Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari

Here are the 8 main reasons to go for Malawi safari:
Despite Malawi is a small country when evaluated in relation to African standards, it has continued to offer considerable appeal to those who go visiting for holidays. It is one of the countries considered to be an unspoiled part of the world. Some of the features making Malawi well known include the extraordinary fresh Lake Malawi and its clear waters, the tranquil islands providing breathtaking laid-back beach holidays, and its friendly people. These are just but few reasons why you should visit Malawi.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

Within the southern hemisphere, this remains to be one of the most beautiful and impressive lakes. It is much interesting if you understand that it is actually the third largest lake in entire Africa. If you experience the sandy beaches around this lake, together with its abundant palm trees, you may mistakenly think you are on a sub-tropical island. While here, you will have an opportunity to see local fishermen using the traditional fishing methods to catch fish that is readily available in the lake.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

If you are a diving and snorkeling enthusiast, then Malawi is the best freshwater destinations to visit in Africa. You should note that even when you are a first-timer in both diving and snorkeling, Lake Malawi remains one of the spots from where you can easily do your learning. The water visibility is often excellent while the temperatures remain warm most times of the year. Even more advantageous, you don’t always have to go out on a boat to reach the nearest coral reefs.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

It is true that Malawi may not be one of the top game-viewing destinations in Africa. Nonetheless, it has a few outstanding game reserves such as Majete and Liwondo. Such reserves offer the best sightings of water-adapted antelopes, crocodiles, hippo, and elephants. It is often very easy to access these reserves because they are efficiently connected to good roads.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

If you are looking for a country where you can easily connect the beaches and the bushes, then Malawi is your perfect destination. For instance, you will realize that Liwondo National Park is located about a 3 hours’ drive away from the southern lodges along Lake Malawi. Better still there are daily flights departing from South Luangwa and landing into Lilongwe, before being connected to Lake Malawi. This implies that you can be on a South Luangwa safari in the morning and shift to the beach at Lake Malawi in the afternoon. That is an excellent combination.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

The Nyika plateau stands as the largest National Park in Malawi. It offers the most stunning plains games to view. When in this plateau, you will experience bush pigs, eland, roan antelopes, and zebras. Additionally, you may see several bird species out of the 400 available, and over 200 species of orchids. Mountain biking in the bush is surely one of the most fulfilling experiences.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

It is true that many African countries serve as bird-watching paradises. However, Malawi might be the leading country, with its wide range of habitats from the Afro-montane highlands, forests, lakes, to wetlands that support a considerable variety of birds. Malawi has about 650 astonishing species of birds that are difficult to see from anywhere in the world. Such species include Rufous-bellied Heron, Osprey, African Barred Owlets, and White-backed Night Heron.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

The people of Malawi are highly friendly, making you feel absolutely welcome during your safari. It is for this kindness that Malawi has continuously been referred to as the “warm heart of Africa.” You will therefore feel completely at ease while in Malawi.


Top 8 reasons to go for Malawi safari - Safarihub

For hiking lovers, Malawi provides you with several hiking opportunities. For instance, within the Zomba Plateau rising to a height of about 1800m, you may enjoy relaxed hikes across the lush forested areas. Meanwhile, you will be enjoying the great view of birds. Additionally, you may visit Mount Mulanje from where you will enjoy hiking and explore different peaks and streams.

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