Kruger National Park is among the popular and great wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and worldwide because of its uniqueness, attraction and activities. Kruger National Park has sixteen Eco-zones, and each has its geology, rainfall, altitude and landscape. Kruger is the largest wildlife game reserve in Africa with19,633 square kilometres, it’s near Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. The park has been the home of millions of animals, plant species and birds. A park is an international man and biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO.

There are things that one should know before taking a safari to Kruger National Park this will help you to designate the trip you want and the things that you would like to perform in your trip.

▶ Entrance Fee:

Entrance Fee - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

All conservation charges the fee for anyone that needs the access into the park, Kruger park charges on different criteria like The South Africa residents and citizen= R105 per adult and  R52 per child, SADC Nationals= R 210 per adult and R 105 per child, standard conservation fee= R424 per adult and 212 per child. The park fee has been used for several reasons like rehabilitation of park infrastructure, wildlife conservation activities like medications environment protection and maintenance of the park resources

▶ Wildlife:

WILDLIFE - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the best homes for wild species both mammals, birds, and plants. Kruger has more than147 mammal species including more than 1500 lions, 1000 leopards, 12500 elephants, 25000 buffalos, warthogs, wild dogs, cheetahs, zebra, spotted hyena, crocodile, hippos and more than 20 antelope species that roam in open plains and waterways of the park. Kruger national park has more than 200 plants species that have been identified including different tree species, shrubs and 235 types of grass.  

▶ Archaeological Sites:

ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Within Kruger national par there is also archaeological, among of them is Thulamela heritage site, near luvhu river, the site has been documented as the first habitation of the prehistoric society. Masorine Heritage Site, the site has the remaining of the past society, things like grinding stones and potsherds. The site gives a lot of information regarding past people like the technology used, the source of economy and other domestic activities. This site also reveals the economy and technology that existed in prehistoric before the invasion of white. Other Archeological Sites include Skukuza Hut Museum, Albasini ruins, Dogs gave yard and more than 170 prehistoric rock painting sites found in Kruger National Park.

▶ The Gem Of Black and White Rhinoceros:

THE GEM OF BLACK AND WHITE RHINOCEROUS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park has been among the wildlife sanctuaries that have a large number of rhinos because of high efforts done with the management in conserving them. Kruger national park has about rhinos. Black and white rhino can not be differentiated by their color, because they are all black in color. They can be differentiated by size (white rhino tends to be big), the shape of mouth whereby the black rhino is hooked, also the black rhino is grazers and white rhino are browsers.

 ▶ Lucky To Spot The Big 5:

LUCKY TO SPOT THE BIG 5 - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park is one of the wildlife conservations where there is a high success rate to spot the big 5, lions, rhino, leopards, buffalo and elephant. Spotting all big 5 has been the dream of many travellers, Kruger can make this possible through Leopards are not guaranteed because they are the most elusive animal of all. Kruger national park is one of the easiest parks that can make you spot all the big 5.

▶ Bushman and Wolhuter Trails:

6 - BUSHMAN AND WOLHUTER TRAILS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park also has the prehistoric trails that demonstrate the historic and cultural values of different societies like the Bushmen, Napi, Nyalaland, Mathikithi, Sweni, Olifants and Wolhuter. The trails can be hiked where you can see several cultural values of each region like rocky outcroppings and sweeping vistas. The trails also have more cultural and natural attraction including Bushmen paintings, good sunset view, unique plants, perfect birding, Dinosaur fossils, wildlife that you can spot on your way like the elephants. Wolhuter trail is one of the best places that have a high concentration of white rhino, zebra and buffalos.

▶ Different Activities: 

DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park offers several door activities that one can perform when visiting the park, the diversity of the activities makes it not seem for only bush and animal lovers. Activities like a game drive in the morning afternoon and evening, walking in bushes and wildlife trails like Olifant trail where you can spot several animals, mountain biking, golfing, and historic tours can be offered like visiting the archaeological sites like Skukuza museum, Albasin ruins and prehistoric rock paintings.

▶ Mac Mac Falls:

MAC MAC FALLS - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

The waterfalls with a magnificent view that is found within the National Park, there is a deep mac pool that people can swim relax and have a picnic. The area has been surrounded by wire mash for people’s safety when viewing and enjoying the stunning waterfalls. There is a beautiful trail as you approach the pool, the trail offers the perfect birding to visitors. Waling and viewing the stunning waterfalls make your trip memorable.

▶ Self Drive:

SELF DRIVE - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

One of the most incredible activities that one can do in this park is Self-drive. Self-drive gives one freedom on taking the routes that they will be comfortable rather than being guided. No one will be there to guide you on what to do and what to watch, this remarks a real adventure to a tourist. A tourist will need to hire a good car so as to avoid misfortunes in the mid of the tour and make your trip a memorable one.

▶ Camping Safari:

CAMPING SAFARI - 10 Things to Know About Kruger National Park

Kruger national park offers Camping safari for the tourist interested. Kruger has 12 main rest camps like Skukuza which is the biggest camp in Kruger, Punda Maria, Satara, Orpen, Olifant and other small camps. The camping service needs prior booking before arrival.

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