4 Best Zimbabwe Safari Tour Packages

Here are the 4 Best Zimbabwe Safari Tour Packages:

Due to Zimbabwe’s political instability in the past several years, its reputation as a travel and tourism destination has been tainted significantly. However, it is observed that the country has currently gained substantial political stability. Thus tourism is improving. The primary tourism attraction sites are located outside the cities, an aspect that makes them safer.

Visiting Zimbabwe is an incredible experience because the country has unique ancient cities, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking nature that provide a fascinating insight into its history. Importantly, it is worth noting that the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and world-class game reserves found in Zimbabwe are incredibly uncongested. This gives you the thrilling sense of stepping off the map. Without any doubt, it is evident that Zimbabwe offers some of the best safari tour packages in the African region and universally. Here are the 4 best safari tour packages in Zimbabwe that you can enjoy in your adventure.


4 Best Zimbabwe Safari Tour Packages - Hwange National Park Zimbabwe

This package offers you an opportunity to visit several tourist sites such as Hwange National Park, Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls, and Painted dogs Conservation Center. The adventure takes a total of 7 days. Hwange National Park is the largest and the oldest national game reserve in Zimbabwe. It is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Botswana, in the western hemisphere of Zimbabwe. It serves as one of Africa’s finest reserves for wildlife, holding the world’s title as the best place to see elephants. There are over 40,000 elephants in reserve. Better still; the wildlife range in the area is not restricted just to the high number of elephants.

On the contrary, Hwange National Park has large herds of zebras, buffalos, and giraffes. Additionally, it has powerful predators such as cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, and hyenas, alongside a wide range of bird species. Visiting both Hwange National park and Chobe National Park is convenient since they have private and public camping facilities, which enhance a 24 hours incredible wildlife encounter. Safaris to Victoria Falls provide you with an opportunity to view the big ancient baobab tree, the Devil’s Cataract, and the primary falls. Essentially, Zimbabwe’s best is a package that enables you to enjoy a view of wildlife, nature, and city tour.

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Majestic Victoria Falls - 4 Best Zimbabwe Safari Tour Packages

This package takes a total of 3 days and provides you with an opportunity to experience a view of a variety of birds and abundant wildlife. The environment around Majestic Victoria Falls is not just the home to the big five but also, through its largest island, home to impalas, crocodiles, hippos, and a diversified array of birdlife. As such, visiting Victoria Falls provides you with the most fulfilling satisfaction and experience of both unique nature and a wide range of wildlife.

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4 Best Zimbabwe Safari Tour Packages

The scheduled time for this package is 4 days. The package provides you with an opportunity to travel and experience game parks such as Mana Pools National Park, Chobe National Park, and Matobo National Park. These parks enable you to enjoy a close encounter with wildlife. Varieties of dominant wildlife include lions, elephants, zebras, cheetahs, and leopards. They often gather in the lower parts around the banks of river Zambezi to drink water. This creates an impressive and perfect opportunity for photography.

  Additionally, Mana Pools provide a home for aquatic wildlife such as hippos and crocodiles. Nonetheless, Mana Pools National Park stands out as unique because it provides you with an opportunity to undertake and experience a walking safari. Although it may appear as a risky undertaking to some people, it is worth noting that the adventure experienced is splendid and undeniable.

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4 Best Zimbabwe Safari Tour Packages

If you are looking for a place full of natural beauty spots from where you can spend a day, then Harare is the place to visit. The Great Zimbabwe package takes a total of 7 days. It provides you with an opportunity to travel through Harare, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Matobos Hills, Bulawayo and Hwange National Parks, and Victoria Falls. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, and it serves as the primary gateway to the country’s wildlife destinations. It is a city with several towering skyscrapers.

One of the city’s fascinating destinations is the Botanical Garden of Harare which has more than 900 admirable shrubbery and tree species. You can visit this garden around September to experience the beauty provided by the purple blossoms of jacaranda trees. Far from the natural beauty, Harare also serves as a custodian city to Zimbabwe’s craftworks and national pride. You can therefore enjoy nature and learn about Zimbabwe’s craftworks by visiting Harare. The safari to Masvingo enables you to explore Great Zimbabwe’s ruins, which were built in 1200AD.

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