Here are the 5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania:

When most of us think of Africa, in most cases they picture the continent for its savannahs, deserts, and jungles. Yet most people do forget about the islands in Africa with their stunning beaches, the abundance of marine wildlife the islands host, or even the cuisines served in the islands. The stunning beaches on African islands are for those who are dreading some sunlight, the white sand, and the sea. If you want here for an island holiday then consider going to Tanzanian islands to get the full taste of African island paradise.

As far as African islands are concerned, then Tanzania has it all covered. On the country’s Indian Ocean coastline, Tanzania boasts an assortment of islands scattered in the ocean that every visitor has to find one that suits their style. Here are the five most beautiful islands in Tanzania that everyone has to on everyone’s must-see bucket list.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

Officially known as Ugunja but widely known as Spice Island, Zanzibar is a tropical paradise saturated with culture and history. The island was once one of the most prosperous trading centers in East Africa and ruled by Omani Sultans who were the initial influencers of the now prominent Swahili culture. Today, Zanzibar Island is the most populated, largest, and most accessible island in the region and boasts its white-sandy beaches, ancient traditions, and luxurious accommodation through the excellent collection of resorts. Stone own which happens to be the island’s capital on the other hand is a historical site that gives the opportunity to re-live African, Arabic, Indian, and European cultural influences in ancient times. Tourism opportunities in Ugunja include booking spice tours, scuba diving, swimming, or visiting historical sites such as the sultan’s palace or the Dharajani market.

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5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

The green island as some people refers to it, is a lesser-known island and one of the islands that form the greater Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania. Because the island is still largely underdeveloped compared to Zanzibar, it is much fuller of vegetation and that is why it is still characterized by clove plantations, mangrove forests, lush hilltops, colorful coral reefs among other greenery. If you want to get away from the overcrowding at Zanzibar then you should consider the Pemba, which is celebrated for scuba diving and fishing opportunities. The island also allows visitors to explore its historical past when they visit Chake Chake town, which hosts an 18th-century fort and a museum.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

The privately-owned Mnemba Island is a small triangular island off Ugunja and part of the Zanzibar archipelago. The island features private and luxurious beachfront resorts that are specifically reserved for guests and the main highlight of the island is the Mnemba Atoll, a spectacular coral reef only found on the northeastern coast of the island. Even though non-guests are not allowed close to the shore, they can still enjoy the reef. If you are a guest, however, this tropical island is perfect for romantic holidays and it offers you the opportunity to enjoy beach walks, fruits, and candlelit dinners in the beachfront accommodations and a chance to explore the rich marine life.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

Chumbe Island off the coast of Zanzibar is an uninhabited Island protected by Chumbe Island Coral Park and closed for boaters and divers. Because most fun opportunities are prohibited on this island, there is a lack of damage to the coral reefs and this makes Chumbe home different species of ocean life thrives in the shallow waters of the island and is full of marine wildlife such as dolphins, hawksbill turtles, and tropical fish among others. Apart from marine experience, other adventurous opportunities on the island include guided forest walks.


5 Best Islands to visit on the coast of Tanzania

Mafia is probably one of the Tanzanian best-kept secrets with its beaches dotted with spectacular coconut palms and coral reefs on the shallow waters, which attracts life underwater. Mafia is part of the serene mafia island group and borrows its name from form both Arabic and Swahili. In Arabic, the name means ‘group’ while in Swahili mafia means ‘healthy dwelling place.’ Mafia Island floats in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Dar es Salaam and it is popular for snorkeling, Cuba diving, marine life exploration among other opportunities. Apart from exploring and discovering marine life, the island is also home to different bird species and Kua ruins for those who want historical adventure.

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