5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps

Kenya offers you one of the best safari destinations in Africa. The diversity of safaris ranges from mountain highlands, forests, lakes, savannah, to the Great Rift Valley. When you visit Kenya, you are likely to experience animals such as rhinos, elephants, lions, giraffes, etc. You will also have an opportunity to see the great wildebeest migration. After you are done with your daily safaris, you may opt to have a rest at the ocean costs from where you can engage in activities like diving. Having noted the abundance of wildlife and different beautiful scenery that makes Kenya one of the best tourism destinations, it goes without saying that Kenya has a wealth of safari lodges and camps.

Here is a list of 5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps:


5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps - Safarihub

When you happen to visit Maasai Mara national park, you will experience a wide range of animals at any given time across the year. The most common animals you will see include buffalo, elephants, lions, and cheetahs. You are also likely to witness the great migration of zebra and wildebeests. Your visit will not be accompanied by several challenges associated with where to have accommodations.

There is the Angama Mara safari lodge with glass-fronted tents facing the Mara Triangle. It offers you an outstanding view that allows you to have a breathtaking view of tree-dotted landscapes and a romantic Out of Africa picnic on the hill from where different scenes of the movie were shot. While camping at the Angama Mara, you can engage in activities such as enjoying hot-air balloons over the Mara River at dawn, bushwalking, and self-driving. You can then have a massage on your deck and enjoy dinner under the stars.


5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps - Safarihub

This camp is located near Amboseli National Park. While in the camp, you will be able to enjoy a cool breeze within the tented, thatched-roofed suite. You will also experience the magnificent view of Ernest Hemingway’s green hills of Africa and Mount Kilimanjaro. Campi ya Kanzi offers you the most authentic safari experience while ensuring that there is utmost protection of wildlife and the local Maasai community receives maximal benefits.

Whenever you visit this camp, do not forget to enjoy several activities offered such as bushwalking and game driving. In addition to the beautiful landscapes that make you feel your visit is worth it, there are animals such as elephants from Amboseli. You will also see giraffes, zebra, hyena, buffalo, cheetah, and lions.


5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps - Safarihub

Have you ever heard of the Samburu National Game Reserve? It is in one of the environments considered dry. You can imagine palm groves and riverine located in such a dry place! Elephant Bedroom Camp is found at the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, shaded by trees all around. The combination of luxury and the rustic African touches will leave you breathless. As if that is not enough, your deck will be having a plunge pool.

Apart from tent enjoyment, you will be able to see elephants and impala visiting the unfenced camp. Additionally, you will enjoy a private dinner on your deck, while watching and admiring the stars at night. The most common animals you are likely to see include reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Beisa oryx, leopards, and lions.


5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps - Safarihub

This lodge is located on Mughwango hills found in Meru National Park. When you visit Elsa’s Kopje, you will have the best view of the volcanic plains. It is located above Adamson’s original camp from where orphaned lions were raised and released. Some of the best features that will make you enjoy your visit to Elsa’s Kopje include but are not limited to its luxurious and secluded views.

You will be welcomed by large herds of elephants whenever you visit. Additionally, you will see rhinos in the sanctuary, giraffes, lions, and buffalo. That will not be the only experience. You will be able to enjoy semi-desert plains with baobab trees, rivers with plenty of hippos, and cool forests. Under the guidance of qualified guides, you will enjoy nature walks and get closer to nature.


5 Best Kenya Safari Lodges & Camps - Safarihub

Your visit to the Great Rift Valley will never be boring. You are going to experience the romantic Lake Naivasha to the fullest whenever you visit. At the shores of the lake, you will find Kiboko Luxury Camp, with its intimate tents overlooking the waters. This tent is indeed one of the prettiest Kenya Safari camps destinations.

You are not confined to solely stay in the camp. On the contrary, you have the freedom to visit Hell’s Gate National Park from where you will experience flamingos and pelican from Lake Nakuru or the nearby Lake Elementaita. If you are a hiking fan, then you can go hiking on the unique Mount Longonot. Some of the animals you are likely to see include leopards, zebra, lions, and giraffes.

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