10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu

Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu have some of the most interesting facts you should know especially when you are enthused in tracking primates. You are likely to witness the highest number of gorillas when you visit this game park. If that is not enough, then you should know that birders are not left behind since Lake Kivu provides perfect scenery to watch birds such as the fish eagles among other species. Planning a safari and visiting Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu is worth your time, and the experience you will receive is the utmost fulfillment.

Here is a list of 10 facts about Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu National Park:


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

Of all the facts about Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu National fact, serving as a home to gorilla species is the most significant. Often, people travel to this park and get a perfect opportunity of experiencing different species of gorillas, an activity that remains quite interesting. The mountain gorillas are considered a rare species in Congo. If you want to see such gorillas, then you have to grab your camera and organize a trip to Virunga Primates.

In addition to the mountain gorillas, you will also have a chance to see some of the eastern lowland gorillas. Perhaps you are wondering distinguishes these gorilla species? You should note that the difference is based primarily on their habitats, characteristics, and number of family teams.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

There are many endangered wildlife species found in Virunga and Lake Kivu National park. Supposing you are interested in seeing some of the rare species such as the okapi, mostly known as the forest giraffe, and the giraffe zebra which has significant similarities with both the giraffe and zebra, then this game park is a must-visit destination. The mountain gorillas are another group of endangered species that you are likely to experience. You will be moved by the beauty of some of these endangered species, and by far, you will always want to keep coming back to visit the park.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

This park is predominantly occupied with the three primate species or apes, which include the chimpanzees, the mountain gorillas and, the lowland gorillas. Particularly, you will have to visit the Sekwenkwe gorilla orphanage from where you will see orphaned gorillas that are victims of poaching. All the history related to the orphanage will be unveiled to you once you visit the Virunga National Park.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

In terms of natural resources and biodiversity, Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu National Park are considered one of the richest not only in Congo but in entire Africa. Virunga boasts of hosting more than 2000 species of plants. Once you arrive in the park, you will notice that there are several swamps that serve as a home to several species of birds and other grassland species including the sacaton grass, papyrus sedge among others. There are also minerals such as gold uranium and oil in this park.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

If you want to see and enjoy the tallest mountain of the Virunga known as Mount Karisimbi, then you must visit Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu. Mount Kirisimbi stretches far, reaching Rwanda. All across the Virunga Mountains which extend in three countries including Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda, you will experience incredibly rich biodiversity that will definitely shape your urge of wanting to come back for more. Apart from seeing gorilla families, you can engage in activities such as birding, canoeing in Lake Kivu, hiking on the Virunga Mountains, and anti-poaching patrols.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

When you visit Virunga, you are likely to see Nyamuragira Mountain, which erupts after every two years and is considered the most active volcano in Africa. The massive eruptions from these mountains are a threat to both flora and fauna found in the park. Nonetheless, such eruptions are a great tourism attraction to scientists who would like to understand the earth’s crust. You will also hike Mount Nyiragongo, another active volcano that is said to have erupted more than 32 times since 2002. The experience is absolutely fascinating.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

With more than 125 years in existence, Virunga Primates and Lake Kivu are considered the oldest par in Africa. It was established by the King of Belgium with an intention of preserving wildlife and particularly the Mountain gorillas. When you visit this park you are going to have an opportunity of experiencing the golden old days. Through the help of a tour guide, you will be able to establish some of the earliest habitats originally occupied by hunters and gatherers who depended on some of the forest products such as natural herbs, fruits, and living creatures.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

The total area covered by this park is about 3000 square miles. The four sectors include the Lake Kivu, the southern, central, and Northern sectors. You will be moved by the unique biodiversity and landscapes found in each of these sectors. Some of the common features you must experience include the montane tropical forests, active volcanos, and mountain gorillas found in the southern sector; the Rwindi plains, Ishasha river valley, and Lake Edward located in the central sector, among other features. Your safari shall definitely be full of experience and fun.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

Due to the exceptional wildlife found at Virunga Pirates and Lake Kivu National Park, it has been identified and made a UNESCO internationally recognized site. It is therefore termed as one of the most biodiverse protected areas in the world. The park participates actively in supporting local communities and has a vision of harnessing natural resources to establish more opportunities for the natives.


10 Facts About Virunga Primates & Lake Kivu - Safarihub

As noted earlier, the entire population of highly endangered mountain gorillas is found particularly within Bwindi National Park and Virunga Massif. These parks span regions of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. You should however note that about 40% of the total gorilla population is found within Virunga National park and the Lake Kivu region. Often, they live in the lush and dense forests of the Virunga volcanoes.

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