Great Migration Safari is among of the best tour packages in East Africa for holiday safari because of the excitement that is filled with. The main category of the animals that involve in the migration is the wildebeest, Zebras, Grant Gazelles and Thomson Gazelles The mass migration of wildebeest are mainly for searching for adequate food and water. Following the migration routes of the wildebeests has been a dream holiday package for most tourists. As the wildebeest move from one point to another in the Serengeti plain and mainly migrating from Serengeti national Perk to Maasai Mara National Reserve.



Before you hold a safari trip to Great migration Book with a trustable and experienced tour operator that can be reliable and honest regarding the safari and all the services and offers that you can be accommodated during your safari, and that is based in either of the countries that the great migration is taking place. The tour Operator can help in planning your safari and preparing all the services that you need during your trip like transport, accommodation and other amenities and more especially at the best price The operators you book with can be accountable in every service that you need in regard of your schedule.


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Arriving at Great wildebeest migration destination for safari, There are luxurious lodges, hotels and mobile tents that serve visitors during their holiday trips for migration and other safaris. you will be welcomed by staffs of either of the lodges and tented campsites that your tour consultant have booked for your accommodation, the hotels in the wilderness are calm with a great sighting of wild view both flora and fauna.


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Once you arrive in either of the country Tanzania/ Kenya, the Great Migration can be accessed in various means like the use of Road by jeep or by airway. And cars are the one used For game drives. Extended jeeps and open cars are the best for this package, for the great view, photography and enjoyment during the migration.


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One of the major issues considered by the tourism destinations is ensuring safeties of the tourists and their belongings during their holiday in any of the destinations. East African tourism destinations including the destinations with Great migration of animals in Tanzania and Kenya have a great sense of safety to the tourists by ensuring there is 24-hour security guards around the places that provide tour services to the tourists like in the accommodation areas and wilderness areas. Once you visit this destination your safety is assured.


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Travel insurance is very important to the tourist through it’s optional, A tourist can have insurance in either of the countries that they are coming from or in the destination`s country. The insurance helps in providing you with the protection from medical expenses, it can cover disruptions to your trip, emergency evacuation and any problem that may occur during your trip.


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In your holiday safari for the great migration, it is important to take some essentials that can be important in your holiday trip, like the camera, as per the safari a tourist is not allowed to take anything but pictures and leave nothing but the Footprints, for your memorable Safari, it is important to come along with a good camera, a good pair of binoculars and sunglasses. This will help you to have great memories to keep for your trip.

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The great African migration safari involves the movement of around 1.5 million wildebeest, thousands of Zebras, Thomson gazelle and Grant`s gazelle that move between two essential grazing areas which are Southern part of Serengeti plains and the Northern part of Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. They migrate over a distance of about 800 Kilometre. The great migration of wildebeest is the result of the current weather whereby they move to search for pastures and sufficient water. It is one of the tricky Safari to hold.

It’s Triangular in shape And occurs seasonally:

Triangular in shape - Migration Safari - Safarihub

The great migration of wildebeest is triangular in shape, whereby from November to May the herds stay in the Open plains of Serengeti National Park. From June to July the herds are in Western Serengeti and migrates to Maasai Mara National Reserve for three months, August to October.

Best time for the great African migration safari:

Best time for migration safari - Safarihub

The best time for wildebeest migration varies in these two destinations whereby in Serengeti the best time is from November to May, whereby he wildebeest move from one point to another within the Serengeti plains and in Maasai Mara is From August to October and the beat time to view the wildebeest traversing the Mara river to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in July.

Crossing the Mara River:

Crossing the Mara River - Safarihub

The wildebeest, Zebras, Grant`s gazelle and Thomson Gazelle migrate throughout the year from one point to another within the Serengeti National Park and once per every year they cross from the Northern Serengeti to The Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya through The Mara River. July is the special wilderness month for Tanzania and Kenya, people visit mostly to see how the wildebeest cross the Mara River from Serengeti to Maasai Mara.

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It is a favourite and popular holiday Package?

Popular holiday Package - Safarihub

A safari intended for the great wildebeest migration viewing is the piece of a fine package for your holiday because is filled with a lot of excitement, adventure and more especially you will have a good chance to witness the most popular East African culture, the Maasai, that lives along with all these conservation areas, both Serengeti and Maasai Mara.

Accommodation services:

Tented campsite - Safarihub

For migration safari, the luxury lodges and tented campsite at the wilderness are the best accommodation facilities that can help you get close to follow the wildebeest migration and for great sighting in the wilderness.

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