Madagascar Wildlife tour is one of our most popular tours allowing you to explore some of Madagascar’s spectacular, protected areas for their compellingly unique wildlife in a diverse range of habitats. You will see many species of lemurs, endemic birds, reptiles such as chameleons, and an unsurpassed array of plants, from baobabs to orchids.

These tours are led by experienced, higly-praised, professional guides. The itinerary includes a coastal stop at Ifaty, bordered by spiny bush. Accommodation is always in the best lodges or hotels at each of the locations in the itinerary.

A two week holiday in Madagascar combining stunning wildlife-rich eastern rainforests and a lovely eco-sensitive hotel at a reef-protected beach on the tropical Ile Ste Marie. The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park protects 11 species of lemur as well as many reptiles including the enormous Parson’s chameleon, and most of the country’s rainforest-dependent endemic birds, such as the Blue coua and Nuthatch vanga. In th 10,000ha primary rainforest of Mantadia National Park, you can see the Diademed sifaka and a select band of other rarities not necessarily found at Andasibe (‘Perinet’).  Night walks may reveal the localised Goodman’s Mouse lemur and a host of other nocturnal denizens of the central-eastern rainforests. This area holds a world record for number of frog species among rainforests of comparable size.

End the holiday on the balmy, tropica Ile Ste Marie where Princesse Bora Lodge is also home to a research project for the protection of marine mammals and a great place to indulge in some whale-watching from July to mid September.

A private, tour, taking in the protected lemur-rich rainforests of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park (Perinet) and the deciduous dry forest of Anjajavy, as well as providing opportunities to observe Malagasy culture, explore the capital and relax at the beach. Anjajavy is one of the very best hotels in Madagascar, with an incomparable setting, great facilities and a wide choice of activities.

You will get to know a compellingly unique destination filled with an abundance of endemic flora and fauna,  a ‘world apart’. Your two week Madagascar family holiday will be spent travelling through Madagascar’s incredibly diverse landscapes, allowing your children to experience a fantastic array of settings. In the cultural melting pot  with influences and elements of South-East Asia, Eastern Africa and India, along with hints of French and Chinese, your children will be surrounded by refreshingly different customs and traditions. Their horizons will certainly be broadened by engaging in this very different way of life.

The first part of your Madagascar family holiday will be in the rainforest wonderland of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. During your excursions with your private guide there, you’ll encounter iconic rainforest wildlife, in some cases up close.  You can also learn about the importance of conservation programmes being conducted in the area and if you wish, we can arrange for some participation in one the initiatives being carried out there by a local NGO, Association Mitsinjo.

For the second part of your Madagascar family holiday you will travel north to the otherworldly Ankarana National Park, where you see awe- inspiring limestone formations, notably ‘tsingy’ pinnacle fields. The ‘Lost World Within a Lost World’ is arguably the most impressive and awe inspiring place in an already very different destination. During your time at Ankarana, you will also get to know the wildlife of the far northern region.

End the holiday with time in the Nosy Be archipelago, off the sublime and tropical north-west coast. Although the white sand beaches and salty sea air are a contrast from the ruggedly beautiful national parks, exotic wildlife still abounds. Snorkel the vibrant coloured underwater world of the coral reefs off Nosy Tanikely marine reserve island, and see lemurs at Lokobe National Park.

On this itinerary, we aim to show you as much of Madagascar’s exquisite wildlife and habitats as can comfortably fit into a two week trip. The tour takes in a variety of Madagascar’s diverse eco-types, from humid rainforest to seasonally dry woods. You visit the enchanting reserves in Madagascar’s Eastern Rainforest belt at Andasibe-Mantadia (‘Perinet’), home to the Indri and 11 other lemur species, as well as the isolated rainforest in the volcanic massif of Montagne d’Ambre, complete with sacred crater lakes, waterfalls and Crowned and Sanford’s lemur. Another highlight of the tour is a visit to Ankarana, frequently cited as the one place in Madagascar having that ‘WOW’ factor, which is a tough call in this extraordinary island! The 35km fortress-like limestone massif is famed for its pinnacle-fields, sunken deciduous forests and a vast network of caves and underground passages. A short spell on the islands of the balmy Nosy Be archipelago, provides the perfect relaxing ending after the parks.