If you have ever visited Namibia before, then you understand the sheer wonder and the wealth of attraction found in it. At the beginning of each year, Namibia gets the highest number of persons listing it as a must-visit destination for the year ahead. Etosha pan with its unique and awe-inspiring nature has been named as the primary destination for anyone who visits Namibia.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should explore Namibia’s Etosha Pan:


Top 5 Reasons why you Should Explore Namibia Etosha Pan - Safarihub

For any big game enthusiasts, Etosha is the best destination to visit. Four out of the 5 big five are present and often sighted at Etosha. The four include leopards, lions, rhinos, and elephants. This is not to say there are no other games. You will experience other animals such as the gemsbok, hyena, cheetah, and giraffes. In general. Etosha pan boasts as a home to about 114 species of mammals and additional 340 species of birds. It is one of the best destinations in Africa from where you can easily spot black rhinos. When you visit Etosha during dry seasons, you are likely to enjoy a wider range of carnival wildlife drawn in to drink water from the life-giving waterholes.


Top 5 Reasons why you Should Explore Namibia Etosha Pan - Safarihub

One of the interesting features that make Etosha be well known is its vast salt pan located at its center. The pan is always so big, and can easily be observed from space. Additionally, the Etosha pan has a moon-like surface which provides unique vistas and enthralling backdrops to the game viewing and landscape photographs. When you visit the pan during the wetter summer months, you will establish that it is always filled with water thus acting as a shimmering oasis to birdlife. For photographers, you will be moved by the beautiful scenery established when the sun sets over the open, vast landscapes of Etosha.


Top 5 Reasons why you Should Explore Namibia Etosha Pan - Safarihub

When you compare Etosha pan to some of its neighbouring regional contemporaries, you will realize that it remains one of the most affordable destinations. Within the park, there are several budget accommodations, which offer you the value for money as deserved. You will enjoy a wide array of amenities including some of the most luxurious ones without having to break the bank.


Top 5 Reasons why you Should Explore Namibia Etosha Pan - Safarihub

Although many people note that the Etosha’s vast and barren landscape gives it a remote feeling, you will surely agree that it is one of the most accessible destinations in Africa. The roads in this park are good and well-signposted, facilitating an easy four-hour drive from the capital of Namibia and the transport hub of Windhoek. It is a fulfilling experience to travel on Etosha’s well-maintained roads which do not necessarily demand 4×4 vehicles. When you visit the park, you can often pick maps at the gates and enjoy a self-driving.


Top 5 Reasons why you Should Explore Namibia Etosha Pan - Safarihub

It is evident that Etosha pan offers much to experience when you visit. If that is not enough, then you should know that Etosha is also located in close proximity to several other Namibia must-visit destinations. For instance, the aptly-named and dramatic Skeleton Coast is found near Etosha pan. Additionally, the newly established Omulunga Palm Route taking in several of Namibia’s cultural highlights and lesser-known games passes through Etosha. Towards the west, you will find Kaokland, which is known for its free-roaming black rhinos and desert-dwelling elephants.

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