Here are the Top 5 Destinations For A Self Drive Safari in Africa.

▶ Tanzania:


Tanzania country is located in the Eastern part of Africa. The country is rich in various wildlife. 38% of its land has been set aside for conservation of the wildlife both Animals and plants. Tanzania has been the best and most awarded as the best tourism destination in the world. Tanzania has 21 tourism National Parks, 32 controlled Areas, and more than 30 Reserved areas, Dense forests, Mountains and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. All these are Natural resources that have been served as the tourism destinations that have been receiving many tourists all over the year. Tanzania is one of the best destinations that one can perform self-drive in most of its destinations. The tourist only needs to pay the conservation fee in the parks and other conservation sites, hire a car and book essential services like accommodation.
In Tanzania not only in Parks that one can have self-drive also in town and cities like Arusha, Mwanza, Dar es Salaam and other Island and Beaches in Zanzibar, cultural sites like Maasai Bomas, museums and curio shops, and visiting rural areas that are all over the country.

▶ South Africa:

South Africa - Self Drive Safari in Africa

South Africa has also been recognized as the best destination that tourist can have their own self-drive in different tourism destinations. South Africa serves the tourist with plenty of attractions from wildlife, city leisure, cultural and beach. One can start their adventure right away after arriving at the Airport. All National Parks in South Africa allow self-drive activities to be performed like Cango caves one of the world`s great natural wonders, Mpumalanga, Kruger, and all the attractions like in cultural sites and island. Self-drive in South Africa cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape town has been the best package too for people who would like to explore the urban places of South Africa.

▶ Kenya:

Kenya - Self Drive Safari in Africa

The other good destinations for self-drive are Kenya, Experiencing adventurous in Kenya at your own pace is quietly amazing though it has to be done while taking high safety measures especially in town and cities. Visiting its natural attractions like the Maasai Mara Reserve, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli Park and so many of the wildlife conservative sites. Driving to the Mombasa, Malindi and Watamu Beaches by yourself will make you enjoy the beaches and sand without being guided and being monitored is very astonishing by enjoying the Swahili cuisine and seafood. Self-drive can also include visiting the cultural attractions that are found in Kenya like the Maasai societies this can make you experience the Maasai culture, food, dressing and other traditional norms that they uphold. Self-drive in Kenya can be done both in the bush, Indian Coast and culture sites.

▶ Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe - Self Drive Safari in Africa

The next best destination for one to consider when needs to take self-drive is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is one of the hidden adventurous destinations in Africa. The country is filled with many natural and cultural tourism attractions like Victoria Falls, Wildlife conservative sites like the National Parks and the Natural Reserves The tourist is free to move from one destination to another. For the tourist that would like to experience the remote lifestyle, The Boma restaurant for cuisine and the Zambezi lifestyle is the best and for the tourist that would like to explore the Zambezi country, Canoeing at Lake Zambezi is the best way. Zimbabwe is one of the African countries that the people and the environment is more friendly to accommodate visitors and tourists.

▶ Uganda:

Uganda - Self Drive Safari in Africa
The other destinations in Uganda, Uganda is one of the best destinations in Africa that is rich in Apes, The visitors can easily watch the Gorillas and Chimpanzee from different National Parks that are found in Uganda. Self-drive can be done not only in the wilderness but also in the cities like Kampala. The stunning landscape, unique culture and wildlife make Uganda among the best destinations for self-drive with spectacular activities like game drives, trekking and cultural activities.

Self-drive trips will be more done in a relaxable and peace in the mind of the traveler if they have done the good decision of having prior arrangements on taking care of some services like booking good cars especially 4WD with pop up roof cars that can make them have easy access to the tourism destinations like the wildlife sites and good sightseeing of the attraction. Also booking the accommodations and having their itinerary set ready will make them enjoy more because they will be sure of the route whereabouts and also relaxations when they know where they will be resting, sleeping and eating after the adventures and long days game drives.

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Do check out the Safety Guidelines for Tanzania Safari in Coronavirus 

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is the World’s largest unbroken, inactive, idle and unfilled volcanic caldera. Most people tend to be confused, but in fact, it is a caldera, a depression formed when a volcano explodes. This explosion is believed to happen several million years ago, and the top of the mountain collapsed on itself forming what we know now as the Ngorongoro Crater.

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Below are interesting things that you need to know about Ngorongoro Crater.
Before the Mountain exploded, it is believed that it was of similar heights to Mount Kilimanjaro. After it exploded, it left a crater with 610 metres deep and over 200 km2rich infertile soils where vegetation strived, and animals moved in searching for food.

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Over 20,000 people live in the Ngorongoro conservation area. They share the land with an incredible amount of wildlife. This was done so due to, the communities living within the Crater proved that they could conserve and protect the area. Hence, permission was granted for them to remain within the crater. So, this is one of the few places where man lives peacefully with animals.

Ngorongoro Crater area - Safarihub

There are over 30,000 animals ranging from predators and preys, such as Lions, Hippos, Elephants, Wildebeests, Zebras, Monkeys, Elands. It’s also one of the best places to see the endangered black rhinos too. Together with the animals, the crater also boasts of having over 400 bird species found inside and around the crater.

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Ngorongoro Crater is voted as one among the Seven Natural Wonders of the world since the caldera is unfilled, intact and an inactive volcano. Due to this, most of the tourists who have been in Tanzania must have visited the Ngorongoro crater for a night or two. For the ones who have not been to Tanzania, this should be a must-visit destination point.

Ngorongoro Crater is also one of the sites to experience the “Great Migration”. More than 2 million animals pass through the Ngorongoro Crater, wildebeests along with zebras and gazelles. Each year between December and March. This movement goes throughout the year, with the herds moving where the new and flourished vegetation is.

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Ngorongoro Crater is also a famous pre-historic site. The fossils that were discovered there are said to be the earliest known evidence of the human species. The human fossils were found in Olduvai Gorge and dated about 1.7 million years ago.

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Generally, Ngorongoro Crater is one of the destination points found in Tanzania that you should miss out on your to-go list. From its scenery landscapes, wildlife, birds, the communities and so much more.
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