5 Things you need to know on great migration in Serengeti

You heard it from your friends who travel to Tanzania? Did you saw on the TV? Or you might have watched it in movies. Here are a few things you need to know on great migration in Serengeti.

What is Migration?

Every year and every season in Serengeti in Tanzania- East Africa, thousands upon thousands of wildebeest migrate from the Ngorongoro conservation area in Tanzania through Serengeti National Park crossing the Mara river towards the Maasai Mara Game reserve in Kenya. The Migration is made up of around 1.7 million wildebeest, hundreds of thousands other game – including around 470,000 gazelles and over 250,000 zebras.

Great Migration in Serengeti - Safarihub

Where Does It Occur

It is an all-year-rounded migration, but there is the time when the herds are on the move and others where they are staying put. The migration is based around the rainfall seasons – with short rain usually hitting around early November and the wildebeests arriving at Ngorongoro in November and December. They stay here for the months of the year, giving birth to around 500,000 babies in that time. In April they start to move north – on and off – hitting the Maasai Mara in around September before starting again.

Great Migration in Serengeti - Safarihub


They are seeking out fresh grazing and better-quality water. Also seeking a safe place for giving their birth and protection for their babies from enemies.

Great Migration in Serengeti - Safarihub


The experience of seeing millions of animals all flooding into one area, running through open plains, feasting and giving birth is something you will never experience anywhere else in the world. The most popular safari attractions include the crossing of the Grumeti and Mara river in July, where crocodiles are lying in waiting. It might seem harsh but this the natural circle of animal life in Serengeti. You will have a memorable experience once visiting Serengeti and following the Great Animals Migration.

Great Migration in Serengeti - Safarihub


When you are following the Serengeti Great Migration, you decide to stay in the luxury hotel/lodge or tented camps or mid-range accommodations or you can also select Camping to the campsite where you can pitch the canvas tents to the selective sites by TANAPA. Following the migration, you will get a memorable experience to see all animals’ movements.

Great Migration in Serengeti - Safarihub

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