10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

Here are the 10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages:

There are several reasons why every tourist should consider Kenya as their favorite country to visit. For anyone who loves fun and adventure, Kenya will undoubtedly provide activities promising all tourists with pure fun and adventure. Be it nature enthusiasts, wildlife fanatics, geographical or historical site explorers, the country offers everyone a package that suits his/ her needs and taste.

If you are a wildlife lover, then safaris in Kenya will offer you opportunities for viewing animals and having a close encounter with the big five. Additionally, you will have an experience of one of the world’s natural wonders offered by wildebeests migration in Mara. For nature devotees, the spectacular coastline around Mombasa will not only allow you to enjoy the excellent tropical climate, but it will also provide you to enjoy the natural beauty of the sandy beaches with warm turquoise waters and access the fantastic coral reefs. The country also offers breathtakingly natural beauty through the snow-capped mountains and an experience of earth-splitting forces through the Great Rift Valley, which is full of hot springs and lakes, among other geographical features. Kenyan’s diverse culture and lifestyle are renowned can be experienced through the 68 different languages spoken in the country.

Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages - 10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

Here are the ten best Kenya Safari tour packages that will allow you to acknowledge why Kenya is one of the world’s leading safari destinations.


10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

Best for luxurious private tours, the package offers tourists an opportunity to experience fun and adventure for a period spanning 12 days. Through the six different sites offered under the package, visitors are presented with the opportunity to visit Kenyan best tourist destination sites, including Maasai Mara, Diani, Msambweni Beach, Nairobi, and Samburu.

From Samburu, where the safari begins, visitors have the opportunity to meet Samburu people and experience the Samburu lifestyle and culture. In Samburu National Reserve, you will have the opportunity to interact and view the “Samburu Special Five” that include animals such as Gerenuk, who can stand erect on its posterior legs, the rare reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, the elusive Somali ostrich, and Beisa Oryx. If the Samburu special five are not enough, then the Mara will offer you an opportunity to see the “big five.” The package also offers visitors the opportunity to visit Nairobi, the economic hub for East Africa, and a fun tour of the Kenyan coastline beaches.

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Great Rift Valley - 10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

This short four-day package allows visitors to experience the thrill in the Great Rift Valley and the preserved savannah wilderness in Maasai Mara National Reserve.  Travel towards Rift Valley from Nairobi allows visitors to experience the country’s distinctively spectacular natural beauty, as the visitors will pass through the rift escarpment, Narok and Longonot. A visit to Lake Nakuru allows visitors to take a boat ride in the lake and view the lake’s flamingos.

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Mount Kenya & Masai Mara Adventure - Ten Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

Traveling from Nairobi to Mount Kenya, the 5-day package allows visitors to experience the country’s natural beauty through agricultural plantations and beautiful landscape in Thika and Nyeri. Around Mt Kenya, bird watching is the best fun activity. Still, visitors can also participate in adventurous activities around the spectacular Lake Nakuru, in treetop lodges in Aberdare, and further in Maasi Mara Game Reserve.

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10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

With the five sites included in the package, the Horizons of Kenya is most suitable for visitors who want to explore the fantastic Kenyan terrain and discover the country’s natural beauty through its flora and fauna.  Full of extraordinary scenery, stylish lodges, and knowledgeable guides, the package offers an exciting safari through the journeys to Aberdares, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Nairobi, and Samburu Game Reserve. The package offers tourists an opportunity to view endangered animal species such as the Rothschild giraffe.

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Sky Safari Kenya Connoisseur - 10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

With at least six different sites to visit through the package, the eight-day Sky safari Kenya connoisseur involves flying safaris and is primarily designed to offer personalized services. The package offers luxurious accommodations, a visit to Meru national park, a view of stunning Loisaba Plains, an experience of Samburu culture, and finally to Maasai Mara before flying back to Nairobi.

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Amboseli National Park - 10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

The ten-day Kenya safari in style Begins at Amboseli National Park, where tourists can view animals such as elephants, buffalo, hippos, among others. With four other sites under the package, tourists should expect adventurous activities such as camping beneath Mount Kilimanjaro, viewing black endangered rhinos at Lewa wildlife conservancy, and interacting with diverse African cultures, Nanyuki women, and a visit to Maasai Mara.

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10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

Kenya Born Free Safari includes a seven-day trip to four chosen sites in Kenya, with the Shaba National park as the first site. You will then travel to Meru national park, where you will have the opportunity to hear and learn the captivating story of Elsa, the lion. From Meru, you will head to Amboseli national park through Nairobi and have the opportunity to visit one of the Maasai Boma’s made of thorn bushes.

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10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

This safari is best for photo-enthusiast who want to capture the best moments and places in Kenya. The seven-days trip offered within the package allows tourists to enjoy the famous Shaba National Reserve’s breathtaking sceneries, Lake Nakuru, and Maasai Mara.

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10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

The eight-day package is also best in creating picturesque places in the country and offers more sites (seven), compared to the four offered in Images of Kenya. Additional sites in this package include Amboseli, Ol Pajeta conservancy, lake Elementaita, and Sweet waters.

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10 Best Kenya Safari Tour Packages

The main attraction point in this four-day package is exploring one of the largest game sanctuaries globally, the Tsavo National Park (both Tsavo West and Tsavo East). In these game parks, you will see various species of birds and animals such as the hippo and crocodiles of Mzima springs. The safari also offers you the opportunity to explore Mombasa’s coastal town with its beaches and historical sites.

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