Madagascar has been described as the world’s eighth continent with great geographical isolation. As a result of this geographical isolation, Madagascar serves as a home to some of the world’s most peculiar fauna and flora. If you want to exhaustively enjoy nature and experience unique flora and fauna, then you should think about planning a safari to Madagascar.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should go for Madagascar safari.


Lemurs Island in Madagascar - Safarihub

When you probably think about Madagascar attractions, the first thing that will come to your mind is the Lemurs. Madagascar Island has about 103 different species of lemurs ranging from the largest, Indri Indri, to the smallest and the tiny mouse lemurs capable of nestling in an egg cup. Literally, Lemurs are the primitive indigenous primates for monkeys.

Due to the separation of Africa, lemurs ended up being marooned within the remote island of Madagascar. You will note that on the mainland, Monkeys are more sharp-eyed, dexterous, and faster than lemurs, implying that it is the absence of monkeys in Madagascar Island that has led to the natural dominance of lemurs. You will be moved by lemurs’ wonderful ability to climb trees and their excellent jumping agility all through your safari.


Chameleon species in Madagascar - Safarihub

It is no surprise that lemurs alone are not the only unique animals in Madagascar. There are several other animals enhancing the wildlife peculiarity on this Island. In other words, Madagascar is full of endemic species that are found naturally nowhere in the world. Thinking about visiting this Island, you should not that it has about 70% of the world’s chameleon species.

Additionally, about 240 of the reptile species found here are endemic, with more than 150 frog species. Some of the most common reptiles you will experience include colored chameleons like the Person’s chameleon, which is considered the largest of its kind. Your safari will be made more enjoyable when you see animals such as Aye Aye, Fossa, and Tenrecs.


Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming with Turtles - Safarihub

Unlike many of the tropical islands where intensive tourism has led to the degradation of coral reefs, Madagascar has remained one of the undiscovered tourism destinations and its coral reefs are intact. For diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, Madagascar will offer you the best experience and opportunities particularly when you visit the smaller islands off Nosy Be.

By moving to the north of Nosy Be, you will reach the Radama or Mitsio archipelagos which offers the best diving experience in Madagascar. Most often, you will yacht the boat to reach some of the best diving sites. From the dive boats, you may also have an opportunity to see humpback whales.


You are enjoying nature by walking on foot, then Madagascar becomes one of the best destinations for you - Safarihub

You may be surprised about this aspect, but if you are someone who loves enjoying nature by walking on foot, then Madagascar becomes one of the best destinations for you. The terrain of Madagascar and the nature of the rainforest demands that while tracing animals such as the lemurs, one has to walk on foot. Generally, the terrain of Madagascar is steep and composed of several rivers, making it difficult to construct roads in parks.


Madagascar Culture - Safarihub

Madagascar had a position in the African-Asian trade route during the 15th to 17th century. Resultantly, this position has greatly impacted its people’s nature. You will note that the people of Madagascar show a dynamic mix of Indians, Arabs, and Africans who share a warm and friendly disposition.

By visiting Madagascar, you will have a chance to enjoy the natural interactions with the locals. You will be moved by the several different ethnic groups found on this Island, all of which are governed by different traditions and superstitions especially in relation to respect for ancestors, burials, and death.


Bird Species in Madagascar - Safarihub

You will not be attracted much by a fact that there are several bird species in Madagascar if you are a birder, but by considering that nearly half of the 300 bird species are endemic. This fact places Madagascar as one of the best of Africa’s birding destinations. The most interesting birds you will experience include velvet asity, crested coua, and the giant coua.

Additionally, you will see some of the most celebrated endemic species such as mesites and vangas. If you want to fully experience these birds, you should spend much of your time in three specific destinations which include Ranomafana, Dry southern spiny forest near Mandrare and, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.


Scenery - Safarihub

Madagascar, when compared to its smaller neighbors such as Seychelles and Mauritius, you will realize that it has much scenic diversity. This is an aspect enhanced by Madagascar’s length since it is about 200km from top to bottom. It is therefore no surprise that it has a breath-taking wealth of natural beauty ranging from wetlands, escarpments, eastern rainforest, to the spiny forests composed of massive baobab trees.


Pristine Beaches in Madagascar - Safarihub

If you are looking for the most undiscovered secrets of the Indian Ocean, then you should visit Madagascar’s beaches. You can either go to the southern beaches located near Fort Dauphine, the Northern beaches of Ile Sainte Marie, or the Nosy Be. While on these beaches you will experience the best seafood meals, enjoy snorkeling and diving, and see the un-spoilt palm-lined beaches.


Orchid and other Flora - Safarihub

Like the case of endemic fauna, Madagascar has plenty of endemic flora, totaling about 13,000 species. Of great interest is that you will experience the 6 out of the 8 endemic baobab species. Additionally, of the 1000 species of orchids, 75% found in Madagascar are endemic. The adaptation of orchids is intensive, and they are found even in the dry spiny forests of the south.


Watching Whales in Madagascar - Safarihub

Starting from mid-June through to October, you are likely to see the Humpback whales on the Madagascar coast. The experience of watching whales is full of fun and can be enjoyed all the way from the eastern coasts of South Africa through to Madagascar. Through whale trips offered by specialists such as Princess Bora Lodge, you will enjoy watching whales in Madagascar.

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