. The Dry season which is from late June to September during which the nights are cool and the days are completely clear. during the short rainy period of October to December it rains during the day where the nights and morning remains clear with excellent visibility, January and February are usually dry, warm and clear with brief rain showers that provide the good climbing condition.

There are about five routes (gates) that are being used to climb the mountain, and all take different days to summit the Mountain peaks. The following are the gates/routes that are used to climb mountain Kilimanjaro, with the number of days it takes to climb Kilimanjaro.


MARANGU ROUTE - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

This route is usually done in 5 or 6 days to reach the Mount Kilimanjaro summit. Despite its popularity but it’s the easiest route to hike. Most experienced outfitters try to
discourage people from this route. It’s commonly known as Coca-Cola Route because each night is spent in a camp of permanent huts where snacks are available for purchase, the climb itself is not too difficult on this route and thus most experienced mount climbers and most prepared climbers reaches the summit in one day.


MACHAME ROUTE - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

This route can be climbed in 6, 7 or 8 days. On this route, climbers sleep in tents instead of huts. This is the furthermost popular route recommended for experienced outfitters and those wanting to increase their chances of reaching the summit. Attitude is gained earlier on the climb, which gives climbers more chance to acclimate before the grueling summit day.


LEMOSHO ROUTE - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

This is also another route used to climb the Mountain Kilimanjaro, it’s less popular compared to the two routes above. It is done in 7 or 8 days starting from a trailhead well west of the mountain. In this route, on the first day of the climb groups of people must be accompanied by an armed ranger due to the abundant wildlife through that first area. Starting on the fourth day Lemosho merges with Machame for the rest of the climb. Particularly the 8th-day version of Lemosho gives climbers the best chance of summiting due to the longer acclimation time.


RONGAI ROUTE - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

This route is normally done in 6 days starting from heavily wooded areas. The Rongai Route is the least used of the main gates due to its remote starting location, where it is found in northern Kilimanjaro. On this route, the final two days visitors merges with climbers of the Marangu route.


UMBWE ROUTE - Safarihub - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

This route takes 6 to 7 days to reach Uhuru Peak. The Umbwe route provides the shortest and the toughest, to the Southern Glaciers of Kilimanjaro and Western Breach Kibo. An ascent of Kibo by the Umbwe route is one of the finest non-technical mountaineering expeditions. It is a challenging route, unsuitable for the solitary or the inexperienced climbers, and it is the route of the beaten track.


ACCOMMODATION AND CAMPING SERVICES - Days it Takes to Climb Kilimanjaro

The park provides accommodation huts for mountain climbers through the Marangu route at Mandarah, Horombo, and Kibo. On other routes, there are designed areas for camping. Camping sites are also available at Horombo for climbers using the Rongai Route.

Also, several Hotels at Marangu, Kibosho, Moshi and Machame area can accommodate visitors before and after climbing the mountain. The big aim of having few huts and more camping sites is to ensure environmentally friendly by maintaining the nature of the environment through designing more campsite and not many buildings which can destroy the park.

Now you know, the exact number of days it takes to climb Kilimanjaro.

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