5 Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves in Rwanda

Here is a list of 5 best safari parks and game reserves in Rwanda:
In the recent past, Rwanda has suffered harsh and turbulent history. However, it is currently gaining both environmental and economic resurgence, placing it as one of the top tourist destinations to visit in Africa. If only you didn’t know, Rwanda is a landlocked country located in the East Africa region. It is one of the countries that boasts majestic volcanoes, dense vegetation, lush and spectacular wildlife. You want to reach dizzying mountain peaks, monkey around with gorillas, and wade through plush vegetation, then the best you can do is to plan and visit Rwanda.


5 Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves in Rwanda - Blog by Safarihub

Any trip to Rwanda is highlighted by a visit to Park Nacional Volcans. If you are interested in tracking silverback gorillas, which are a rare species inspiring the Hollywood blockbuster Gorillas in the Mist, then this is the park you must visit. Out of all the attractions you could experience in Rwanda, gorilla tracking is ranked third.

Through tracking, you will be able to learn and know more about gorillas than before. Park Nacional Volcans is therefore considered as a home to the most endangered gorilla species. It is made up of five fascinating volcanoes steeping in bamboo and lush forest. Out of these volcanoes, Karisimbi is the tallest, rising to heights of over 4,500m. Since climbing mountains is one of the most fulfilling attractions in Africa, Rwanda charges fair prices to ensure that you enjoy yourself when you visit Park Nacional Volcans.


5 Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves in Rwanda - Blog by Safarihub

When you visit Rwanda, do not fail to travel to the Southwestern part. This is where you will find Nyungwe Forest National Park, which is considered the largest and most significant biodiversity destination. You will be surprised to know that this park has more than 1000 species of plants, hundreds of species of birds, and about 75 different types of mammals. Nonetheless, it also has about 13 primates’ varieties.

For natural wildlife lovers, this park offers you a paradise. Flora and fauna are found in abundance within this park. This park survived the Ice Age and currently, it serves as a home to the oldest rainforest in Africa. You can undertake activities such as tracking chimps and rare monkey species such as the Angolan Colobus that frequently swing enthusiastically on the trees of the forest. You can opt to trek along the Nile and the Congo rivers and experience more monkeys and gorillas, and also see the magical water springs leading to the headwaters of the Albertine Nile.


5 Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves in Rwanda - Blog by Safarihub

This park was constructed in 1934 basically to protect the regions surrounding the Kagera River. It was considered one of the best wildlife reserves in entire Africa. However, due to political violence observed in the 1990s, many emigrants occupied this park, reducing its area, and making it a region of concentrated charities. It took the efforts of different organizations such as the Akagera Management Company and the African Parks Network to transform the park into the natural paradise it once was.

Currently, the bird-watching experience offered by this park is unparalleled. It has several species of eagles, raptors among other birds that often soar through the skies. If you want to watch zebras roaming the wild while the area is brimmed with elephants and buffalos, then this remains to be one of the parks you can visit. Measures have been enacted to ensure there is no poaching here, an aspect that has ensured the re-introduction of both black rhinos and lions.


5 Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves in Rwanda - Blog by Safarihub

In entire Africa, there are only a few remaining montane forests, and Mukura is one of them. It rises to an altitude of about 2,600m and remains to be one of the most continuous and extensive regions of forest in Rwanda. Here, you will have an opportunity to see about 150 different animal species. It is estimated that there are about 1000 species of birds and over 293 reptiles and amphibians species in this park.


5 Best Safari Parks and Game Reserves in Rwanda - Blog by Safarihub

This reserve has been seen as vanishing over time. It has lost about 99% of its initial land coverage, courtesy of human intervention and natural disasters to some extent. However, several efforts have been made since 2001, ensuring reforestation of the area is done, which have increased the parking area by approximately 1000 acres.

Despite the challenges faced, the Gishwati reserve is still one of the leading attractions in Rwanda, and it clearly portrays why Rwanda has been referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” When you visit the reserve, you will witness many undulating and fascinating hills areas and will be able to experience some of the idyllic tea plantations surrounding the edges of the reserve. The destination is absolutely breathtaking.

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