5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages

Here are the 5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages:


5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages

One of the great adventures that one should try is visiting and climbing the Karisimbi volcano mountain, the mountain is the fifth tallest mountain in Africa at 4507 meters and it is located between the Rwanda and Congo borders. Karisimbi means snow, and snow can be found during the dry season which is June, July, and August. Climbing the Karimi mountain takes two days whereby on the first day you will have an overnight on the mountain camps and the second day is when you can summit whereby it can only take 4hours to the summit. The package also includes trekking in one of the Gorilla sanctuary which is Virunga Primates, This will mark the fine adventure in your trip.

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5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages

The Rwanda best safari also includes the border crossing, which means the package that includes touring in two different countries. The package includes different destinations from Rwanda and Uganda. The trip will commence in Uganda where you will have a great time in visiting different tour destinations including the Rhino sanctuary at Muhirson Falls National Park, you can also spot different animals like bush backs, elephants, crocodiles and you can have a boat cruise at the water banks of the falls, and also you can have some time at the home of the primates, Kibale forest and Bwindi Forest where you can trek and spot many Chimpanzee Gorillas and different monkeys. The game drive will also be there where it will take place at Queen Elizabeth National Park and more extra activities like boat cruise at Lake Edward, bird watching, and sunset. In Rwanda, the package includes gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park, and you can have your flight from Kigali, Rwanda.

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5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages

This has always been the best, this package gives you great things to experience both in forest, city and in the communities of the Rwandans where you can learn their history, experience their art and culture. The trip will take 9 days where you will visit several destinations including the intellectual city, Butare and you can visit the National Museum which is the finest ethnographic museum in East Africa, it is the archive of the history and culture information of Rwanda. The gorilla trekking adventure can be done in different destinations like Virunga volcanoes, Nyungwe Forest, and Volcanoes National Park. You will have a great time exploring several natural habitats of the primates of Africa and getting close to them. The package also includes taking a breathtaking at the lakeshore of one of the precious lakes in Rwanda and that is Lake Kivu.

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5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages

This is one of the shortest and a fine breathtaking adventure trips, it only takes 4 days. The package involves several leisure activities that will mesmerize your breathtaking vacation in a few days but very memorable. You will have Gorilla taking in one of the best gorilla sanctuaries in Rwanda and that is one of the Virunga part of the volcano and as time allows you will be having a great excursion to the best and beautiful lakes in Rwanda which are lake Bulera and Ruhondo. The package also includes paying a visit to the Dian Fossey memorial grave at Bisoke volcano, the site is one of the important wildlife sites because is counted as a great and International scientific Research site. Also visiting different curio shops where you can see and shop different art crafts from the local community.

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5 Best Rwanda Safari Tour Packages

The package takes 5 days of adventure and breathtaking on the same trip. The tourist will be having a great adventure to one of the slopes at Virunga volcano, where you can be able to sight many gorillas in the natural habitats. Also paying a visit to one of the primates’ sites full of Monkeys and chimpanzees, taking a short break to one of the near villages to see their art, and experiencing their culture will be included. A breathtaking tour will be done at the beaches of Lake Kivu where you can have a great view of the lake and participating in different leisure activities like a boat cruise, the excitement at beautiful placemarks a perfect trip.

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