Explore and discover East Africa’s rich culture, primates, and wildlife. Embark on a Gorilla trek in both Uganda’s Bwindi Forest and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, see wildlife in plains at Queen Elizabeth National Park, visit Mgahinga to trace the Golden monkeys and cap your safari with a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel, and a visit to the genocide memorial at Kigali.

The whole of Africa is beauty in itself. Lush green fields,  amazing natural landscapes, diverse lifestyles and most importantly the wildlife. Everyone is attracted to relish the wildlife of Africa. But in order to explore the continent and the breathtaking wildlife you need to hold hands with the best tourist guide partners. In this search there could be possibly none better than safarihub. You will get the best ever experience with the African wildlife. Whenever the wildlife of Africa is mentioned, there are certain animals that readily leaps into our mind. These are lions, elephants,  rhinos and so on. But Africa is also home to possibly the largest number of endangered species of animals. Africa us habitat to a huge population of such wild beasts which are exclusively found here. One such beast is the popular Mountain Gorillas. They have actually elicited interest among tourists and animal conservationists for a long time. This is probably because of their uniqueness as a distinguished species of primates. Also because of the fact that they are on the verge of extinction, they are paid more importance. The safarihub has a full tour package that revolves centrally around the Mountain Gorillas. It includes spending time close to these animals,  observing them and also having a better idea about their way of life.


The Mountain Gorilla Trekking Adventure package of Safarihub is based on the country Uganda. This is because Uganda is home to these endangered Mountain Gorillas. Safarihub has very wisely planned out the tour and associated services so that cent percent customer satisfaction is guaranteed. This 4 days Uganda Adventure Safari starts and ends in Entebbe. Meet eye to eye with the amazing gorillas of Uganda in their natural habitat, one of Africa’s major highlights. This close encounter with these amazing apes is simply breath-taking. A stay closer to these wild animals is surely a treat for animal lovers. Here is a short description of what exactly this trip is going to offer to you along with how the trip is scheduled. The planning is done keeping in mind the comfort and enjoyment of the visitors.


The trip starts with arrival at Entebbe International Airport. This area of arrival is chosen because of it’s convenience in accessibility. In strict terms the trip does not starts from this day because you won’t be visiting any such spot on this day. You will be greeted by our experts and briefing will be done to you regarding the trip and all aspects of your visit. The night stay with dinner will be arranged at the Urban City Blue. The city itself has an engrossing evening life. You can enjoy a tour round the city if time permits. So on this day you can take rest and recover from the hangover of the journey and replenish your energy stores. You need to be mentally and physically on peaks for the adventurous tour the next day


After a sumptuous breakfast you will be departing for the actual key component of this Safari. The experts of Safarihub will guide you through the  Kigezi Highlands to ultimately reach the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The view of the Kigezi Highlands is a beauty spot in itself. The hill is terraced and the beautifully curved roads across the hills makes it a pleasure for the visitors. It is popularly called the Switzerland of Africa. The lunch will be done on the way. Now, you will reach the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.


The exploring of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest will commence on the next day. Upslope at the volcanic slopes is situated the main view point of the Gorilla Trekking.

The Mountain Gorillas are indeed a fragile vulnerable species now. Most of these Gorillas are not very friendly to human visitors though. They are quite humble and seamless in their behavior. But not very used to being close to humans. For this Gorilla Trekking actually there is the need of permits. You need to have approved passes to go near them and observe them from a closer scrutiny. Safarihub arranges for these permits and usually a permit for two people is included in the package fees. This system of permits is quite important. It prevents the inclusion of random visitors. A good proportion of this money is spent in welfare of these Gorillas. Many of the Gorilla families have been made accustomed with humans. They behave friendly with you. It is an amazing experience to see them move around you. You can follow them in their residences. See how they are adapted to living. The association that they hold with their families. A complete different world of their own. You can realize how close they are in their lifestyle to you. You can completely view their daily life. How they eat, how they behave and everything. The beautiful association that they establish with nature is the main observable factor. The ecological diversity and serenity of this famous Bwindi Impenetrable Forest  has been attracting tourists since a long time. Each of the visitors after meeting with these animals will feel for them and will definitely feel associated with them. You will be allowed to stay for a time of 1 hour. That is for one complete hour you will be close to the Gorillas. You will return to the lodge down the slope after the visit is over. If you feel like the stay wasn’t really enough you can add to your quench by spending some supplementary money to move around the lodge. You can be very close to nature while you are here. The dinner and night stay is arranged at down the slope. So you still are in the vicinity of nature when you will have the night stay. The connection and bond that will be created between you and the nature in this place us sure to make you feel exorbitant.


The tour ends the next day. From the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest you will be taken back to the Entebbe International Airport . So you complete the tour in a circle.


This visit is probably going to be the best that you enjoy in your lifetime. Completely aesthetic and beautifully natural. The package cost is well within range. The accommodations in the lavish Gorilla Safari lodge,  meals and drinking water, medical facilities are all included in the fees you pay. The package fees includes park entry fees and permit fees as well. Safarihub has become one of the most trusted brand names in exploring Africa because of the amazing knowledge and expertise of the professionals that it possesses. All the guides who are going to accompany you have solid knowledge about the places, lifeforms and every other aspect of the visit. The package fees does not include the accommodation fees before commencement of after end of the tour. It also excludes the additional government imposed taxes and charges. So you need not worry about anything. All you have to do is actually decide to opt for the trip and choose safarihub as your ultimate partner. It is expected that safarihub will be able to provide the most exciting and memorable visit.


This 8 Day Safari Starts and ends in Entebbe, it grants a chance for an ultimate Chimpanzee and Gorilla tracking experience in Bwindi Forest where you get up close to the world’s remaining mountain gorillas and funny chimpanzee. Once you take the adventure tour to the African jungle, the jungle will cherish you and more special remaining with the interesting memories about it. Also, you can have a good chance to visit the nearby communities, The lodge too provides the good scenic views that will stimulate your stay.

This 12 days Uganda Adventure Safari starts and ends in Entebbe International Airport. Meet eye to eye with the amazing gorillas and chimpanzees of Uganda in their natural habitat, one of Africa’s major highlights. This close encounter with these amazing apes is simply breathtaking.  Also get a close encounter with other diverse African wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and amazing culture and if you are a keen Birder, this is the place to be. Experience the wonder of the World’s reknown Murchison Falls as it squeezes through the narrow gorge.

Experience an eye to eye contact with the awesome gorillas and chimpanzees of Uganda in their habitats, undoubtedly one of Africa’s major highlights. Also get a close encounter with other African Wildlife, amazing culture, and mesmerizing landscapes, and if you are a Birder this is the perfect place to be. Cap your adventure with a visit to the Murchison Falls as it squeezes its water through a narrow gorge.


A 7 Day Gorilla Tracking adventure takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The safari also visits Queen Elizabeth Park for game viewing and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest. This is an awesome adventure making the most out of your safari in Uganda.

One of Africa’s major highlights is when you encounter these gentle apes. It is a humbling experience to stand just meters from man’s distant cousins as they eat rest, play and bond with their young ones. Follow the mountain gorillas as they range freely in the impenetrable forest, and discover their gorgeous natural habitual and the many species they share it with. Fly into the Bwindi impenetrable forest.