5 Best Group Safari Packages Under $1500

Group Safari packages are specific for people who would like to join a group tour with other fellow tourists. These could be solo travelers who would not like to be alone in their safari or budget travelers who would like to have a holiday tour but can not afford taking a private tour package. The group tours are mostly affordable packages because of cost-sharing in some of the services like tour vehicles.

Safarihub offers group tours as there is a demand from travelers that would like to. If one needs a group tour, it is very important for them to enquire 1 or 2 months before departure as this will allow us to look for availability on the group departing tours depending on the dates that you need.

Safarihub has the best group tour packages for different types of experience that you would love to take like hiking the mountain Kilimanjaro, Safari adventures in different wildlife destinations in Africa, Cultural tourism, Great Migration safaris, and beach vacations.

Here we have brought a collection of best group Safari Packages that cost only $1500 and less of that.

▶ Discover Zimbabwe-3Days (ZIMBABWE):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

The best short safari package in Zimbabwe in 3days gives an opportunity for guests to explore the major attractions in Zimbabwe in a short period of time and for a reasonable price. Tourists will be able to visit one of seven natural wonders in the world – Victoria Water Falls, have a great time viewing the waterfalls from different angles (Livingstone point view to Danger point). A boat cruise can also be done in the river Zambezi where you can see Hippos, Crocodiles, and Birds. There is an optional cruise to Chobe National Park, The park boasts the Big five and the river teems with Hippos and Crocodiles which can be viewed from boats and safari vehicles.

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▶ Magnificent Garden route-4days (SOUTH AFRICA):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

This is a 4-day tour package where guests will have a good time visiting different garden routes that have unique and authentic scenes. The package also includes visiting different historical towns like Matijies fonten, a national heritage site, where there was a hospital for British officers during Anglo-Boer War. Also visiting a Prince Albert village, the village is famous for its sun-ripened fresh and dried fruit, Olives, Vineyards and local cheese and paying a visit to George village that’s historic too. Several activities are also included like wine tasting, a tour to Cango caves, the great world`s natural wonders, Lagoon Cruise at Featherbed Nature Reserve, and visiting Ostrich farms.

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▶ Tanzania Camping Safari-4Days (TANZANIA):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

This package is intended to provide the authentic experience of camping safari adventure where you`ll get a lot of time to explore Lake Manyara National Park, the park that is famous for tree-climbing lions. At Tarangire National Park, you will be able to witness large herds of elephants and huge Baobab trees. Ngorongoro Crater, Collapsed Volcano filled with wildlife animals and forest. In this safari package, the accommodation services will be camping in all nights. The tour price includes camping equipment on all days that will be spent.

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▶ Kili Safari- 6 Days (KENYA):

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

Another wildlife-based package that is more interesting to wildlife lovers especially animals. You will be able to see Mount Kilimanjaro from one of the destinations that you will be visiting. The wildlife sites that you will be visiting are Amboseli National Park for two days having morning and afternoon game drives, Lake Naivasha, where you can see flocks of Flamingos, Maasai Mara National Reserve for two days game drives.

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▶ Mount Kenya and Maasai Mara Adventure:

Best Group Safari Package under $1500 - Safarihub

This is one of the adventurous trip that will take 5 days, You will enjoy game drives in different wildlife reserves that are splendid in nature teeming with various wildlife species like herds of Giraffe, Gazelle, lions, cheetahs, lions, elephants, etc. The destinations visited includes Lake Nakuru National Park and one of the best game reserve in Africa, Maasai Mara game reserve. You can have extra activities with some additional cost like a hot air balloon in the Maasai Mara reserve. The package have so many exciting leisure activities like boat cruising, bird watching, and game drives.

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