Most Endangered Animals in Africa – Endangered animals are kind of species that a large population of its range might be extinct in the near future. The species undergo extinction due to different reason but mostly is caused by human activities like Illegal poaching that is mostly done in African countries due to the demands of animal horns, skin and sometimes for food. Overharvesting of the species, loss of habitats which can be caused naturally or by human activities. African countries have drawn the biggest pride for being the home of wildlife by ensuring much protection and conservation to the wildlife resources in their National Parks, Controlled areas, Game reserves and other conservation sites. Despite such efforts that the African government inputs into wildlife conservation they also face threats that lead to some wildlife species become endangered. The following are the top 5endangered animals in Africa animals.

▶ Black Rhino: 

Black Rhino - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

Among the highest endangered species in Africa are Black Rhinos, In Africa, they are mostly found in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. They can be distinguished by the white Rhino by looking at their lip, whereby White rhinos have a square lip and Black rhinos have their Prehensile upper lip. Black rhinos are counted as critically endangered species as they go up extinct. Black Rhinos are mostly found at Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)Etosha National Park and Damaraland (Namibia) and Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe. Black rhino are in the high risk of being extinct because of high rampant poaching because of their demand on rhino horns that are being sold in International Trade Market.

▶ Pangolins:

Pangolins - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

This animal species are among the animals that are highly trafficked in Africa and traded in Asia where its scales are used in making medicines and its blood believed as a healing tonic. Pangolins were mostly found in Southern Africa and Eastern African countries. Pangolins have been listed by IUCN as endangered animals due to a rapid decrease in its population. They are now rarely to be seen in African countries because of high trafficking that has been done, even though they have some defensive mechanism (camouflage) like rolling themselves like balls, and also the nature of their habitats whereby they live in holes whenever they sense danger around them but that has been hard to protect them from human beings.

▶ Rothschild`s Giraffe:

Rothschild`s Giraffe - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

A giraffe has a height of 2.6 to 3.5 shoulder and 3.9 to 5.5 m on top of the head and has the weight of 970to 1400 kg. Giraffes like dry Savannahs where Acacia and Terminalia are abundant trees. They are browsers and have been feeding over 100 species of plants. Rothschild giraffes are different from others because it has lard white dividing white lines than the reticulated Giraffes. The number of Giraffes has been rapidly decreasing in most of the wildlife conservation sites due to different reasons like loss of habitat, Human-wildlife conflict and illegal hunting. The giraffe can be highly spotted in few National Parks in Africa including Lake Nakuru Park in Kenya and Uganda in Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Vally National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

▶ African Penguin:

African Penguin - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

African Penguin is also known as Black-footed Penguin This is another species that its number is decreasing, its extinction in the near future was declared in 2010 after the decrease of 60% of its population was experienced. Several factors have led to its extinction like environmental problems, Oil spills to the ocean and human activities that have led to many disturbances. They can highly be seen in South Africa. 

▶ African Wild Dogs:

African wild dogs - Most Endangered Animals in Africa

The African wild dogs are mostly available in Sub Saharan countries like South Africa and Tanzania (Ruaha and Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve). They are also known as Painted hunting dogs. These animal species are about to extinct. Previously the wild printed dogs were among of the species that had a large population in African countries especially in South Africa, but the number of wild dogs keeps decreasing due to some misconception with human beings which has been the main reasons of their killings (South Africa) also being consumed by predators especially lions this has lead to their loss in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Etosha National Park, Okavango.

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