Magical Madagascar Honeymoon

  • Country: Madagascar
  • Days: 15

$ 7250.00

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 When you hear of Madagascar what comes into your mind? Of course you figure out of an island in the east of South Africa. Antananarivo being the city with flawless colors and glassy buildings and you build castles in the air wondering how amazing Madagascar might be and what it offers best. Allow me bring you to reality to see and feel some of those exquisite places and activities you can do to make Madagascar a home you want to live and enjoy a short vocation or maybe settle forever. This is a unique island in a way. Being the…

 When you hear of Madagascar what comes into your mind? Of course you figure out of an island in the east of South Africa. Antananarivo being the city with flawless colors and glassy buildings and you build castles in the air wondering how amazing Madagascar might be and what it offers best. Allow me bring you to reality to see and feel some of those exquisite places and activities you can do to make Madagascar a home you want to live and enjoy a short vocation or maybe settle forever. This is a unique island in a way. Being the fourth largest island in the universe, almost all the amphibian and reptiles species, approximately half of the birds and all its lemurs are endemic. To have a taste of this uniqueness, safari hub has got you covered.

       Madagascar It is located on the adjacent side of Eastern coast of South Africa. It is a huge island nation and a home of numerous animal species. Talk of capital city; it has the busiest, situated within the rainforests, beautiful beaches and reefs. Walking around the pavements of this city with your loved ones will definitely make you feel a rebirth sensation. Having lunch under the century old trees in the Avenue of baobabs is a relieving experience you definitely don’t wanna miss. The crime rate in overall in Madagascar is considered to be the lowest in any African country, Research has proven and therefore it’s a safe travel.

         A mesmerizing city which exudes elegance, style, luxury and also well known for its hospitality, deep and rich cultural heritage and welcoming and generous residence who will leave you feeling more at home than in any other destination. With the year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, auspicious hotels and elegant shopping malls, a thriving business community and some fascinating heritage attractions then definitely it becomes a no option other than choosing it as the perfect destination for your vacations.

There are numerous outdoor activities you can do while visiting or living in Madagascar.

       Deep fishing

During your vacation in Madagascar you will have numerous experiences in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the richest sources of fish in the world. Having this experience with us and assisted by our tour guides will turn out to be an experience you don’t want to read in books. On this three-hour trips, our competent and capable guide who takes you kilometers away from the shores with fishing rods and baits. Madagascar honeymoon in this exquisite blue ocean will bind your love and be sure that at the end of time you’ll not regret the experience. Having your meals on our luxurious rowing boats while playing with half-life fish will definitely mould your love experiences a big deal. The commonest types of fish found include; Coelacanth, Paratilapia, Agonostomus .You will be surprised how good you can do in fishing. This family friendly tour ensures that you have all the necessary equipments, fishing instructions, fish tackling and bait tricks. These fishes can as well serve dinner purposes from our trained and experienced cooks. Whilst doing the fishing activity, you get chances of exploring the sea which gives aromatic sceneries and beauty. Eye- catching night scenarios of the wave hitting the sores of the ocean will leave amazing memories worth not forgetting.

      Madagascar honeymoon package;

Now let’s talk of sand bathing in our beaches from pure luxury in the Madagascar beaches to joy cascaded in our self contained bungalows or in our cosy homes around the beaches. You will have wide varieties of choices to choose from to get the most effective accommodation for your family package. Therefore there is no need to worry about that because it is already sorted.

 You definitely don’t need a noisy environment to spend you Madagascar honeymoon to. And now with the likes of the nosy be hotels in Madagascar, there being no worrying reason. These hotels will give you an exclusive private honeymoon pavilion suite on a beach villa. Numerous of beach clubs in the hotels and that becomes a guarantee that your nights will near be boring in any way. On this island (where you can have Madagascar family holiday) is where a newly-wed will experience exquisite and irresistible romance sensation. Most of these hotels are located on sites mainly facing the shores and these will give astonishing beach and ocean views especially the sparkling sensation at nights from the bonfires that are lit by the numerous organization and family packages that visits us in the hotels. We have lush tropical gardens in our bungalows where total tranquility is guaranteed and warranted tat you’ll experience the wonders that comes with solitude of the busy island. From different tastes and preferences you can choose among the numerous choices we have in place for you. All these homes will give you a relieving comfort that comes from the treatment offered by our guides.

        You need your full Madagascar honeymoon package? Then you need not worry because we got you covered. Try the Madagascar deserts where you’ll have a taste of all the exquisite fun you ever thought a desert can offer. A desert is a place for sun lovers and definitely you will experience the ultimate fun that comes with this desert package. In these very awesome, fascinating and mesmerizing landscape in our desert features. You’ll definitely experience a wonderful time which will leave you with the “wow” adventure experience. Having Madagascar as the most luxurious island to ever exist In Africa, and importantly being visually capacitating stunning and gorgeous places to adventure gives you more reasons that doubts that you’ll also make some good portions of fun to harvest in that productive fun zone farm and a desert is a must do to fully enjoy your trip or visit.

For Madagascar family holiday, desert safaris programs offers mainstream activities where you are allocated the right guide to take you through all the fascinating experiences. You are allowed to pick your session between a day or a night depending to your taste and preferences. Both the night and day experiences are different where different activities fits each well. If you have sufficient time, you can opt to taste both. Our tours are conducted by air-conditioned luxurious cars ranging from 4*4 SUV vehicle to range rovers and land cruisers.

            Dune bashing is usually the first experiences o our deserts where operators will ensure that you experience maximum thrilling activities , sand boarding, camel riding and quad biking are amongst the other activities that you can also indulge in. all these tours ultimately ends at the desert camp which is a beautiful Bedouin that will gives you a time capsule sensation. You’ll also be served with unlimited amount of delicious authentic food ranging from different cultures. For your Madagascar honeymoon entertainment package, you’ll have beautiful belly entertainment dancers, henna painting and traditional photography. Desert tour is a must in your trip to Madagascar.

Madagascar offers the most sophisticated dining experiences at top-ranked restaurants where we have laid-back bar clubs and beaches. You can enjoy different flavors where you are allowed to experience locally-sourced ingredients specifically the seafood. Due to the numerous designs and makes of these hotels, you can dine in new places, every night. During day time, relaxing in the beachside or alternatively in the pools that overlooks the oceans where you enjoy an exclusive massage in the picturesque outdoor environment.

         For Madagascar family holiday, you can opt to hire dingy which will help you explore the ocean at your own comfort pace allowing you to stop to have picnics on the remote island sites. This is one of the most romantic activities for Madagascar honeymoon package or for a family vacation in Madagascar

         Madagascan horses in our streets are some of the best experiences you don’t want to miss. They are also situated in the desert landscapes which makes Madagascar one of the perfect places to follow equestrian pursuits. Enjoy the most relaxed horse riding with your spouses or family during your vocations or honeymoon. We mainly offer accompanied riding team. As you ride you’ll have the opportunity to have a stunning view of the desert dunes and some other exquisite desert features.

             Climbing and hiking in the most outrageous mountains in Madagascar is one of the most sceneric adventure you ever desired to experience. Guided hikes with limited decipherable paths edge up cliffs that ensures minimal injuries and minimal danger prone sites. Hiking will offer you some spectacular views of the auspicious island that you will enjoy as some of your new discoveries in adventure during your vacation in Madagascar.

          Any time you think of a vacation in an island, the first place to think of should be Madagascar. For travelling or looking for a destination to visit during your honeymoon or vacations aim of quenching thirst for adventure, Madagascar is the place to be and one which you are looking for. Surely you are going to have a great time and you will long to come back. Welcome as we explore beauty of all outdoor activities in your vacation in Madagascar

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  • Accommodation on Half Board basis throughout, except in Antananarivo for day1
  • Accommodation on Bed and Breakfast in Antananarivo on day1
  • Accommodation based on VILLA CHARLME and on half Board at PRINCESSE BORA LODGE for 4 nights.
  • Accommodation on half board basis for 5 nights at Anjajavy Le Lodge
  • Regular Charter flight: Antananarivo-Anjajavy-Antananarivo
  • All transfers from/to the airport
  • A private car rental, including the fuel from day 2 to day 4 in Andasibe
  • For 1 to 2pax, Professional English speaking driver is included from day2 to day4
  • All visits mentioned in the program, except those in Sainte Marie and Anjajavy
  • Entrance fees and local guide services in all parks and reserves mentioned in the program.
  • Tourist taxes
  • One small bottle of mineral water per day
  • A gift on departure
  • Porterage


  • Long haul air ticket and taxes
  • Domestic flights
  • All extra activities during the stay in Sainte Marie
  • All extra activities during the stay in Anjajavy
  • Whale watching in Sainte Marie
  • Drinks – Tipping
  • Visa fee of 45 $ /pax
  • All visits which are not mentioned in the program
  • Items for personal nature, tipping and souvenirs

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per person sharing


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