10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Here are the 10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages:

Zanzibar island has the best beaches and best oceanic views in all East Africa countries. There are several fine and good beaches in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is among the best island with beautiful beaches in Africa and in the world.   Tourism activities are well conducted, and Zanzibar receives a lot of guests who has different interest like Historic, Marine but most important is to enjoy the beautiful islands and beaches in Zanzibar. There are also different attractions like the Jozan forest, Stone town, Caves and Forts. Safari Hub offers different packages in Zanzibar and each has the spending days, whereby the visitor will have a good time visiting and enjoying the different destination and perform different activities Zanzibar, Here are the best Zanzibar safari packages offered by Safari Hub


10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Zanzibar is one of the best destinations for barefoot and beach travels, The white sand beaches lapped by the clear blue Indian Ocean always give the warm welcome to the guest. Dream of Zanzibar package takes 7 days. On all days the guest will be visiting different tour destinations in Zanzibar like the Historical sites, towns and cities, and other attractions in Zanzibar. During your leisure trip in Zanzibar, you will be staying in a beautiful resort near the beaches, the accommodation services include different exclusive leisure activities like monkey spotting, Dolphin watching, scuba diving, and other great functions.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Sultan Island Resort is a unique and special resort that has been constructed regarding many visitors criteria, The resort is capable of managing tourists from all over the world in different aspects of lifestyle tastes of each visitor. The resort is located on the beaches of Kiwengwa on the Eastern side of the coast of Zanzibar.  The resort is in a good place for divers who likes watching the Coral reefs and other oceanic views. The resort also has more and interesting activities like Thaw’s cruise, East African Food cuisine, visiting cultural and historical sites. Swahili spices tour, excursion to Jozan forest, Dolphin watching, and others. Different drinks, cocktails, and wine are available at the resort.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

The residence tour package is good and special for nature lovers and who likes to stay away from the noise and stay in cool and forestry area. The resort has beautiful architectural features that will make your holiday more enjoyable. The resort has more exclusive activities that one can perform in their stay like Kayaking, tennis, snorkeling, exploring the gardens and beaches by walking or with bicycles. The package is more beautiful because the resort is blended with Germany, Indians, Swahili, and Oman’s influence.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Diamond East Resort is one of the best and stunning barefoot and beach sanctuaries, whereby all the special oceanic views, features, and activities can all be acquired at once. The package in this resort takes 7 days or you can extend at an extra cost, it is located in the western part of Zanzibar. The resort also offers several water sports like swimming, skiing, diving, swimming, fishing, thaws cruising and so many others. The accommodation rooms are filled with a warm pleasure that will make your stay in Zanzibar filled with more relaxation, every room has a private pool, staying at the Diamond Stars of the East will make you enjoy the sun sand and sea at once.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

The package takes 5 days of adventure and breathtaking on the same trip. The tourist will be having a great adventure to one of the slopes at Virunga volcano, where you can be able to sight many gorillas in the natural habitats. Also paying a visit to one of the primates’ sites full of Monkeys and chimpanzees, taking a short break to one of the near villages to see their art, and experiencing their culture will be included. A breathtaking tour will be done at the beaches of Lake Kivu where you can have a great view of the lake and participating in different leisure activities like a boat cruise, the excitement at beautiful placemarks a perfect trip.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Baraza resort is one of the top 30 resorts on the island and beaches in the world. The resort is rich in different architectural touches like the Arabic, Indians, Swahili in different aspects like the design decorations and the furniture. The Baraza has so many leisure facilities that can keep everyone active during their holiday and their stay in Zanzibar, these facilities include the tennis court, fitness center, swimming pools, children’s club, spa services, and a library. The resort has well-designed villas that will make your stay more enjoyable.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

The trip to Zanzibar will take 7 days and the accommodation services will be offered at Palms Zanzibar Hotel. The hotel is locating on the southern East of the Island. The palms are the ultimate gateway retreat providing a stunning recluse for the discerning traveler. The Palmer has six private villas, and it offers five-star services which are luxurious and mostly comfy. The spa therapy at the palm offers a “The Kili Foot Treatment” which is mostly designed for people who have done the adventure safari in wildlife sanctuaries days before going to Zanzibar. The Palm also has a special cuisine that is blended with Swahili spices and island flavors.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Breezes beach lies along a pristine and untouched beach on the South East coast of Zanzibar. The beach is one of the quiet and untouched islands in Zanzibar. The beach has always a special gateway for romantic travelers who wish to have a beach vacation in Zanzibar. The intimate touch that has been filled with the resort, has made it special for lovers and family. The package is among the best because of the accommodation offered, beautiful beach view and the fantastic setting. The beach also has different facilities that will amuse you during your stays like the gift shop that is special with Swahili handmade products, a tennis court, and beautiful lounges that you can relax.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

This is among the best and attractive because of the accommodation spot that is covering this package, the tourist will be accommodated in Nungwi Resort and spa. The resort has a very classy touch and a warm relaxation. The resort is near the Nungwi beaches, the visitors will enjoy staying and enjoying the Indian Ocean. There a lot to enjoy at Nungwi like the activities that can be performed and excursion trips that one can plan.

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10 Best Zanzibar Safari Tour Packages

Having a beach breathtaking holiday is something very special for your own mindset, The package is provided at the Diamond La Gemma Resort, The resort is near, The resort is located on the North-western tip of Islands of   Zanzibar, near the best beaches of Zanzibar. All rooms have a beautiful sea view, pavilion restaurant, and more exciting activities that one can perform like cooking class, sundowners by the pool, swimming, diving, and also experience different food cuisine.

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