Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

Namib desert covers an area of 1900 kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean. Namib desert is a natural attraction found in Namibia. Namib desert is scenic and very special, some part of the desert is among of the world heritages registered by UNESCO, and that is Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei has dunes, ancient Acacia trees, Fish River Canyon, Deadvlei where you can manage to see the Namibian Coastal towns like Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Namib desert has been among the leading destinations that offer the adventurous to the tourists.

Fish river Canyon - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

The national park offers numerous attractions and a lot of activities to the visitors and this has been a good competitive advantage to the Namib desert over other tourist destinations in Namibia. There are amazing facts that are hidden about the Namib desert, these include

▶Stunning scenery: 

Stunning scenery - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

Namib desert has a great view that is being excreted from different attraction sources like the dunes with their colorful character in different parts like Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Hiddenvlei. Great landscape view, highlights, scenic beauty, birds and animals and some of the plants available. The Namib desert offers a great scenic view to the tourists thus makes it greater.

▶Sand dunes:

Sand dunes - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

The Namib dunes are the result of the sand carried by the wind from the Namibian coast 5 million years ago. The dunes are red in color because they contain iron oxide. Namib desert has many dunes and they are easy to climb. The dunes attract the tourist despite their beautiful colors also they do enjoy climbing them. There are so many dunes in the Namib desert but there are some that are more famous like Sand dunes, Big Daddy 45 dune, it is located 45 km from the gate, its shape and accessibility makes the favorable to many people. morning is the best time to climb the dune so as to watch the sunrise from vlei, its peak. The dunes are also known as star dunes because when the wind blows the sand forms a star shape.

▶Activities to be done:


In the Namib desert there are plenty of activities that can be done like Bird watching in the banks of Kavango and Kunene rivers, Climbing the Dunes and they are all climbable, experiencing thrilling Quad biking along the dunes (you can choose between Fully Automatic quad bike, Semi-automatic and Manual quad bike) kids can also enjoy using the small quads, Camel riding.

▶ Flora and fauna: 

Flora and fauna - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

The Namib desert climate makes it difficult for animals and plants to survive though some of them are hardly surviving in it. In the Namib desert, you can spot different Birds that hardly live nomadic life like the seed eaters like Finches and Pigeons that have to move a distance to search for food and water. Animals like Springbok, Jackals, Plenty of Oryx, Flamingos, Mourning doves and Wild horse and different plant species that are harshly live during long dry periods like Acacia trees, Ball Cactus.

▶ Desert Air Safaris:

Desert Air Safaris - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

One can choose to do an air safari, the package is expensive but much worth doing it. The flights show the scenery clear and an ideal watching some parts of the desert from the sky. The flights start from the Local airport, Windhoek. It is funny and enjoyable watching the Namib desert highlights, landscape and dunes from above.

▶ Best time to visit the Namib Desert

Best time to visit Namib Desert - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

Namib desert is open for tourism activities throughout the year, though there are best times that are suitable and favorable to visit the desert because of different factors. May to September is the best time to visit because of the weather condition that is less hot. July to November is high season, this time the desert gets busier because it becomes more congested and the season rates are applicable, visiting during this time is more expensive. December to June, it’s low season and, the area is not congested with a lot of people. May to October, these are the month with the best weather, the desert becomes very cool during day time and it is the best time to hike the Naukluft mountains. And November to April it’s the best time for birding and at this time the desert has beautiful scenery. You can choose the best month and season for you.

▶ Namib Climate

Namib Climate - Amazing Facts About Namib Desert

Namib desert is among the driest deserts in the world, Namib has an extremely hot and dry climate because of little rainfall that it has in a year. The temperature can be above 38˚C/100˚F in summer from November to April. The Namib desert climate varies widely in altitude of different parts of the Park. The lower the altitude the higher the temperature it becomes(it gets very hot)like Sossusvlei, and the Higher the altitude the cooler it tends to be like Naukluft The desert has little rainfall around November to April and it becomes drier during winter which is around May to October the desert becomes hot in the middle of the day and cold in mornings and area becomes dry and the sky becomes very hazy.

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