6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

Here are the 6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages:

Whenever we think of Africa, we always think of the greenery, tall trees, cloudy skies, incredible safaris of East and southern regions, a combination of wildlife and culture, or perhaps the Sahara desert. Deep South between desert plains and the Atlantic Ocean lies Namibia, an arid country and one of the continent’s top tourist destinations. It provides most of these fascinations we think about.

With its semi-arid geography, Namibia is largely covered by a desert known as the Namib Desert which experiences a dry climate across the year. This climate makes the country an all-year-round destination implying you can visit it at any time of the year. Namibia’s fascinations are not limited to deserts but also allow people to enjoy wildlife-viewing, nature, dunes, and even incredible landscapes. The country is most fulfilling to people who want to participate in tourism activities such as wildlife safaris, hunting tours, cultural tours, adventure tours, and ecotourism.

6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

Here are the six best packages that will ensure every tourist in the country has the best experience while visiting Namibia.


6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

The biggest coastal town in Namibia, Swakopmund, is one of the top destinations in the country. The colonial town located just by the edge of the Namib Desert is home to interesting histories of German rule from 1884-1915. Very little has changed, as the town still bears German signs in its streets, has German architecture, serves traditional German dishes (pork schnitzel and bratwurst), and celebrates the annual German Oktoberfest festival.

With 12 other sites to visit in a tour that lasts for nine days, Namibia highlights fly-in safari with Swakopmund; the flying tour ensures that visitors enjoy Swakopmund beaches and offers you an opportunity to visit the amazing Namib Desert and view the dunes of Sossusvlei. In Damaraland, you will have the opportunity to interact with desert-adapted wildlife and view the incredible mountainous region or that of the rocky outcrops in Twyfelfontein. The trip ends with a visit to Etosha National Park, where you will experience a view of animals such as elephants, springboks, gemsboks before flying back to Windhoek.

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6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

For visitors who want to extend their chances of experiencing extreme terrains, exotic Namibian culture, or even harsh wilderness, a safari at Kaokoland in the nine-day package offers the best opportunity. In Kaokoland, the package provides you with an opportunity to interact with the semi-nomadic Himba Tribe. Other sites to visit under the package include Epupa Falls (where tourists can take part in bird-watching, river rafting, and canoeing or scenic hikes), Sossusvlei (for viewing the highest Dune in the world and other desert features), Damaraland (special for first-class wildlife viewing) and a visit Etosha National Park. Besides animal viewing in the park, the vast Etosha pan is a geographical feature that is likely to amaze any visitor to Namibia.

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6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

With sites such as Big Daddy, Damaraland, Dead Vlei, Dune 45, Elim Dune, Etosha National Park, Sesriem Canyon, Sossusvlei, Twyfelfontein, and Windhoek being must-visit sites under the package, Namibia Highlights fly-in safari offers tourists an opportunity to fly from place to place in Namibia in seven days. The carefully selected sites ensure that private visitors engage in all the tourism opportunities in the country and enjoy the beauty of natural desert scenery in Namibia.

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6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

Desert, Dune & wildlife fly-in safari is a seven-day luxurious fly-in tour designed for private tourists. With 13 different sites selected under the package, visitors are promised stunning highlights of different desert landscapes in their visit to the “sea of dunes.” After arrival, visitors head to Sossusvlei to experience dunes in Namib Naukluft Park and the intense midday heat. From Sossusvlei, tourists then fly to Skeleton Coast, where they visit Mowe Bay to view old diamond mines, shipwrecks, dunes, and the bay’s gemstone beaches. The package also offers a visit to Etosha National Park before you head back to Windhoek.

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The remaining Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages are as follow:


6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

Sossusvlei fly-in safari is a three-day safari package that includes a must-visit to eight sites, namely Big Daddy, Dead Vlei, Dune 45, Elim Dune, Namib Desert, Sesriem Canyon, Sossusvlei, and Windhoek. Ideal for visitors with limited time, the package offers you a superb way to experience the Namib Desert features such as the world’s largest dunes (almost 400 meters in height), deadpan, and Dune 45, among others.

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6 Best Namibia Safari Tour Packages

The Etosha Fly-in safari package involves a three-day safari from and back to Windhoek. It is ideal for visitors with limited time for touring Namibia. With the specific flight to Etosha National Park, visitors are assured of dramatic scenery and diverse wildlife in the parks. Regarding flexibility, this package is flexible and can be extended with one or more days if you still want to experience more untamed wilderness, limitless horizons, harsh environs, and the rare beauty of the Namib desert. The extension may can be made to include sites such as Walves bay or Swakopmund.

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