If you have got never been to Africa, you’ll have heard shocking stories of African family safaris gone wrong. These stories could cause you to hesitant to plan a family safari in Kenya, but in Kenya, you ought to know maybe a prime and safe safari destination.

It was voted Africa’s leading Safari Destination of 2017 for the second year in an exceeding row, and it houses a number of the world’s most well-liked safari destinations. as an example, Masai Mara National Reserve has been voted Africa’s leading parkland for 3 years consecutively.

Diani Beach has been crowned Africa’s leading beach destination 4 times in an exceeding row since 2014, and also the Leopard Beach Resort & Spa in Mombasa was voted Africa’s leading family resort of 2017. With the solid facts provided, Talk to us about your Holidays in Kenya year-round.

You may be positively surprised by the results you may get.

1. Starting planning early:

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Most geographic region safari lodges and camps are relatively small, with just a couple of villas or luxury tents that make their exclusive atmosphere. Kenya Accommodations that cater to families will typically only have one or (at most) two-family dwellings that provide two or three bedrooms where adults and youngsters can rest.

So if you’re assail staying at a specific property, you’ll have to plan your private Safari in Kenya well prior to time and book early to make sure you’ll be able to secure the one you wish. Alternatively, you may need to book two separate rooms or suites which will or might not be located next to another.

2. Look for child-friendly camps and lodges:

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Some Camps and Lodges don’t welcome children purely for safety reasons, so check before you opt on a specific Kenya. Others are well-equipped for families, with guides who are trained to figure with kids and that they may even offer a spread of child-friendly activities.

3. Brainstorm as a family:

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While it’s easy to merely give some thought to where you would like to travel and what you would like to determine, it’s way more rewarding to involve the whole family within the planning process.

If your kids are the right age, ask them what they’d prefer to do while on safari in Africa and any animals they’d particularly prefer to see. Chances are they’re conversant in African wildlife from storybooks or movies and should have personal favorites that are at the highest of their list.

You can also suggest some different activities that you just might do as a family and gauge their interest.

4. Book age-appropriate activities:

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While many folks leave an African safari holiday until their children are a touch older, you’ll be able to still have a rewarding experience with toddlers or young children if you propose age-appropriate activities. confine mind that activities that are appropriate for a 3 and five-year-old aren’t necessarily visiting engage 10 and 12-year old children.

Some lodges and camps may have childminders available to seem after children while you’re out on game drives and walking safaris while others will offer eco-adventures and cultural village visits which will appeal to older children and teenagers.

5. Check if the lodges/camps offer kid-friendly menus:

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big a part of Kenya is that the food and you don’t want to get the trip of a lifetime only to find that there’s nothing your kids will eat. If you’ve got A fussy eaters, it’s particularly important to test with lodges and camps about what varieties of dishes they provide for teenagers and also the availability of particular foods.

Remember that because of the remote setting, it should not be possible for a few safari camps to access particular foods or cater to specific diets, so always check well before booking.

6. Select an appropriate safari destination:

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Some safari destinations would require long hours in a very jeep progressing to and from wildlife viewing areas (which won’t appeal to kids) while others will offer animal sightings from your balcony. It’s also important to require into consideration the logistics of arriving to and departing from particular wildlife reserves and whether you wish the simplicity of a family charter flight otherwise you want to absorb the scenery while traveling by road.

Each has its own advantages and drawbacks, which should be taken into consideration when determining the correct option for your family.

7. Use safari expert to do the hard work for you:

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Sometimes there’s only such a lot of research you’ll be able to do online and when it involves the crunch, you would like a neighborhood expert to assist you out. This is very true when it involves planning a family safari in the geographical region, with such a lot of peoples’ needs and needs to be catered to. An African holiday expert knows the destination just like the back of their hands and can understand which lodges and camps are suitable for your family and which of them won’t.

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