Here are the 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa:

These are the best game reserves in Africa that allow all travellers to experience Africa’s wilderness and scenery in a more realistic and enjoyable way. These reserves are the ten best nature’s most magnificent theatres in the continent handpicked by Safarihub and will certainly humble any traveller undertaking an African Safari.


Masai mara national reserve & conservancies - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

With its profusion of wildlife on the great plains, the Masai Mara reserve is a classic reserve that is simply out of the world and should be on your travel list. There is only one Masai mara globally, and this magnificent reserve promises you excellent weather, gorgeous savannah and trees, majestic plains, and a stealthy site of the predators. Wildebeests being the tenants on the reserve, you are assured the sight of great migration if you visit the reserve between June to October. Visit the reserve and be assured of a visit to conservancies such as the Ol Kinyei &Olare Motorogi conservancies which all in the Mara region.


Samburu reserve - Northern Kenya - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

If you want a pleasant and uncrowded park to visit in Kenya, then consider Samburu reserve. Located in remote northern Kenya, Samburu reserve offers visitors unrestricted access to the rugged African wilderness and is home to the rarest African flora and fauna. Situated in the hot and arid part of the country, visit the reserve without worrying about the heavy eastern African rains. The endangered species are Somali ostrich, grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, Beisa Oryx, and an articulated giraffe. It is also the home to over 450 species of birds.


Shaba national game reserve - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Located on the backdrops hills of Shaba, this reserve offers visitors breathtaking scenery of arid grassland of sparse woodland. Bordering the Ewaso Nyiro River, the park offers visitors a chance to view Chandler Falls as the river drains into Lorian Swamp. The waters from the river enrich the reserve’s soil with moisture making the vegetation green to support the abundant life of the grazers habiting the reserve. The high number of herbivores support the high number of predators such as lions, leopards and crocodiles.


Analamazoatra special reserve is located in Madagascar’s Andasibe - Mantadia National Park -10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Analamazoatra Special Reserve is located in Madagascar’s Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and offers visitors higher chances of Lemur sightings. Inside the reserve, paths are labelled as circuits, and there are four of them, pick the famous circuit Indri 1 and be assured of passing through the indri family and chance of spotting different Lemus who the tour guides know by names high above the trees. Lemurs are friendly animals and be sure of seeing them playing next to you. This reserve is the only place where you can see Indri LEMUR and different birds, chameleons, amphibians and insects.


Voimma - Local people love the forest - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Voimma in English means “local people love the forest”, and the name says it all; the reserve was founded back in 2012 when the villagers of Andasibe came together and funded the formation of the reserve. Although the reserve sits on a small area, the reserve is a paradise of animals and plants and will certainly allow you to enjoy pure nature the whole day. Full of countless amphibians such as frogs, chameleons, insects like giraffe-necked weevil and the Indris, the reserve will surprise you with the number of animals living in it plus the fascinating forest.


Spioenkop reserve - Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

This small scenic game reserve is found at the base of the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. There is a large dam at the centre of the reserve where visitors can fish and carry out fun activities in water sports. Apart from fun and adventure, self-drive is allowed, so visitors get to view wildlife such as white rhino, warthogs, giraffe, and zebras, among others, by themselves. Remember, hiking and horseback riding are some of the unique experiences the park offers.


Nambiti private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal is one of the most established reserves in Africa -10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Located only on a four-hour drive from Johannesburg, Nambiti private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal is one of the most established reserves in Africa. The park boost lovely scenery, luxurious and affordable accommodation, the abundance of wildlife is the best place for spotting elephants, rhinos and leopards in South Africa.


Bwindi impenetrable forest - mountain gorillas - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Home to mountain gorillas, the forest offers the ultimate gorilla trekking experience. Apart from gorilla trek, Bwindi reserve ensures you enjoy memorable African wild safari through opportunities such as mountain hiking, white water rafting, chimpanzee trekking, game viewing, community tourism, therefore, satisfies the interest of every traveller.


Mala mala reserve - 10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Highlighted by its habituated leopards, the Mala Mala reserve also provides visitors with the opportunity to view the big five, wild dogs, cheetah lions, among other animals. Driving in open vehicles in the park ensures you quality time and a very authentic wildlife experience.


10 Best Game Reserves for Safaris in Africa

Consisting of Singita Grumeti Reserves and loliondo concession, the Serengeti ecosystem, with its migratory corridor for herds of zebras and wildebeest, offers a high-density game viewing experience. These reserves provide you with excellent sightings of iconic African wildlife and scenery like Kuka hills with its breathtaking views.

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