3 Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Here are the 3 best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages:

▶ Danakil Depression Tour:

Danakil Depression Tour - Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Danakil depression is found in the Northern Part of Ethiopia near Eritrea. The depression is the result of the divergence of three tectonic plates that caused rifting and volcanic activity. Danakil Depression is one of the hottest and active places on the earth with an average temperature of 40-50 degrees. The package involves several attractions that can be visited by the tourist like visiting The national museum in Addis Ababa (Red Terror Museum), the shores of lake Afrera. This package also has so many mesmerizing adventurer destinations that will be great to step into, these includes visiting the mountains of Tigray, hiking on the top of Erta Ale mountain, this is an active volcano. This tour package has several activities to experience including cultural tour, hiking the Erta Ale volcanic hills and visiting salt lakes.

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▶ Northern and South historic adventure:

Northern and South historic adventure - Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Another best tour package in Ethiopia, the package is basically visiting the historic places found in the Northern and Southern part of the country. The trip will take you to different places including Addis Ababa, Simen, Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gondar. This package will give you a long breathtaking vacation within 14 days in different ancient castles, churches with super ancient skills like Beta Medahine Alem, ruins and other ancient architecture that are in the mixture if the Ethiopian, Indian and Europeans. visiting several historical sites like The royal and ancient city of Ethiopia. The package also includes a wildlife adventure safari at Simiens Mountains National Park, Boat ride in lake Chamo and cultural tour where you will be interacting with the people of different society including the Dassanach tribe, Konso tribe.

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▶ Ethiopia Culture Tour:

Ethiopia Culture Tour - Best Ethiopia Safari Tour Packages

Ethiopia like other African countries with multicultural and multi-ethnic, Ethiopia has almost 80

Different ethnic groups. In this package, tourists will be lucky to visit several tribes in Ethiopia and have some time to interact with the Ethiopians while learning the culture, customs and traditions. The tour will take 8 days where you will have plenty of time to visit different tribes including Konso, Karo, Mursi, Hamer-benna, Dorze and others. Watching the traditional skills in accomplishing several tasks like bamboo carpentry, cotton weaving is one of the great experience in this tour and a boat ride in Lake Chamo.

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